NYT: Trump DOJ Seized Apple Data From Top Dems, Their Family Members 1

NYT: Trump DOJ Seized Apple Data From Top Dems, Their Family Members


The New York Times reports that the Department of Justice under Trump subpoenaed Apple for data from the accounts of at least two Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee, aides and family members.

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    1. @KSI’S fat forehead 69 There is more chances that it will be Donald Trump who would be indicted before anything happens to Joe Biden.

    1. When biden removes the amendment that presidents aren’t protected from crime by the constitution. But he cant do that because it would imprison every other living president especially obama and biden

    2. For what? The media and their Democrat masters have consistently lied and consistently wrong. You should ask when your media propagandists will be prosecuted for sedition and treason.

    3. The Biden crime family literally sold out American foreign policy to help the Chinese Communists, Ukrainian criminals – and made fortunes doing it. The media have deceived you.

    1. That was the whole point of his made for tv presidency. Everything he did, he did scripted on camera. He hid notes, buried files, and excused translators from rooms to make sure we didn’t hear how he casually talks. He’s a moron who sold out the country at any opportunity.

    2. It’s illogical to assume that because there’s something you don’t know it’s worse than what you do know. Lack of logical thinking is the hallmark of a Trump supporter.

  1. Department of justice seems like an outdated name. Department of racketeering seems more accurate nowadays. Seriously. This group is a disgrace.

    1. Too bad we live in America and not Murica, so there’s plenty of corruption and abuse of power. Trump just made much more clear for the world to see, by that I mean he’s way more corrupt.

    1. @Theadore Bundy ok liar, prove it , because dirty trump sure didn’t have any proof to prosecute

    2. Charges will be laid, when they can prove dem coverups and smears, its coming just like most of these storys.

    1. @Union Solidarity Antifa killed many in Seattle, during the summer of love. Antifa is the true terrorist mob.

    2. Barr should be ashamed, arrested and charged for betraying his oath & the American people, all this corruption coming out and his base still thinks fake news, so they can be okay with his betrayal, it’s so pathetic, if this had been Obama who he lied about spying on his campaign, the white republicans would have called for a noose, sorry but that’s just who they are, oh and god fearing christians lol

    3. @Union Solidarity
      June 20 – 29 6 people shot. 2 dead.
      Antonio Mays Jr dead
      Horace Lorenzo Anderson Jr dead

      More killed by Antifa in Portland.

      50 dead nationwide in Antifa / BLM terror mobs. 700 injured. Billions in damages. that’s what real terror and hate looks like.

  2. They keeps saying he committed all these crimes and he’s yet to face justice! He did this he did that and no consequences!

    1. @Alan Walker – Poor Drought…he’s sweating as hard as Bill ‘Candied’ Barr *and* Jeffy Sessions are now.

  3. Ms. Benner is one of today’s best investigative journalists. She has written some very important stuff in the last few years.

  4. He was trying hard to dig up dirt on the dems. Is this what the Republicans stand for now. Just like Putin does for his opponents.

    1. @Drought Tolerant I been hearing the dems are in trouble for 4 years and nothing has happened. Why is it only trumps circle of people keep going to jail and not the dems?

    2. Half pint putin is a dinosaur and should retire he is the most ignorant politician in world politics.

    3. Yeah, I guess Trump was getting order or advice from PUTIN as he is so desperate to keep his power like his friend from Russia who is a President for life.

    4. @Johnny Tampocao Russia does have elections. Putin just does under handed things to fix the election for himself.

    1. Hmm.. when dems tell lies to hurt trump, they are really hurting us . Now dems know that trump has evidence on them, let’s see who get’s (8) more years

    2. @Gambler Richard Nixon was corrupt, as far as I know. Orange Moronlagoon-Monster is corrupt, yes, but he’s power hungry and has no shame completely to disrespect the law.

  5. As for Garland / DOJ being quiet about Trump / DOJ including Barr, my guess is they’re building a RICO case.

    1. Your guess is wrong. Had your guess been that they are going to sit around and do nothing, you would have been correct.

    1. @g0679 – Other than the roped-off, age-restricted “Furtive #45’s Peepshow” section…it’ll be mostly ‘Made in Chyna’ souvenirs and tchotchkes.

  6. AG Garland needs to do something about the DOJ under Barr I mean what they did under Barr is just unexcusable & wrong period….

    1. @W guess you don’t follow real news and know that Dominion is 45% owned by the Chinese Communist National Bank. Those same guys that gave Hunter that BILLION dollar loan.

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