NYT: Trump Increasingly Sounds ‘Like A cultural Relic’ On Race | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. Sometimes societies are able to advance only when older people with outdated mindsets incapable of rising to the challenges of the present moment die off. That is where the U.S. is big time.

  1. ‘Cultural relic’? He’s an unreconstructed 1930s eugenicist, just like Daddy. If he could wear a hood at the podium he would.

  2. “It was like a miracle, everything stopped. I will never forget the beautiful scene — it’s not supposed to be a beautiful scene, but to me it was. They went in and it was like a knife cutting butter. You saw the scene on that road where ever that may be in the city, they lined up and walked straight … it was a short evening and everything was fine. If something’s really bad, you have to do it with real strength, real power. We’re dominating the street with compassion.”

    This was Trump, a sitting President, bragging about his use of force against the American people.

    Adolf literally did the exact same thing that Trump is doing. He attacked anti-facist groups that opposed his fascist regime. It’s a tactic Trump got from his copy of Mein Kampf.

    More than 400 thousand Americans from our greatest generation, fought and died to defeat fascism in WW2. They were the original anti-facists.
    I’m actually glad that they aren’t around today to see what Trump is doing to the country that they served, and paid the ultimate sacrifice for.
    Semper Fi….

    Never forget.

    1. —trump killed men, women and children at the Southern border where he locked them in cages and didn’t provide them proper medical care.
      —trump killed innocent men, women and children in Northern Syria when he abandoned them to the Turks.
      —trump killed thousands of innocent men, women and children in Eastern Ukraine when he denied access to already allocated money to the Ukraine military to defend themselves from Russian aggression so he could find dirt on his political opponent to fix the election in his favor.
      —Sending in police armed with tear gas/pepper spray, batons, shields and rubber bullets to violently disperse peaceful protesters is not much of a stretch for this maniac.

    2. “his copy of Mein Kampf” Thats funny! You’re suggesting he can read?
      Seriously though, No we will never forget.

  3. What is going on?… before this is all over my children’s children are going to need counseling👩🏽‍💻🙍🏽‍♀️

  4. Relics have significance, if anything, trump is a cultural fossil. A brutish caveman who howls at his shadow while struggling to comprehend exotic things like fire.

    1. Nåmen, tilbage til TIBETSAGEN No, we’re assuring that you, MAGA trash, are just as imbecilic and out of touch with reality like the weak whining coward clown that you, ignorant brutish mob, worship as King of the Fools. That’s all.
      Now, take your imbecility to Fox News, plenty of other idiots there… and quite willing to read your parroting. Anything else you want to ask?

    2. carla bonnet Some of the reason is not everyone went out to vote the last time, and the Electoral College. What you can do is to vote him out come November. If you have too drag you friends and family out kicking and screaming, get them to the polls and vote him out!

    3. @Nåmen, tilbage til TIBETSAGEN
      Keep amusing the viewers with your knuckle dragging talent. Its hysterical.

  5. Why would anyone expect ‘more’ from Trump. He grew up privileged and probably completely unaware of reality, then lived in a golden fantasy world as an adult

    1. A gold-plated fantasy at that. Fake just like his whole Trump ancestry. I even think that the genius uncle he talks about was actually his mom’s boyfriend.

  6. Why on earth would anybody expect a “more conciliatory tone” from Traitor Trump, has he been conciliatory on anything in the last four years?

  7. It simply amazes me every time I hear people of intelligence say that they expected more from a psychopath like Trump! That is just like expecting a hungry lion not to eat a roasted lamb!

    1. @newmove bet you support illegal wiretapping, using the feds to bring down an innocent general, deleting 33k emails, racial division, lockdowns, lying, etc

    1. @newmove That’s disrespectful to the landfill & sewage processing plants – they deserve better names than that!

    2. @KevanK “TDS for the trump deranged” We’re all feeling deranged listening to dumps BS and enduring the outcomes of that BS. No probs, we’ll fix that when we vote.

    3. @newmove Sounds ideal however given Trump’s pattern of fascist dictator, there are some concerns that he’ll stall Nov elections. *Thankfully due to the 20th Amendment that provides that “the terms of the President and the Vice President shall end at noon on the 20th day of January.” So if the Nov election are somehow cancelled, Trump and Pence’s terms will still expire as scheduled.* Feels weird writing this..

    1. @Torvil Åsulv Støle Of course! Ivanka has had a little chinese and North Korean at the same time. Contortionist?

    2. @Thomas Müller – Most are by injection. Too many hits of the Trump oral diarreah. Too many hits. Oh! The inhumanity.

    3. @Bryan Hirsch – 60 million Trumpian fraud victims and countless children caged “Trumpian style” – Nah! Hitler (aka Trump’s distant uncle) and Trump were cut from the same cloth pulled our of the same cesspool. Neither has the high ground. Besides, the German people realized their mistake and you are still crawl on your belly in the muck. High ground? I’d say the German populace is definitely looking down on you and justified. But…..with Trump it isn’t high or low ground – it is simple corruption and white supremacy at work.

    4. Bryan Hirsch, making racist comments makes you sound really dumb. I’ll bet reality is aligned with perception.
      Your poor grammar certainly doesn’t help your contention.

  8. I honestly don’t know why anyone expects him to act any different. He has always been the same and will always be the same.

    1. @My Family “He is a humanitarian” What are you, a troll, a trumpanzee. some sort of poe, a FW. ALL your claims are lies, EVERYONE of them.

    2. @newmove and you can sign up for white house news updates by email if you want to learn more about his policies and then verify them for yourself that way. People on the most part say bad things about Trump because of mischaracterization by liberal media outlets. His policies are anti-racist and have been since elected.

    3. @My Family White house updates???? Just how many shrooms have you been chomping lately?
      White house updates???????

    4. @My Family “Everything I said is true.”
      I shouldn’t believe my lying eyes and ears right? Dump has destroyed the country. 100,000 deaths and counting. The parasite that steals from suffering and dying kids with cancer and lying enablers like yourself have to go.

    1. Anthony Johnson owned servant 1black4 whites, John Casor, a black indentured servant whose contract Johnson appeared to have bought in the early 1640s, approached Captain Goldsmith, claiming his indenture had expired seven years earlier and that he was being held illegally by Johnson. A neighbor, Robert Parker, intervened and persuaded Johnson to free Casor.
      March 8, 1655 Parker offered Casor work, and he signed a term of indenture to the planter. Johnson sued Parker in the Northampton Court in 1654 for the return of Casor. The court initially found in favor of Parker, but Johnson appealed. In 1655, the court reversed its ruling. Finding that Anthony Johnson still “owned” John Casor and Johnson wouldn’t give him up

    2. Funny Trump been a Democrat supporter his whole life an you dumbasses haven’t figured out where he got his attitude. Your really intelligent idiots.

    3. Michael Willcutt he was likely a rebel to the Democrats. There is no perfect party. There is no perfect president but trump undercuts the entire country and cares nothing about anyone except himself.

    4. Glenn Price, geese… Why would you say something like that? I mean, I was taught that saying things like that is hurtful.

  9. a once in a lifetime chance to be remembered in world history as a very great man and ending up as the greatest fool ever lived.

    1. Trump has been blowing IT all his life. As a teenager it was in the PE showers, as a young adult it was Russians and now, he has diversified to Russians, Saudis, North Koreans, Chinese and even Filipinos among others. You don’t get those pouty lips from sucking on a lollipop. If you get my drift.

    1. Token black man paid actor. Only Trump.would pay someone to pretend to love him. Does the name Stormy Daniels bring it to mind?

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