1. Michael Fanone isn’t wrong in his description of politicians and what they do. Their job is supposed to be to represent we the people but they’re too busy furthering their own political ambitions. Does the power they crave corrupt them or were they corrupted from the get go?

    1. He’s starting to play both sides of the fence a little bit though by saying both parties are to blame when we all know the Republicans are pretty much totally to blame.

  2. “They’re concerned about their own careers”….. there will be a day when there are NO careers existing… because we shall fail to exist as a nation.

    1. @#EyeOfStormPro Productions yep.. which translates, we must demand no government service in congress or anyone who in government service who is privy to sensitive information, hold stocks..

  3. When he said congress thinks they are celebrities, I never thought about that. He is right, and that is a simple way to see them.

    1. @ToMilla Kockingbird I totally agree with you, you view is how they are suppose to be. The truly greats, probably did see themselves like that.

    1. @Brittany Jordan I never herd a female Named Stoshette-Brittany-Karen. Those hyphenated names sound so smart.

  4. It would be an honour to have a beer with you sir. Greetings and best wishes from Canada. I hope that America can recover from this present death spiral that your country is in. But- to be honest- the odds are not good…

    1. @Rosco Schmosco 1/10 the number of people, health care available to all without going bankrupt, great fishing and hunting, essentially zero gun violence, a populace that isn’t mortally divided against itself, and people make jokes about how polite Canadians are. Hmm…starting to sound pretty darn good, but I doubt they have much appetite for Americans immigrating there at this point.

    2. @dboatrig death panels, a disarmed populous and a prime minister who’s dabbling in dictatorship.
      Good luck buddy.

  5. The rhetoric was not only coming from “fringe republicans” though, it was coming from the top down. They were following their party instructions.

    1. I think that Term Limits is a bad idea that will only strengthen Party control of who is electable, further taking away choice and the voice of the people

  6. The documentary ‘4 hours at the Capitol’ is illuminating. There you can see what Mr. Fanone (and other of his former colleagues) was going through during this time.
    It’s a miracle Mr. Fanone is alive today.

    1. @Brittany Jordan I think you missed my question, so I’ll repeat it for you:

      Were you unaware that there are millions of Hispanics & Latinos living in the U.S., or do you just assume that none of them are citizens?

    1. 5 years ago, I’d have said the same.
      Unfortunately, that view has now changed… to the extent, I’ll never visit the US again.
      74m saw what Drumph was but decided to vote for him again.
      That’s a major segment of the US populace… who don’t share my values.
      Condolences to decent Americans

    2. @R Wags Not only are there millions of us Americans (the sane ones) who share your feels, but a lot of us are planning to ship out!

    3. @cheri lynn fisher It’s sad to hear that changing the environment is not a short term solution… and many Americans, I suspect will feel as you do.
      There’s always room in the South Pacific 👍
      Kia kaha !

  7. STOP WITH THE EXCUSES !What happened January 6th, was a crime; (Sedition) at the minimum . Accountability and retribution is a ‘ MUST ‘ Elected politicians betrayed their country and citizens: STOP WITH THE EXCUSES !!!

  8. Mr. Fanone is a true hero. Putting his life on the line…speaking the truth…leading all of us to a better place. Great thanks to you sir.

    1. @ken cook

      Yeah man like you guys were saying the shooting victims and the kids at the highschool down in Florida were “actors” too… Dude, your time is OVER, the Trump show packed up it’s carnival trailers and left going on 2 years ago, why are you still hanging out in an empty parking lot?

  9. Mr Fannone is a HERO, unfortunately his position is jammed between two rocks of greed and guilt. It is deplorable what he has had to submit to, in his courageous service to USA.

  10. This officer has impressed me so much! He obviously understands how politicians operate and he has more love for this country than many in our own Congress. What happened to him and how disrespected he was by GOP lawmakers after Jan. 6th was just appalling! He and many other officers saved lives that day, at risk of losing their own. I don’t think many of their critics would EVER have that sort of courage and strength of character.

    1. Certainly none of those on the republican side. Only Cheney and Kinsinger have enough tenacity to stand up for the Constitution way above one person. ♥️🇺🇲♥️

  11. I would love to see reporters DENY them of a response by stating forget it, the people want answers from someone with integrity, not someone who denies outright what they have been PROVEN to have said.

  12. It doesn’t matter “how people feel.” It matters whether or not the legal system acts and prosecutes Trump and his cohorts in sedition.

  13. Every time I listen to Officer Fanone give his assessments about what happened, and the resulting snuffing of the flame of shame that should have been the catalyst to put truth and honesty back into government, makes me shiver with anger at those who demean the trust of the voters that elected them. They should not be allowed to wear, or stand next to the American flag when they speak, that symbol is not where their allegiance resides.

  14. It’s a major mistake to think, even for a minute, that any GOP member would demonstrate an ounce of character.

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