NYT’s Michael Shear On Report That Trump DOJ Seized Colleagues’ Records 1

NYT’s Michael Shear On Report That Trump DOJ Seized Colleagues’ Records


New York Times White House correspondent Michael Shear shares that he was not surprised that the Department of Justice under Trump seized some of his colleagues’ phone records because he was used to the former president’s aggression towards the press.
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  1. Whoa, this is big news. I better check out the Stable Genius’ blog to see what his take is on this.
    **Goes to the blog, gets 404 error**

  2. Surprise, Surprise, Trump and his DOJ broke the law again by abusing his office. Trump hates the truth so attacks it anywhere it appears.

    1. @Sindee Perkins Absolutely, now that things are catching up to this Family, it’s the same Drama, it’s a Witch-hunt, it’s Politically Motivated or it’s a Persecution of my Father, NO!!! It’s believed that there’s a Crime being Committed by Your Father, Your Mother, Your Brother, Your Sister, Your Dog, Your Cat, Your Rat they all knew when you Left for the White House….

  3. Probably not only reporter’s but from anyone that contradicted him, opposed him, and plotted against him!

    1. Pure dictator behavior. This fool was trying to become King of America, why do you think he was such close friends with Putin and Kim. Putin and Kim , sounds like a kids show on PBS..NOT!

    2. @DanElle McCombs• All of trump’s moves are straight out of putin’s handbook 101 “how to overthrow any democracy” It will succeed to the same way it did for putin. And that will be due to the vulnerability of people who have been inhaling trump rhetoric for the last 5 years or so as though it is the very air they breathe.

  4. Trump didn’t learn all this alone. He talked to his good friends in Russia, N Korea, etc and was taught how to eliminate the critics and opposition. FBI needs to get into his phone…his long hours alone in his office

    1. Oh, I have no doubt Putin has been whispering in his ear the techniques he used for taking over a country. Trump totally adores him and Putin just plays him and laughs at the ease with which he can manipulate Trump into doing what he wishes.

    1. look back in the articles written by these journalists about Commie in NYT and WAPO in 2017

      correction: all of these journalist are from NYT

  5. I guess the question “what happens when you put a psycho into the White House” keeps providing little tidbits on just how badly it will go…

    1. Obama is long gone the only psychopath I could remember well now Biden which has the media covering his boney rear.

    2. @Alex Ordonez Donald Trump is a Russian asset. Never forget that the man who trained Putin said he would destroy America from the inside. Read history not Qanon blogs.

    1. Have you forgotten about Obama spying on journalists? A retired NYT reporter just published a book on how journalists spy! This isn’t a new issue! Journalists today never investigate, they just follow an agenda and the 4 AM talking points that repeat daily which are 90% biased and lies!

    2. @Kathy Richeson Yes, it was bad. Except that Obama’s NSA gained warrants. Not so with Trump’s cronies.

    3. @Kathy Richeson our investigative journalism was destroyed by Regan, a republican, the worst prez ever, with the exception of GW Bush, really being the worse for this country.

    4. @Aquatic Borealis Yeah my thoughts exactly as soon as I read that comment “here we go again look at what Obama did”!!

  6. Barr should be halled in to answer .
    Why he even allow this must have been Jeff sessions

    1. Even if Jeff Sessions was in the Senate, he would act more worse than Tommy Tuberville. He acted just like MTG.

  7. How ANYONE who considers themselves “American” can continue to support former president Trump should feel ashamed of themselves. This is why Trump (and his republicans enablers) launched a full court press and assault on all media (other than Fox News/Pravda West, of course) to delegitimize and sow distrust.

    But it takes a modicum of intelligence and a shedding of cultism to understand that. Something Trumpers lack in spades.

  8. Where is the red line to be crossed that gets Trump arrested? Does he literally have to shoot someone on 5th ave??

    1. Even if he shot someone as he said he could, he would not face any consequences. That’s the power of privilege

  9. We all know he’s guilty. This just proves how far trump will go to keep the U.S. public in the dark and cover up his crimes.

  10. Daddy thought him to never lose, let’s show him that daddy was just another of many failed parent

  11. Just add it to the list of charges. I certainly don’t miss having new corruption stories out of the White House breaking like this 4 or 5 times a day AT ALL. Vote blue in ’22 and keep it that way!

  12. This is what Dictators do. They want to control the media. Trump came in office discrediting all media outlets except FOX. Lock him up!

    1. @gerry blais You don’t have to. The vast majority of those followers are either elderly or cowards. You only have to worry about the most diehard of that group. Which is likely only a few hundred neo Nazis militia types nation wide. I’m more worried about one solo nut who will act. Than the majority of the others, who at most just make internet threats. All we can do is hope the FBI and other federal agencies do their job.

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