1. ? this is what news agencies do. what are you expecting to see a one question interview ? jake is coming from a standpoint that differs in political opinion that than of aoc evidently as do the rest of dems in Congress and hes questioning her based on her speech and decisions. im not sure i understand your frustration unless your just an aoc fan who cant handle criticism

    1. She is VERY strong. Look at how many progressive initiatives she has shut down. Look at her stance against Medicare for All. Look at her actions to try to primary progressive representatives and to refuse to deal with anyone who supports them.
      She is fierce as a fighter.
      Always on the wrong side, of course.

    2. Don’t confuse intelligent strength with militancy or even compliance. There are lines, however finely tuned, between these 3 states of being.

  1. What in the world is AOC proposing to do then, without agencies to handle any & all aspects the situation?

    1. @Daniel Mitchell what about the beds they were gettting from way fair were their strings attached to that?, stop hinding behind altruism this is to make sure Trump dosent get any victories at the expense of the children as usual ,same reason they wont close the loop holes ,those juicy pics of dead kids they thought would get them leverage blow up in their faces though

    1. John Knaub. Have you put any effort into learning why these people keep coming? Do you have a clue what these people are running from and why they are still coming here knowing they will end up in cages? Instead of assuming these people are coming here from Disneyland and the cages are actually Holiday Inns do some homework so you don’t look and sound like a moron again.

  2. 4.6 Billion ! Man that’s a lot of tooth paste. That’s a great idea. This way when all of the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS cross the boarder they will have clean teeth and fresh breath !

    1. Mad Patriot : Whatever you think of her, AOC is undeniably right on this. Nancy has bigger balls than this, usually, which is uncomfortably suspicious. And, AOC is SO articulate on this. The GOP will have to dig out another dance video, at this rate. These ARE Gulags: Politically motivated, Punishment Camps. Just like Stalin used

    2. Mad Patriot -now that is true.All most of them ever care about is their own status.Pelosi has been a part of government how long?Same with most of them.This NY dingy is only 29.Her entire life will be enlightening non new Yorkers with her presence.Count on it.Add to that they are overwhelmingly lawyers.What a joke.Its lawyers giving other lawyers jobs is mostly what it is.

  3. I’ve heard enough from my beloved democrats…. I’m walking away from this crap and joining the Republican Party……. Peace out not smart people

    1. I had to do the same.  It was hard, but I have since felt enormous freedom and enlightenment.  Honestly.

    1. @Tony Hill why do you soft manginas turn everything racial? You need to pop momies titty out of your mouth and unplug from CNN.. All you male lefties are soft pathetic weak and are the biggest racist on the plant.. You just don’t know it because you are mentally as well as physically weak.. Need proof? Look in the mirrior, mangina.

    2. @Tony Hill its crazy how much technology has changed our TVs, but seems like you still have a black and white TV. its all you see

    1. Thank God too. I hope she keeps talking and keeps the American citizens acutely aware if the Democrats real agenda come 2020.

  4. The speaking gestures are very similar to those of Warren’s. Is it from the same coach? I think it is very effective for communication.

  5. This is refreshing. Simple, uncomplicated first aid. Peanuts for President who spends millions on himself and executive time golfing in the White House.

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