NYT: Trump Justice Dept. Secretly Acquired Phone Records Of Reporters 1

NYT: Trump Justice Dept. Secretly Acquired Phone Records Of Reporters


New York Times Justice Department reporter Katie Benner joins Hallie Jackson to discuss reporting that showed the Department of Justice during the Trump administration secretly acquired the phone records of reporters who were writing an article on former FBI Director James Comey.

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    1. Jose Cuesta actually if you are a politician in Washington you have to fear it all of your career and even after. This really is a non issue because the majority of people in the country don’t trust the media. Besides as I said earlier if you want a reporters number, offer them a juicy fake story.

  1. They weren’t upset about the administration acting illegally, they were worried about how the public found out.

    1. As a skilled KGB agent, Putin was probably able to get information from Trump that Trump didn’t even realize he was giving him.

    2. @dublinjazz1 it was revealed the day kislyak and lavrov paid trump a visit (the day after he had Comey fired) trump gave highly classified Israeli operations information to the 2 russians. That happened [after] Israeli intelligence officials stated they were very concerned trump would reveal classified info to russia and in turn to iran, severely jeopardizing intel sharing between the US and Israel. Their worst fears were confirmed. (wikipedia – trump’s disclosures of classified info).
      So, what else has treason weasel trump revealed to the russians?!?

    3. @Mike Cooper It will probably be years before we find the extent of the damage this traitor has done.

    1. Obama went after people and reporters for 8yrs instead of doing his “proper presidential duties” but we didn’t hear you lefties crying about that. You lefties are a bunch of hypocrites.

  2. Donald Trump Following Putin’s handbook… Yes AMERICA, Trump’s administration is as CORRUPT as we thought.

  3. Yes when are we going to get the translation from Trump’s meeting with Putin in Helsinki? I bet most of the meeting was Trump asking Putin how he can remain in power here in the US for many terms ie how to be a dictator! Trump most likely asked Putin how to make the public believe that he didn’t lose the election! Putin told him to say it over and over and over that the election was stolen until the public believes it!

    1. @Fred A yes that’s why he promoted cancel culture and silencing his political opponents… oh wait

    2. @Fred A except you’re the only people calling for information to be banned from being spread lmao

    3. John Brown
      well, when so called News Organizations and Media outlets become the Press Department for the DNC his “enemy” tag has some validation 😀 Also when only one side is given on any issue with no time for the sopping side it stops being news and becomes propaganda.

    4. Ben Shapyro if they are looking for who leaked something classified it’s justified, but I don’t think that’s the case

  4. Was there a warrant? Who was the judge? Did the phone companies hand over info without a warrant? This is disturbing to sy the least.

    1. Intelligence leaks are considered national security threats , many administrations have done this.

    2. fucker1714 How many reporters? do they all have unlisted numbers? Is this the first time a President used the Department of Justice to get info on someone? I am pretty sure Obama used Erik Holder and Loretta Lynch. You can get anyone’s phone number thru search engines and a little money. How do you think scammers , robocalls, telemarketing? This is a non story. Besides If Trump really wanted a Reporters number he would offer an interview LOL

    3. @gatroy13 first it’s not just getting their phone numbers, moron. This isn’t as simple as getting their contact information (haven’t you ever watched CSI, NCIS, Law & Order, Criminal Minds, anything crime related?).

      DOJ pulled their phone records – which break down who called who, for how long and when. Essentially it is a hop and skip to identifying potential sources to breaking stories.

      This isn’t a new development since many administrations, including Obama, have used this tactic (in fact they mention it in this piece) to try to identify leaks of classified information, however, what could make this criminal is why Trump’s DOJ ordered these records to be pulled. And whether, if it was for specific incidents, did they extend this to all networks and news outlets who broke the story.

      If you pull only NYT journalists records but Newsmax also breaks the story at the same time but don’t get their records pulled then it’s retribution instead of an investigation.

      It’s also unclear if Trump himself ordered this or if it was a product of DOJ running an internal investigation for leaks in the Trump administration. A lot of questions and unlikely to get many answers.

      And this is from a Liberal, FYI. I can decipher the facts given to me just fine from my media and weigh them with my own judgment. Do you show the same considerations?

    1. Joy Simpson
      if you did that you would have to arrest all of Washington DC, and State Capitol politicians and workers. You have no idea the misuse of power
      in our Local, State and Federal Government. This is peanuts and just a hot air story to fill in an hour or so of space LOL

  5. This is what you get when you have a “president” with the mentality and maturity of a Joffrey Baratheon. Always filled with spite and an overwhelming desire for revenge.

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