Obama-Era Rule For Suburban Diversification Revoked | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. Have you seen the Republican Party… with one foot in the grave and will not meet the needs or grow with the country.

    2. To me, he sounds like the big boss at a construction firm. Oh wait, that’s what he was before he was President.

  1. Trump said Biden will destroy the American dream, but I think he could end the American nightmare.

    1. @john emeigh on city grounds local jurisdiction apply on federal grounds federal grounds fals on federal law enforcement agencies . And this was in the city streets not on federal grounds . Second the first amendment applies to all peaceful protesters including that wall of moms .

    2. @john emeigh you claim educated but decides to be uneducated. That’s your new reality. The international world even knows Trump is destroying America and needs to be removed and even reporting Trump abusing the rights of peaceful protestors, mums, mayors and not protecting federal property. And to begin with in the first place what he did by sending the federal troopers is unconstitutional so if you claim you are educated then you have not educated yourself on the Constitution. Trump has broken the law on many levels

  2. Obama organization had a team in place for this Covid 19 virus and they also was dismissed by Trump

    1. Trump dismantled it back in 2018 and less than 2 years later he allows infected individuals to fly and sail into the US when he could have said no. The only question now is how intentional was this because there are no nefarious actions that you couldn’t put past Trump and you’d be foolish to believe he wouldn’t do such a thing.

    2. @Ramman# The strain of the virus that swept NY and the rest of the NE early on came from Europe. Not China.

  3. This is what his dad did, no non-whites allowed to rent from him and trump got in trouble for that also..
    So more racist behavior to stoke his racist base.. smh

    1. tRump is no ones “man”….please don’t call that corrupt, hateful, racist, narcissistic POS a “man”….he in no way emulates a man…..he’s barely human…..

  4. Wow that shows how desperate Trump is he can’t run on his policies because they’re failed, so he has to scare potential voters about an imaginary big bad Joe Biden presidency, what a simpleton

    1. Joanne Fitzpatrick Wich is the most dangerous. I don’t think you guys know where all of this leads. You guys think that to appease black people—all it takes is tearing down a statue of a racist democrat or a hero who freed slaves. The founder of BET says blacks laugh at that.
      It is not until people respect people as individuals that we are at peace. Democrats are blatantly using segregation methods to turn us all into a mindless mob.

    2. He has nothing, NOTHING on Joe Biden, but his own fake conspiracy theories. And Trump has successfully sucked in and duped his followers with it !! And THEY dare to quote HIM on it!! Dumber at its Dumbest !!

    1. @Logan McLean When Trump is in jail, a lot of people will be making enough money to live near him. Some will be living in the cell next to him

  5. Your Reality TV Idol god drumpf is always looking for distractions for his betrayal of the American people and our Democracy. The blind love their Reality TV Idol god and they will follow him into oblivion. You know the 1% used their Madison Ave., cohorts to market a GREAT television show! Just remember drumpf’s favorite quote, learned from his mentor… “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it…” This has been your master’s plan from the beginning! If you want to understand, why you need to step out of your cattle dumb… youtube.com/watch?v=eq3jjzI8Gdo The new corporate controlled federal government is only concern with allowing the greedy, soulless, filth of man, to dismantle our Democracy and transfer our nation back to the soulless plutocrats. Watch what your 1% owners think… youtube.com/watch?v=Cy87kzKxkP8 Now with trump’s continuing spread of the Coronavirus and this treasonous peasants uprising, your Chosen One will have to declare martial law and suspend elections. As his “Kept My Undies On” ‘oj lawyer’ dershowitz said, if he believes his election is in the best interest of the country then he can do whatever he wants. Be assured, moscow 🐢 mitch and their purchased, installed perverted corporate friendly judges. You know like “lying under oath,” boofing, devil’s triangle, frat boy Kavanaugh will back their 1% owner’s puppet. Our Democracy is on the verge of Death, corporations are now “We The People” and money is “Free Speech.” You have to understand your 1% owners don’t give a $hit if some of their human livestock die off. The markets will recover, their herds of human livestock will be younger and stronger. Ensuring future profits for their children’s 1% future.

    1. yes, I sit up here in Canada and watch everything and you are right to be concerned about the 1%

  6. Another way to put “C”’s on black applicants hope for the American Dream. The America Dream is not a great white hope. It’s a hope for all of us. What’s next? Affirmative Action rollbacks? Nothing is off limits for this man. NOTHING!

    1. His good buddy Roger Stones got caught on mike calling African-Americans “Negros”. And, yes, I know MLK said that but that was over 50 years ago.

      I guess Trump has given up the idea that he would get more of the black vote in Nov. He’ll get less than he did in 2016.

  7. It seems like ole Bunker boy trump hasn’t learned his lesson. You know he was sued for racial discrimination against people of color.

  8. Women be aware should you wish to exercise your 1st amendment rights and peacefully protest by linking arms with your sisters 45 will call you anarchists and condone that you be subjected to chemical weapons

  9. Many women who live in the suburbs were on the front-line in Portland demonstrating and were attacked by Trump’s thugs in unmarked uniforms. They will remember. The suburban moms should wear T-shirts saying “Trump- I am a suburban mom. My vote counts”. It will freak him out, because all of this ‘show of force’, and declarations about Biden is for their benefit.

  10. Just so you all know, there are 34 states needed having each of their legislatures agree on altering the constitution of the US which is a 2/3 vote, there are currently 32 states with republican ran legislatures eyeing this possibility. Some of this happened because a lot of progressives/luke-warm Democrats decided to use their gripes against Obama during the 2010 midterms which were during the tea party surge and thus the Dems gave far more seats of power away than they would have if the progressives/luke-warm Democrats came out to vote. This dire situation can only begin to be corrected by voting Democrat in your state and local elections.

    1. Russian Trolls and Despot don the Impeached Traitor Dumbo con have Injected their Paid Bots and Trolls All over every site Now that more Sane Americans have Identified what a Dangerous Despot Illiterate Fraud he Always have been. He is Desperate to keep Living FREE Off Tax Payers And Continue his Playbook In Destroying our COUNTRY and LIVES. . He is Pure EVIL. .

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