Officer Sicknick's Mother Meets With Senators On Capitol Hill | MSNBC 1

Officer Sicknick’s Mother Meets With Senators On Capitol Hill | MSNBC


The family and friends of Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, who died after the Capitol riot, are meeting with senators on Capitol Hill to urge the creation of a commission to investigate the events of January 6.

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Officer Sicknick's Mother Meets With Senators On Capitol Hill | MSNBC


  1. In the Trumpist world it’s always someone’s else’s fault. Personal accountability doesn’t exist

    1. @Tony R. Interesting “Quit being racists you say”!. One should always be aware of the past or one is doomed to repeat it. It sounds to me that in fact you are the racists as you seem to be projecting.

    2. @Moon Princess Halation Ironic that you call Trump bankrupt, considering the Democrat-driven inflation that’s about to hit.

    3. @Susan Ford There’s a difference between knowing your history and paying for the actions of people completely unrelated to you in every way shape and form, except for race, who died a century ago. Only a racist would insist that one race should bow down a pay another, solely on the merit of race.

    1. @Aedammair Ornóra did you get a stimulus? NOT 1 REPUBLICAN VOTED FOR IT That was DEMOCRATS EDUCATE YOURSELF somewhere other than FB

    2. Everything that seems despicable to rational people who are involved in what should be a democratic process, it’s different with Trump cultist, seditionists. They are operating under the “logic” of war, they are operating under the logic of authoritarianism. They’ll do anything for their *Bankrupt Casino God-King.*

    1. @Wisconsin Man You’re on a mission today. Something you want to get off of your chest?
      You’re an angry fella with a serious chip on his shoulder. It’s just YouTube comment section. Fun and games for me.

    2. @Wisconsin Man where is your mom’s house located in Wisconsin? I’d like to pay you a visit. Is there a separate entrance to the basement? I assume that’s where you reside.

    1. Hopefully she will talk to the person who orchestrated the whole thing–Nancy Pelosi!! The democrats are disgusting!!

    2. @Painkiller Jones Au contraire Jones, Biden just wants to give give give. Trillion dollar infrastructure will create jobs whilst he asks for the 18,000 exceedingly wealthy to pay their fair share. One cannot say fairer than that. N’est pas?

    3. @Susan Ford Creating these kind of jobs is like giving kids an allowance from money you took from their piggy bank, and replaced with IOU’s. Unfortunately, there is interest to be paid, and lots of it. This country is already broke from this kind of thinking. That is fact. Which probably doesn’t compute, does it?

    4. @Painkiller Jones Jones two things Mrs. Sicknick wants to speak to the Senators that is her right. Secondly, 18,000 very wealthy Americans do not pay their fair share of taxes, hence Biden wanting them to, hence they could create a huge windfall into said tax pot. Now stop bothering me with your facile crap.

  2. I’d like the evangelicals and republican politicians who continue to spread the big lie to look into this grieving mother’s face. The former say they’re full of love and the latter that they’re on the side of law and order. Shame on both.

    1. @C. Reck How does the death of David Dorn justify burying an investigation into the storming and rampaging of the Capitol?

    2. @C. Reck Uh, uh, uh… No whataboutisms MAGA snowflake, the adults stay on topic.

  3. As soon as I saw the Jan 6th hangman’s noose upon the gallows, my first thought was: “That looks like a normal tourist visit”

  4. Every time someone compared the insurrection to a normal day at the Capital, a video of the event should be shown immediately after.

    1. @mike hunt You are not misinformed, but you are uninformed about how the judicial system works. In this age of instant gratification, the judicial system does not have that luxury. Before they can bring a case to trial, they have to fully complete a process called discovery in which facts are gathered and allegations that cannot be substantiated are not presented as evidence. If a case is brought to trial before all the allegations, possible defences, etc. can be verified or dismissed, bring a case to trial too soon can result in anequittal of a guilty person. Once a verdict has been rendered, jeopardy to the defendant has attached. If that happens, the defendant can never be tried again for the same crime because of a law against double jeopardy. A guilty defendant can then confess to the crime and be beyond the ability of the justice department to ever prosecute that defendant again. That is why it is important not to try a person too soon. Probably ask Glenn Kirschner to explain this since, while l have worked in the legal field, l am not an attorney.

  5. It probably would have help if the Republicans who attended didn’t close their eyes, stick their fingers in their ears and scream “La-la-la” on the top of their lungs while she was speaking.

    1. WRONG… it wasn’t “la-la-la” it was “maga-maga-maga”… that time in America when bribed politicians mind-melded with evangelical racist QAnon puzzle solvers and threw away 250 years of hard work

  6. To have to beg people to do the right thing. Shameful. I’m sure it would be the other way around if it was one of them or their families as they’re all professional victims.

    1. Democrats don’t care at all. Democrats just want to perpetrate a whole slew of BIG LIES and ignore the TRUTH.

    2. @Moon Princess Halation Murder? He was just doing his job. He should be assigned to Chicago and given a raise.

    3. @Hermann Goring Making excuses for a racist murderer, I see what kind of person you really are.

  7. They are a disgrace. Massive cover up obviously. Funny how the GOP are in control of everything still..WTF.

    1. That is how is seems to me. The Dems have all three yet Moscow Mitch still seems to be wielding power! I don’t get it. Biden should just steam roll through with his agenda & bugger the lot of the opposition.

  8. The GQP would prefer having power in an authoritarian crypto-fascist America than risk being primaried.

  9. Give up. The GOP care nothing about any but themselves. If there are no investigations then we won’t know the criminal, treasonous actions the GOP agreed to.

  10. Just name it Benghazi Jan 6th commission and I’m sure all the GQP would jump at the change to do a 10th “investigation” , little bait and switch won’t hurt

  11. Lieing Ted Cruz has the nerve to be present with this fine lady that her son was killed and he cares less about him or anybody in Texas and his own state

    1. I am sure he will harass abd try to diminish her and her grief in his efforts to look like a big man who wasn’t cowering under a desk while her son was fighting for their lives. I feel like a second opinion should have been gotten on cause of death.
      It’s possible dr doing autopsy was a member of trumps cult

  12. Investigate Jan. 6th. If this was just a bunch of “friendly tourists”, why were politicians barricading themselves in their offices, why were they laying on the floor in Congress, being led to safety down a back stairway? Good thing they were “friendly”, would have hated to see what an angry mob looked like. We won’t forget.

  13. In my opinion one of the reasons why the Republicans trying to keep this issues shut because few of them in the house are involved with this corruption

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