1. I miss you President Obama! Brings tears to my eyes. He’s like a warm blanket. Thank you for educating us about the economy and inflation.

    1. @Lar Rey Pandemic made people spew vitriol. I get my news from public radio…not from cable news. Just stop being angry at everything…

  2. This speech make me realize the impact a political leader can make just with the attitude and tone. A positive person inspires positivity in a nation, while an angry grandpa hating on everyone and everything will create a sour nation of hate and division.

    1. @Frederick Ashby they kicked out the only pale guy in the crowd… but that is not the issue… he is just a demagogue, preaching words without much substance. He got elected and stayed in office because of the anger he channeled to the brainwashed people, especially the young people who were disenfranchised with the conservatives ruling the previous eight years and the war on terrorism… Obama got elected as a retribution to GW Bush policies, and Trump was later elected as a pay back from electing Obama… it looks like karma playing the left extreme with the right. US politics has become too extreme and it will be going this way for as long as the world’s greatest country is in its downward spiral. US citizens seems to be forgetting their values in which the republic was created and stands for, and therefore is spinning out of control toward an dangerous path. May God help America!

  3. I stopped here for the joke but ended up listening to the whole speech. And I don’t even live in Georgia. What a breath of fresh air hearing Obama speak again. The man employs logic, intellect and passion to great effect. We can only fight idiocy and fascism with common sense and the courage to try.

    1. @bill bixby 400 more died from Covid , gas & groceries went up, 20,000 more illegals invaded USA, that stuff happens everyday with Democrat blessing,

    1. @Gwendolyn Williams brush them shoulders off, NOTHING’S…on this way…oops, trick no good… try someone else…smh 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

  4. I listened to this speech and remembered the night of the 2008 election. We had gone to a bar to be part of the incredible energy that was gripping the country, and it was all focused around one man who was bringing hope back to so many of us.
    The tears and hugs that night were everywhere, the tears of hope and being a part of bringing Obama to the office of the US President.
    It was so refreshing to relax knowing that we had such a great man to rescue our great nation after all of the craziness of the prior president.
    But the GOP couldn’t handle the calm and as they always do they destroyed and blocked everything they possibly could.
    It’s time to bury the electoral college, it has caused so many years of grief.

    1. @JJ West LMAO! I’ll get my shot just as most people get the flu shot. You feel free to roll the dice! I hope you lose that dice roll. That’s how most of you feel about anyone not a rethuglican. Now we feel the same about you losers. Trump divided us and you thugs keep it going!

    2. @Erica R Lol go right ahead erica. “Roll the dice” with your experimental drugs that the TV told you to take and lied to you about safety and effectiveness.

      Trump divided us? He said to take the shots too. What did he do to “divide?”

      The only divisive people are you liberal clowns that act and think exactly like CNN tells you to.

      What color is your hair?

    3. @AR I am not saying he was perfect, because it just isn’t possible but … The ACA, fixed the economy after Baby bush wrecked it, etc. And he gave us 8 years of an adult in the WH so we could get through 4 of #2 that was president 45.

    1. @Slavic Boer Nice try! We still have plenty of fuel and food. The reason prices are high is due to the fuel companies and the corporation gouging us. The answer is, work hard and earn money at every opportunity. Too may sit at home with no plans to go back to work. Plenty of jobs here where I live. I own my own company. I could hire 4 people tomorrow if they would actually show up for work. We pay extremely well, but we will require you to do the job. Every work day. Some how that seems impossible for many. They want smoke weed and play video games everyday while the mother of their baby collects food stamps, welfare and often asks her parents for money.

    2. @John Kilty nothing substantial. I am no role model. That doesn’t make my observations incorrect. That also doesn’t mean I don’t care about topics that affect others. Sometimes talking about problems is a start. That’s what I’m doing here.
      You however seem like a real ball of intelligence and I’m sure you’re a real boon to the planet. Keep up the good online trolling work you’re doing chief.

    3. @Blindsyde Sometimes talking about problems is a start? That is what you are doing here? Then before the conversations starts you belittle and insult peoples intelligence. Priceless! Chief! Pal! Sport! Take your pick.

    4. @UCqGq0zRt2GI4nDPZ4RN5hvg seems like you were crying at me for insulting you when you were rude to me first. Still, you’re right, I shouldn’t resort to it in return. Have a good night. We don’t have to agree.

  5. I love how he says “Don’t boo, vote.” He knows that booing doesn’t help at all. He knows that we need to take action. We’re behind you!!!

    1. @G.G. Matuga Further more Biden is running this country in the ground with inflation and high gas prices. The US is running out of diesel. I could go on and on, while some people believe the propaganda they pushing. You think just like they want you to believe, and I bet your one of those people who believe everything you read and see in the media.

    2. @Shequeta Payne I feel sorry for you because your responses indicate that you’ve have been suckered by right wing media. It’ll be voters who have believed the GOP lies that will dismantle US democracy.

      FYI: I don’t have a TV because I’m not interested in “canned thought”; one of my law professors told others that I was the very best researcher she’d ever taught.

      It appears, from what you’ve posted, that you don’t know anything about research. On the other hand, I studied far right German and Italian history and the rise of Nazism.

      I have researched Hitler’s speeches, in translation, and found Hitter’s quotes that are being echoed by current Republican hopefuls and have been quoted over the decades by influential conservative leaders.

      It’s been apparent, for decades, that far right Conservatives have depended upon North American voter’s ignorance. Right wing propaganda has been successful in the past. Hopefully far right propaganda will not be effective in 2022.

      You may not know:

      MIGA: Fascist Mussolini said, “Make Italy Great Again,” meaning revive the ROMAN EMPIRE and Mussolini joined forces with Hitler believing they would be able to take over the rest of the world.

      MAGA: is a copy. Conservatives are never original or creative.

      Following WWII, CHRISTOFASCIST CONSERVATIVES ramped up the angst that Hitler effectively used prior to WWII.

      The angst and anger caused by inequality. Conservatives use religio-psycho tricks and propaganda to convince and dupe POOR PEOPLE into helping conservatives gain power. Immediately upon gaining power, conservatives destroy the social programs and safeguards that helped POOR PEOPLE SURVIVE and conservatives always create new crimes that effectively undermine POOR PEOPLE’s RIGHTS.

      Conservatives use religious techniques and falsified scripture to sway voters and convince POOR VOTERS that they are SAVIOURS who are just like the POOR.

      Conservatives promise super wealthy donors that the GOP’s main agenda is TAX CUTS for WEALTHY DONORS. Tax cuts mean no money for social programs for the POOR VOTERS who believed the far right propaganda. (Oh so sorry. You’re worse off? Not really sorry. If you’re stupid enough to vote red you can see red)

      USA has entered a very dangerous period because McConnell and the GOP have successfully installed conservative justices in the USSC.

      Those USSC justices have begun their nefarious agenda with destroying every body’s rights but they have only begun to take away all citizen’s rights. They’ve been working on this since WWII. They need a bit more power but they are confident that VOTER IGNORANCE will provide.

      FORCED BIRTH is a euphemism for

      *If Democrats achieve a larger majority in ROEVEMBER they will codify individual constitutional rights and bodies will no longer be held hostage by UNWANTED SPERMATOZOA. If not, many “spermatozoa carrying bodies” will die.


      Answer these questions:
      1. Do you want STATE RAPE?
      2. Do you want intelligent, compassionate Democratic lawmakers who care about INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS?
      3. Do you want to support the GOP HITLERIAN AGENDA where voting rights are undermined or blatantly denied?

      Remember: Hitler was elected before his The Third Reich dictatorship.



      Hitler and Mussolini’s MIGA disciplines killed a lot of people but they did not win WWII. They spawned conservative parties worldwide and the current extreme MAGA REPUBLICANS

      Radicalized MAGA Americans are not evil. They are ignorant of the way FASCIST NAZISM rises during times of hardship.

      Throughout, horrific historic periods (Witch Burnings and Holocausts) there are always some good people fighting to make life better.

      Following WWI, reparations were harsh, Hitler/Goebbels were able to convince German voters to vote Hitler into power. Once Hitler won the election he took away voting rights and declared himself Chancellor. The right to vote was abolished.

      Vote wisely. Vote 🗳 Blue!
      BTW: I’m 🇨🇦.

      Canada has a fair sized, growing group, of CHRISTOFASCIST voters who believe and blame Prime Minister Trudeau for higher gas and grocery prices due to the PANDEMIC. Non one is happy that we must help Ukraine remain a sovereign nation.

      In rough economic downturns, conservative believers worldwide, create golden calves/false HITLERIAN SAVIOURS that they promote as being able to MAGICALLY FIX the economy. THEY LIE!

      Truth: During downturns in the economy, Liberal lawmakers create more social programs or augment those that exist in order to help average citizens. They propose lowering prescription costs, provide support for education, help social housing projects and begin to fix rotting infrastructure and build more, and provide vital necessities such as free vaccines, which help to keep economies afloat b

      Liberals never talk about cutting of destroying social security and other benefits that poor people depend upon.

      Most importantly, Liberals do not attempt to destroy democracy; liberals do not put up obstacles or threaten voters who are attempting to vote. Liberals do not
      ROBO CALL. All of those tactics are overt signs of CREEPING NAZISM 😱.

      Patience is a virtue in times of stress. Vote 🗳 Blue!

    3. @G.G. Matuga That’s why they let Obama do the campaign speech because the democrats knew if Biden got up there he wouldn’t stand a chance, and Obama would melt the people’s heart, such as you and many others. But I’m not falling for the propaganda. You and many more need to wake up. When you do wake up, it’s going to be too late.

    4. @G.G. Matuga As for our safety, what about all those thousands of immigrants that’s been coming through the border illegally, because Biden stop securing the border. which made the crime rate go up as well as human trafficking. So like I said, I pray that you wake up sooner than later.

    5. @Shequeta Payne Look under your bed. It might be under there? Your thinking is Q. Reasonable facts refuse to penetrate your inculcated shield. Therefore, after many attempts, I will not pay any more attention to what you parrot.

      The certifiably narcissistic psychopaths have fed you lies over and over and you are proving Josef Goebbels theory was correct. You can no longer discern truth from fiction. I feel sorry for people who have lost their moorings and fallen into the scary GOP world.

      I don’t want to deny you the right to vote. That’s the difference between liberal minded Democrats and control freaking conservative manipulators and election deniers. Conservatives are threatening and intimidating voters and they’ll try to refuse to count legitimate votes for the Democrats, in order to steal future elections.

  6. It’s good to see one of the best Presidents ever. He will be a positive impact on this election. He needs to be out there everyday talking to people. The energy is wonderful and the words are excellent. Thank you for your thoughtful speech to Georgia’s persons who have not been brainwashed.

    1. I voted for him the first time because I had hope……..then he started dividing us (our country) up by race and he lost me….Too bad because he wasted such an opportunity to bring us ,all of us , together…..he is just another smug politician looking down on people such as those who “cling to their bibles” etc…as when he revealed his true beliefs…

  7. Just hearing him again makes me feel Nostalgia. Refreshing isn’t exactly the word I would use, but it is that to.

  8. I truly miss listening to Mr. Obama’s speeches. I always hang on to his words and would always sit and listen to his speeches during his presidency.

  9. I, too, came for the joke and stayed for the whole speech… and I’m not even an American.
    It’s just satisfying to hear a sensible, coherent speech from an American politician again.

  10. I once wrote Barack a letter when I was living in London as an American actor/screenwriter, when he was in office, not thinking it would ever get through to him. A few months later I got a personal letter from him thanking me for thinking of him.. Now that’s real class..

    1. @Robert Le The attacks, corrosive reactionary rhetoric, disinformation, conspiracies, fear and hate mongering, manipulation and control tactics are all coming from the reich-wing of America = The GOP.

    2. @LD NO, they’re ‘coming from your source of information: CNN, MSNBC, MSM. Did they tell you about the 4 million immigrants who came into the US illegally? Yeah, probably didn’t tell you that BIden stopped construction of the wall and invited them all to America and they can cut in line ahead of all the people who are immigrating legally. Did MSM tell you how high inflation is and that it was 1.7 on BIden’s first day and is now 8.7? Maybe they didn’t tell you this was caused by irresponsible spending by Biden and the democrats alone. They were able to do this because they are the controlling party and can do whatever they want. They’ve already spent trillions and nobody knows where the money is or what it is being used for. Aren’t you concerned? It’s your money, but your kids will be paying it their whole lives and you don’t even know what it bought. YOu call these facts fear mongering? Really? You are in denial. DOn’t worry, you will find out later when you get the bill.

  11. The expressions on the faces of all the attendees behind Obama at this rally speech says it all! He’s truly a beloved former President. You never see any signs of this level of love and respect on the faces of attendees behind “upside-down candy corn” Trump at his rallies. We miss you #44 !! Vote Blue! 💙

  12. I like even when criticising others , calling out the other side he does it with class and respect . A truly intelligent, articulate man.

  13. Here’s why I admire him. His sense of decency is based on behaving fairly with all people according to rules that we all agree upon. He works for the common good. He has a strong intellect. He is well-informed. And he has a sense of humor. But the reason I love him is because he has an obvious love for others. That shared love beams out in his smile. We feel it!

  14. “No I can’t “ He’s an amazing orator! The perfect balance of information, persuasion, comedy and gravitation. I love hearing. Oh that he could serve from the Oval Office a few more years, but he appears happy serving just where he is. I don’t live in Georgia but I have a few relatives who need to hear this speech for sure.

  15. I miss this man and his entire family so much. And by reading all of these comments, I see that I am not alone.

    1. He’s the first president in my life, who I wanted back IMMEDIATELY! Love him, and miss how life was with him in charge.

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