1. These guys were really ready for war, and all they found was each other standing around with the cops to fight. How stupid.

    1. They got outwitted while trying to pull one off themselves. Handled it like a bunch of Keystone cops. 😁

  2. While all this talk is going on… Just wondering, were they ever thinking about the police? And how would they have dealt with the police on the next block over?

    1. I’m pretty sure he was squinting the one good eye and couldn’t see the next block over. Costco Eyewear was right next door.

  3. You know your paramilitary group is badass when it’s name sounds like an abstinence movement for teenagers.

    1. They did stop it because he’s been jailed for more two months. I was hoping to attach it though, since he owes 70k in back child support

  4. What a waste of sending someone to Yale. That seat could have been used by someone who wants to be a positive human being. An educated sick excuse of a human being.

  5. Sacrifice himself… He went close enough to lead other people in but not close enough to be charged. That’s not sacrifice, that’s manipulation. It’s sad that people ruin their lives and their families lives to follow men like him. Smh…

  6. This lady is a tough as nails survivor. I give her a lot of credit for managing to eventually escape what sounds like the grasp of an evil malignant narcissist. She and her children must have suffered terrible emotional abuse with such a self righteous psychopath at the head of their family. She should join the ranks of those who have written expose biographies about their traumatic experiences dealing with such satanic people. Hope he’s sent away for a long long time so they can heal and recover their own sanity.

    1. He shot his own eye out while ‘cleaning his gun’ aka playing with it like a moron while thinking he was some kind of badass.

  7. Looking at him, his actions and his clothing it occurs to me that a law degree may not be the gold standard of intelligence it is often assumed to be.

  8. “Don’t make it easy for them to pop you with a conspiracy charge’ the man says as he is literally conspiring with others.

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