Officer Charged With Assault In Rayshard Brooks Case And Lawyer Speak Out | MSNBC


    1. @Apryl you’re so stupid, we need to start taking personal accountability for our own selves. Where’s all the marches for the hundreds gunned down every single week?


    3. @1921955424 1921955424 Stfu clown, some white liberal has no business even opening their mouth on the subject

    1. @Danger Davis he better pray 🙏 he doesn’t one. Day in there because it will not be nice. He wouldn’t in general population or a max prison.

    2. Cause he did nothing wrong and everyone wants cops to go down right now, this guy might end up a scapegoat for doing his job and an angry mob that wants “them” all to pay.

    1. Travelall, when the bullets start flying, the first thing you do is try to not get hit. He had no idea who was shooting or where they were.

    2. IncognitoTorpedo he was already behind the cop who pulled his gun. Seems to me he feared for his life because of the cop. 🤔

  1. The number of times this officer blinks, the most he could of witnessed is half of the events.

    1. @Kisha McCormick Mm-hmm, they can yes. They can screw with your eyesight and give your headaches and makes your eyes hurt.

  2. I am sure he is wishing he had never called for Rolfe to come and do the D.U.I. drill.
    Can’t go back in time though.

    1. @George A. Your wrong. Police are to blame for shooting a man in back.

      Justice is served good ol boy. How does it feel?

    2. @JG 1982 The justice feels great. The justice when Brooks was shot for stealing and shooting a taser at police.

    3. @George A. Yeah it feels great, so stop CRYING. The🐖 will have his day in court like everyone else. You will cry the day of verdict🤣🤣🤣

    4. @JG 1982 You are right I will be crying. Crying from laughing so hard when these charges are dropped by a Grand Jury lol. I doubt he will even be tried for the murder charge.

    5. @George A. Too bad. Your white privilege is over. You are dispicable and PATHETIC.

      We will see who has the last laugh. Quit hating because of my laughter🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. April luna nobody’s trolling. He didn’t. He will be acquitted of murder because anyone with eyes can see that yet more black victim hood is trying to win.

    2. @Rah Gabor X We are also sick and tire of the lying murderous criminals fighting with the cops and everyone acting surprised when they get shot.

    3. @CJ J the officers are the lying criminals … so tragic that I assisted in his death by standing on his shoulders for 2 minutes so that the oxygen depletion expedited his expiration. Murderers. This claim of innocence is just BS.. Just stop already

  3. In what country do we live in where cops allow dui suspects to walk home?!!!! … Cuz they dam sure didn’t offer that to me when I got one.

    1. He is on probation and violating it wth DUI will put him back for good seven or more years! His charges includes “Cruelty to Children”! I’m done with you all! Trial by media (left media) and pressure from the mob will cause your liberty in shambles! Anarchists will rule all of you and law of mob will take over! 🤦‍♂️

    2. @Jillian Jillian Yeah, they should’ve sent him Wendy’s order too, with some aspirin for the hangover… hey, you haven’t lost a family member to a drunk driver yet, have you?

    3. @Leann Serao Well if the stupid pigs did their job instead of killing him. We wouldn’t be having this conversation. Brooks would be in jail facing serious charges!

    4. I won’t do amy name calling, but please also think that if he hadn’t drank and drove none of this would have happened. I don’t want to see anyone lose their life, but at what point do we take responsibility for our own actions. We all have choices, and some of us make the wrong ones that lead down a deadly road.

    1. I’m a human being and I’m not tired of this! This is only the beginning of everyone being accountable.

    1. He’s really acting innocent too. You guys obviously don’t understand human body language.

    2. @O’Doyle Rules absolutely not!!!that was murder!!!them cops need to get the death penalty

    3. @O’Doyle RulesMaybe read this article about the great Mr Floyd, it might change your ideas about what really happened.

      Mr Floyd was in the car on the passenger side, IN THE CAR, then he was on the ground on the drivers side. What happened in between those moments?

      Where’s the body cam footage?
      How fast did we get this footage?
      1 day?

      I rewatched the Floyd video and at the beginning the guy on the side is telling George to just get in the car and George refused. He was a big dude, that was high on a mix of a stimulate and an opioid. He had heart problems. He could of suffered from Excited Delirium which caused his death.

      Everyone jumped to conclusions before all the facts were released, we still don’t have all the facts. So stop saying what happened to Mr Floyd was wrong.


  5. Of course an oppressor has “full faith in the criminal justice system”.. it’s rigged for “them”

  6. “had” to lose his life? Should these guys have tasers if they can’t keep control of them?

  7. After being shot, was it NECESSARY to kick him and stand on his shoulders.In which one of them confessed and pictures of such.

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