1. @Juanito G Γ‘o Juanito tremenda historia quΓ© te metiste lol. You’re right I guess? Lol. To be fair, both sides have become more radicalized. White supremacist, ANTIFA. Idk, my life has gotten better under Trump. I’m not not a Trump supporter, so I don’t have a bunch of stats to debunk yours. My point is that he’s that bad.

    2. @Real Christian. lol I think a lot of people voted for him secretly in 2016. I just don’t like him personally, I think we are so much better without him.

    3. @Zero Cool “that he’s that bad”? Or that he isnt that bad?
      Also…youre okay with a president which adopts strategies and narratives from THE fascist and THE nazi? :/ thats not that bad to you?

      So tell
      What is your insurance premium?
      How much did the tax cuts save you?

    4. @Zero Cool I dont know what is “bad” to you if your standards say Trump is doing ok…..matter of fact, what is bad to you?

      A President using big words and asking you to prove him wrong if you can?

      or a President who uses small words, tells obvious lies, and really hopes you dont pursue any criminal charges against him?

    1. John C. No, you label those you want to justify your own hate for as self hating. It’s your hate for him, not his hate for himself.

    2. @Alva degallerie so President Trump’s policies isn’t the reason for the lowest unemployment numbers for Blacks and other minorities? So Blacks should only vote for Democrats if they want free hand outs?

    3. @xlx BONES xlx The problem is that every black who says that usually votes Republican as a show of defiance to that narrative. That’s just as bad honestly.

  1. Thank you CNN for compiling these voter panels, lets me know my life isn’t as f***** up as theirs. Fyi: In the year 2040, Whites will no longer be the majority race

    1. @Mary Sharkey The black guy with ridiculous opinions. Never trust a person who talks with their eyes shut

    2. @victornewman06 Bruhhhhh these Trump Voters gotta be like “JHC this dumb MF’er” πŸ‘ŒπŸΏπŸ˜…πŸ˜πŸ˜„

  2. Don’t believe the black guy! It was all game so maybe he can get a job on fox or CNN as the odd thinking non sensical negro. Take note he only disagreed verbally with the black panelist

    1. A. A. Yeah, this comment section is full of sanctimonious ignorance. Haven’t seen anyone refute anything, just name call.

  3. The idiot in the front has lived in a cave his whole life. And the lwomen in front is buying everything fox is throwing at her.

    1. @a. barker The lady was my favorite, everything that came out of her mouth was conspiracy theories lol also you can tell she clearly has never voted for a democrat nor for Obama in her life lol

    2. @Kiyingi Rogers So why are you on here than if it’s fake? You guys seem to be more on here than Fox.

  4. Wait! The woman in red, what the hell does she know? Making up assumptions from the way people look is not indicative of who they are. If these people were rich or even had a good life, would they risk life and death to come here? How ignorant?

    1. You could statistically stay that people are starving in third world countries but I don’t believe it because I’m not hungry.

  5. Ay like trolls ayn’ trump is the wawlds greatest one ta have evuurr done lived the trolling he dose is magik

  6. Black dude in the back: I liked how racist he was coming down the escalator. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

  7. Every time the black women says something, this black guy in the front talks over her πŸ€¦πŸΏβ€β™€οΈ

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