Officer Guilty Of Murder: Chauvin Trial Prosecutor On The Moment George Floyd Got Justice 1

Officer Guilty Of Murder: Chauvin Trial Prosecutor On The Moment George Floyd Got Justice


Special prosecutor Neal Katyal joins MSNBC's Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber to discuss the significance of Chauvin's guilty verdict and the state of police reform in America.
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  1. George Floyd did not get justice. If George Floyd got justice he would’ve been alive for the trial and he would’ve been able to se his family again. Chauvin got justice and the rest of America got a comforting headline.

  2. Hey Ari – Ask him why he let Chauvin get away with kneeling on the young black kids neck for 17 mins… Why did you all let him slide on that? Seems like the DAs office and the MSP chief and everyone encouraged his behaviors. Answer that question

    1. Because no one knew about that incident besides the police, the kid & his mother…The police swept it under the rug like they do everything else to try to protect bad cops…Fortunately him killing Floyd was on video & there was no way for the cops to protect Chauvin…

  3. Qualified immunity for police needs to be abolished.
    Police unions should be forced to pay from their funds for all civil lawsuit payouts against their members.
    Change would come within days if police and their unions were held accountable for crimes committed by police.

  4. Should the cop die the same way as Floyd died? A knee to neck instead of drugs through a IV? I say yes!

  5. He did what he got used to doing what he’s been used to doing in his 19 year career, and it got him found guilty on all charges.

    1. Chauvin has had at least 22 complaints about his violent abuse. He was disciplined only once in all those 22 times. Horrendous!!!

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