Officer killed in Boulder shooting identified | USA TODAY 1

Officer killed in Boulder shooting identified | USA TODAY


Eric Talley identified as police officer killed in Colorado supermarket mass shooting
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Eric Talley has been identified as the first officer on the scene of a mass shooting at a Colorado supermarket. He was one of 10 people killed.

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    1. Captain David Dorn* Don’t forget it because I won’t that was a good man killed by the evil of a few…

    2. remember the agent who was killed in sunrise fl, he was investigating Joe Biden son yeah they used teremology like sex trafficer, ok believe this we are dealing with a real evil identity and its reach as no boundaries.

  1. God bless this Hero, and Police everywhere! They put their lives on the line EVERYDAY, and do not receive the gratitude they deserve…

    1. @Think Tank Would you lay down your life to save another? And no one mentioned race but you. Is that not racist?

    1. @The Hot Box that’s an excuse there’s no way two white men in one week go on killing sprees and get escorted into custody while people of color are still getting killed in routin traffic stops by cops. You really don’t think race had anything to do with it?

    2. @Tony Tran No, we know for a fact that we are treated differently in similar situations because we have been mistreated even when being nice. I am a minister’s wife and it has happened to me.

    3. @Ivory Pearl I understand what you mean. But Ivory, there are still many Asians, Hispanics and whites who are treated unfairly too. If you look up on the internet, there are many white people killed by police officers. There are still bad cops out there who discriminated and treated people badly but not all of them. I believe not all of police officers will treat people from different races differently. They will obey the laws and do it. Don’t forget Asians are discriminated recently because of Covid, but nobody really cares about that. They were attacked by blacks, and whites. But in this video, why don’t we focus on praying for this good police officer who sacrificed his life to serve people instead of focusing on races. At least, the mental white guy in the video is caught and punished soon…

    4. @Jay Jordan around 30 were killed last year. Millions of interactions and only 29 ended up in unarmed shootings of black men, you really are a moron aren’t you?

    1. @Cronchy Boi get guns out of the hands of people who wouldn’t think twice? You mean cops? You want to disarm the police? Sounds good to me

    2. @joe collins yeah cause less police always works out. And hey mass prison release is doing real well too. Who needs to go to the store when it gets dark anyway. Safety is overrated.

    3. @joe collins I want to get guns out of everyone in the government and destroy all law enforcement as well but that’s another story

    4. @Cronchy Boiover 400 000guns are bought and sold ILLEGALLY in the United States yearly.Think about gun control.Most of the guns used in these shootings were obtained illegally.

    1. @Think TankYou know that police don’t just walk around shooting minorities and walking off scott free, right? Yes, obviously bad cops exist, and it’s awful. But you can’t judge all police officers by the actions of a few bad apples.

    2. @bujambura burundi yeah and communist have killed hundreds of millions of people after they disarmed the population.

  2. Ironic a shooting happens with the swathe of gun control bills in Congress now. Not buying it FBI, CIA and Congress.

    1. Hahahaha….One of your “Gravy Seals” goes off the deep end and you want to blame others. You ignorant “Q” people are too funny!

    2. @Fred Fred, people in general are funny. You’re just as whacky as the rest of these nutcases in this comment section.

    3. @Fred Im not a “Q” enthusiast and the majority of Trump supporters aren’t either, thanks for being a judgmental jackass though.

  3. I wonder if this brave, heroic officer passed instantly or if he had time to comprehend what was happening to him and what his final thoughts were, after hearing that he really wanted to get off the front lines for his family’s sake. To his widow and children, your husband and Daddy was a hero. He left this world while fighting to save others and this country will NEVER forget his name or his face. Those TV superheroes have NOTHING on him! Please know that you’re not alone. The entire country is with you in thought and prayer at the horrible time. May God Bless you all.

    1. @Think Tank Sir, this man was a good man, not one of the racist jerks, he was a good anti-racist man. Please don’t act like this before getting to know him

  4. Yaaay, covid fear sizzled out, time to start again with posting every violent incident on the news… gotta keep the sheep scared

  5. Name of shooter: Ahmad Al Aliwi Al-Issa. Lots of islamic extremism literature found in his home. Shall we talk about motives?

    1. @Just Me well, maybe you could blame health care? I know alot of the shooting that happen are a result of lack of care or help. Or maybe this guys family got blown up from one of our many bombs that kill innocent people over seas. To be honest I would have to know more information than what has been released so far, but I know as a country we should blame and fix ourselves if the same incident keeps happening time, and time, and time, and time, and time, and time, and time, and time, and time, and time again.

  6. I think I’d feel pretty annoyed if my loved one was one of the victims that get to be identified as one of 10 while a specific person gets personal recognition because of their job title & duties.

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