1. The country has gone. Looting, rioting, thousands of people breaking the law including the cops.
    Time to pack up and get out if you can

    1. @Peter Harris
      We have protesters in Charlotte that will take down anyone that is damaging property!
      A thug was filmed live on the news last getting beat up after trying to smash a window !
      The Queen city *will not be damaged* !!!

    2. @Dylan Wharepapa-Pera If you dont like America then leave bro👏🤭 dont let the door hit u on the way out🇺🇸

    1. Seriously, police dept is losing control and they are lashing out now…

      Works great for the elites, keep people angry and distracted while they continue to steal money in the financial system

  2. This happened here in my city, Louisville… This underhanded war on the media is dangerous…

    1. Really? Go ask the Russian or Chinese reporters how many rubber bullets were fired at them? The liberal media is a complete disgrace maybe the rubber bullet will help them become less bias. What do you think?

    2. War on propaganda hate machine you mean? There is no media in the USA just outrage clickbait rating and violence baiting.

    3. The media in this country is disgraceful. Less than 20% are real journalist, less than 1% at CNN. they should have thrown that CNN reporter to the wolves.

  3. you need to make sure you know who you’re talking about; everybody out there who are posing as protesters are not that.

    1. @Laura Lafauve same
      (it’s very weird he wouldn’t include a link to something so “important”)
      can’t wait to see his source for that (ahem) “info” …

    2. What are you talking about? The story is about police shooting at the press. They did it without provocation.

    3. @Laura Lafauve
      Antifa is another figment of right wing propaganda. Most likely they are trump’s little “proud boys”. They did the same thing with Jenna Abrams. The right is rull of bs.

    4. @JM Vandy if you haven’t seen it, watch the “light ’em up” cops-being-lawless atrocity.
      (they’re fucking out of control)

    1. @allan rhead you’re so funny..amerikkka has always been the same, dt is just the only president silly enough to say the stuff in front of cameras, the others did the same stuff only there were no cameras present..he was right about inheriting a mess, but it’s a lot older than 8 or 9 years

    2. @allan rhead I don’t see Trump supporters burning down their own neighborhoods, killing their own people in addition to killing strangers.

    1. … of domestic terrorism because of years of race baiting by Democrat politician, yes we’ve been aware of that for years but idiots like you just don’t get it.

    2. @conrad black
      👍 Exactly. Protesters in Charlotte took a guy down last night and beat him for trying to smash a store window ! Property damage won’t be tolerated here !!!

    3. The elite are making sure it’s safe to go out side. Black lives matter are just test dummies 😂🤣😂😂😂😂🤣

    1. Robert Smith just wondering, what do you think Trump has done and should do to help these people?

    1. @Eric w
      Like Miami etc………lmao
      nice how they chased off fox reporters, all now down the bunker with trump
      cowards like the base.

    2. Police and prosecutorial misconduct has been failing for a long time. Why didn’t your Saint Bama do anything about it? Didn’t he fuel into the racial tensions with Michael Brown case?

    3. @Cri Cri They want a NAZI like justice system where accusations are only needed for convictions. It’s much simpler to enact the will of the DNC on the public that way. The DNC hates the concepts of freedom of conscience and self determination which is why they hate America, or at least the America designed by the Founding Fathers.

  4. So how does the US have confidence to lecture other’s about human rights and liberty? What a joke.

    1. When is burning down your own neighborhoods, killing your own people, and killing strangers promoting human rights?

  5. From Canada… how can the U.S tell china how to treat it citizens when the states treat theirs like this??

    1. @Dean pathetic? I asked a question n u go straight to name calling?! Haha how do we allow r government to walk all over us when yours kills innocent ppl everyday..

    2. @Dean for sure never was canadian if u state its extremely expensive.. give me 3 examples as to how out government walks over us.. ill wait

    3. @Dean everything cost the same in north america…take an economics class one day.. the value of your dollar is just more.. but all empires fall.. be safe.. i hear its going to be an above average hurricane season this year

  6. I noticed this, I am sure firing at the media being fired at intentionally. Someone gave the orders.

    1. They’re wearing casual off-work attire, no press-vests or helmets, have a small camera and mingle tightly with the spearhead protesters. Seen all the videos, same with everyone that got shot at with pepper, rubber and tear gas.

      What do they expect. Don the f**cking press vests and take some steps away from the protesters that are throwing stuff at the police. You can blend in, or be identifiable as press. You can’t do both here.

      Why are press mostly “left alone” during large aggressive protests on other places of the world, including from these same networks.

      Because they wear those damn vests and helmets, and at least _try_ to stay out of the _direct_ “line of fire”.

    2. @Dean Thats why DeVos family is paying republican goons to loot and burn shops , as she paid people in Indiana to go to Michigan and threaten elected official there and spit on cops …. did you notice that non of those WHITE people were beaten by cops or murdered or shot with teargas and even president praised them for spitting on cops .

    3. @Pete Lind There was no murder, he didn’t die of asphyxiation according to the ME findings. So, once again, CNN and the DNC are creating chaos for political gain at everyone else expense… it’s disgusting and dangerous.

  7. This administration has been calling the media the enemy and encouraging virus against the media for years…are you really surprised right now ?

  8. I can imagine what Putin is saying in Russia. ‘We did the right thing when we got Trump elected.Trump is an idiot. But he’s our idiot. We did the right thing. America is burning.
    Things are falling into place just like we planned.’

    1. @s b The reporters are right in the middle of the violent thugs they are supporting. They deserve it. It has nothing to do with Trump.

    2. Here we go again people saying its Trumps fault. People have been hating CNN for years. This isn’t surprising at all.

    3. Trump is doing his damndest to make sure his “legacy” documents all of the vile racist,sexist,ageist beliefs he believes in but somehow gets to pass them off as “Trump being Trump”. Wonder how he’s been able to get away with it for so long. 🤔 Trump is the architect of his own downfall;I’m sure he’s gonna do his best to bring as many supporters/enablers down with him so he’s not lonely. 😈👍😈✌

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