Oakland homeless encampment engulfed in flames | USA TODAY

A fire engulfed a homeless encampment in Oakland, California, on April 28. No one was injured.

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  1. Cause-and-effect versus truth to circumstances who is going to win?

    I grew up in the last century where truth to circumstances carried a lot more weight, today we live in Cause-and-effect and all you need is a lot of sympathy with alternative facts and a feel-good religion because truth is no longer something to get to the bottom of anymore. Today we live in a death spiral with logic and here’s an example. The richest man in America can buy every homeless person in America a $100,000 home and pay for their expenses for the rest of their lives and still keep $10 billion in the bank for himself living on $600 million a year interest… But This Is Impossible and It Just Won’t Work Common Sense Is Telling Us! But a rich man can buy a politician putting him in office raising taxes on poor people saying money will work to fix homelessness as long as people are willing to pay more for it … And This Does Work And Common Sense Is Agreeing! This is what living on a forked tongue really means. Putting a cap on personal income is not going to happen so Cause-and-effect will win until someone figures out that this is just too stupid and starts World War III. Maybe living in anarchy isn’t all that bad, as long as you don’t need logic to reality-check your feelings what’s wrong with living in a feel-good religion preaching that greed is good?

    PS. Homelessness should not exist everything needed to end it is staring us in the face. With global warming threatening our existence if we want to save this planet we have to start calling homeless people through-hikers in life giving them constitutional rights instead of putting their poverty in jail (criminalization of homelessness). A minimum standard of living would include electricity, plumbing, transportation, and security. If a businessman can commute to work on a foldable bike why couldn’t a through hiker do the same thing working out of labor pools? I taught myself how to be a carpenter working out of labor pools. Just like on the Appalachian Trail all someone has to do is make a map showing where water is and call it a matter of human rights that people are allowed to use the bathroom and sleep. E bikes have come a long way we should allow humans to go free and criminalize automobiles instead. Why does living in God’s country put such a strain on our minds putting pride to the flag saying greed is good? Why not just say that greed is bad and allow homeless people (not criminals) to go free allowing logic with common sense to be grateful that sanity is restoring itself back to the world… What’s wrong with saving this planet, it is the only place in the universe where life actually exists as far as anyone knows?

    1. You definitely have some valid points. However, not all were sound and made sense. Alot of supposition and various topics joined through strawman arguments.
      But again, some are valid.

    2. @The KING to you Are you not making an assumption for yourself? Most people believe when it comes to reality their interpretation is the correct one (Even ex-president’s like Donald Trump). I do not believe logic is something people can any longer take for granted.

  2. I guess that’s the governor’s solution for the homeless problem at least get one idea to get rid of the homeless the government decided to to burn them out that’s the way to do it governor

  3. We need affordable housing for all income levels! The greed of the real estate market in the USA is horrific. We need to stop large companies from buying up all available homes and jacking up rents and housing prices! If you want nurses, taxi drivers, trash collectors, postmen and women, waitresses, cooks, cleaners etc etc, then we must build affordable housing and regulate the greed that is killing the ability to afford a place to live! Stop the corporate take over of real estate now!

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