1. @Jay Stew Because I am not a sociopath desiring the destruction of other humans, like these three…

    2. @Barry O’Blarney you made this antisocial comment with no conscience to think that you don’t walk in their shoes but you want to call someone else a sociopath? That’s rich

    1. @Brent Foster you need to read deeper yourself. Can you not see that you are going to lose everything?

    2. @Brent Foster listen not to be rude man. But if you need explanation and you literally cannot see whats happening.. can i ask why you feel you should be speaking on it?. Pls research maN. Its too much for me to shovel your way.

    1. @Erick Aww, so you don’t believe Obama is going to rule the world with Poop Francis ? 😂😂😂

    2. @Brent Foster he will seize power again of the world with Pope Francis no matter how you spin it bro. Time will tell, if I’m a liar then it won’t happen and let me be a false prophet.

    3. @Army Infantry 11b You might as well go ahead and change your name, because if you’re that CRAZY to actually believe that, then…

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