Obama On Shootings: U.S. Leaders Must Not Normalize Hate | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


    1. @Keith Anthony 1st things 1st…Im not gonna tell you what to do but have you paused and think the things you say or comment ?
      True leaders have followers and the President was elected not forced his way with violence. If you have deep down thought about it, why is it that the President’s base has growth so much and potentially be the first one to win by a landslide on today’s sick and progressive agenda…?

    2. Ruben Chavez Yes, I do think. Trump supporters either don’t or can’t.
      1 – By definition all leaders have followers. That applies whether they are Charles Manson, Hitler or Jesus.
      2 – More people like junk food than healthy food, and more like cheap crap on tv than anything that will make their lives better. Saying Trump has a large base is a meaningless comment. He’s dumb, divisive and can’t do the job. People who identify with that like him. Like the shooters, like racists, like you.

    3. @Keith Anthony You got to the point… Even if we don’t like their views (totally acceptable) they were true leaders that didn’t forced nothing. By your standards people that follow Trump are racists and divisive…But if you flip the coin we can say the same thing about non-supporters or better called Anti-Trumpers who can’t and/or never see anything good he does or has done cause they have already fixed their minds on hating him…bringing divisiveness instead of… you know embracing him 😁👍🏻

    1. @FOM FamilyOverMoney hey if you pay attention to the comments and likes on my response I think you’ll see you’re outnumbered with your ideology.. Are the majority wrong or the minority? Grow up and I pray none of these acts happen to your loved ones in the future.✌

  1. Nothing will be done until we elect those who will do something. Do your research and be sure to vote! It can be changed if you vote.


    2. That’s right do your research and vote trump 2020! Trump 2020! Blacks for trump! The GOAT of presidents! 🐐

    1. @Ruben Chavez When was America great? Please provide the year or time frame? I believe if we review history that at each time in history, there were groups of people who were demonized.

    2. @Kitty King Great question you made. History has had crimes, corruption, bad politicians, massacres and all kinds of bad things. Never ever has it been perfect but… It was great when we could have freedom, of speech (not PC), when we could agree to disagree when we protected children from lies or political agendas, freedom of religion (not imposition or death) when we could work and have real job opportunities to raise our families and live comfortable…a simple and pure democracy is when America was greater than any other country

    1. Oh we get it cucpake, you want to paint criticizing illegal immigrants for violating immigration laws as “normalizing hate” and “inciting violence” when it’s neither.

  2. As a Texan, I find it remarkable, that immediately after the United States earns its first African American president, of two terms, who is a rather astute individual with a calm & collected demeanor; we get our first full-fledged White Trash Dictator-wannbe which has an overt history of lambasting said previous president.

    1. @THIS IS FLORIDA youre very outspoken. Youre one of 3 loud trolls posting on each comment about things that has nothing to do with the topic at hand. 29 people were gunned down by white nationalists and youre talking about a fetus.

    2. THIS IS FLORIDA surely English is not your mother tongue because your grammatical errors are akin to someone with little or no grasp of the English language. Have another vodka or two

    3. Alisa Johns Why does parents need help from the Federal government to raise their children?
      Should the Federal government also provide aid to citizens to help conceive a child?

    4. THIS IS FLORIDA OK, let’s talk about ‘invasion’.
      Russian communists, with the support of the GOP invaded the 2016 presidential election.
      Foreign and domestic financial institutions have invaded the American economy.
      Foreign countries and corporations has invaded American R&D facilities and violated Intellectual Property rights.
      Corporations, via Citizens United has invaded American election system and destroyed the idea of one person, one vote.
      Granted, this has absolutely nothing to do with unborn babies, illegal immigration, or protecting the life liberty and persist of happiness for citizens from mass shootings, but Trump has put the meme of ‘invasion’ front and center in his campaign and presidency.

    1. Ignorance is Bliss in the Land of Fake News and all it’s subjects will follow the Pied Piper into the sea and drown in its Ignorance !

    2. The ‘refreshing beer” in advertisements is motor oil and soap suds sprayed with liquid nitrogen.
      Trump supporters drink it by the gallon.

  3. I don’t much like Beto for various reasons, but that was just beautiful. “What do YOU think?” It was such a STUPID question everyone knows the answer to, and I admire him for the fire of that response.

    1. Yes Beto is right, the press needs to stop asking the question everyone knows the answer to. Of cause trump is racist. The discussion needs to move to what can America do about it.

    2. People criticize Beto for speaking Spanish for being a “white Irish” “pretending” to go along with Latinos, what people must know is that he also lost his father tragically and he has fell in love with the Latino way of cherishing life and family, no American any skin color has found a Mexican hating them we serve people with love and smiles, we welcome so many to our country. It’s too sad that some people has not have the chance to open their hearts and their mind for understanding that despite the skin color we are all humans. PEACE & LOVE NEEDED.

  4. There is nothing in Trumps voice that’s inspiring! He looks like a kid giving an oral report in front of the class. You can tell he doesn’t want to be doing it.

    1. He had an attitude! After Trump started blaming everything except white supremacy for these murders I turned him off.

  5. It’s too late for Trump to say anything at all. There is no way for him to take back the damage he has done.

  6. In past shootings our presidents would immediately address the nation with words of sympathy, concern, and comfort. This time we got nothing until the golf weekend was over and got a speech that was nothing more than a heartless teleprompter reading.

    1. It was orchestrated, to send a signal that this is what he wants the base to do. Trump is crazy, and the base will pick up whatever he throws at them

    2. You cant honestly believe that trump thought that these shoots compare to his golf game. No reason to stop no reason to not stick your head in the door of a wedding, nothing important was happening. This is how he thinks of HIS FELLOW AMERICANS.

    1. Waking up this morning I was praying to my Father in heaven and, Just meditate and this story sneaked in my mind, (Huston we have a PROBLEM)

  7. Moscow Mitch has the blood of many children on his hands by blocking all these bipartisan bills

    1. Andethidial bubabibub : Mumbling Moscow Mitch ALREADY belongs in jail for the scam he pulled with his wife. Massacre Mitch will be EASIER for him to live with than Moscow Mitch. The Nazis LOVE HIM for it

    2. 101 shootings since he’s been sitting on the bipartisan house bill for universal background checks

    3. We need to build a Wall of Shame In Washington DC to permanently list the names of Politicians, Cities, and States that contribute to the culture of corruption, racism, profiteering, and ignorance.
      The permanent display of these names can become the new dialog.

    1. @Lizzie Wood ,If memory serves,Was it not Dem’s that were blocking action on arresting ANTIFA!,At all the violent rallies?.Was it not Dem Mayors,And police chiefs that allowed assaults,fires,looting,ect all in the name of ANTIFA?.
      Seems the Dems in america are ok with hate,As long as it is violence against Rep,Or anything perceived as not inclusive.
      So your last statement of ,”This is not who we are as America”,Is BS..That is exactly who and what america is.

    1. I disagree with tuning trump out, it’s important to hear this diatribe, and possibly be able to educate his base! Hold a mirror to the hateful and oppressive! That kind of thinking and behavior needs our attention emediatly, we may be able to thwart more tragedies of senseless violence. One grandmother’s call stopped her grandson from killing countless people.we need her brand of courage. Spread the truth, logic, Faith, love, and positive of doing something!


  9. Thank you President Obama for speaking out. We miss you and pray you and your family are well. Much love and light to all.

    1. Obama was trash! Ruined our country! Trump is getting us back right to the top of the totem pole!

    1. It was painful to watch Trump squirm being forced to speak on what he doesn’t believe in. Trumps body language told it all.. no substance and no compassion what so ever.

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