Officers Deliver Emotional Testimony At First Committee Hearing 1

Officers Deliver Emotional Testimony At First Committee Hearing

During the first Jan. 6 committee hearing, U.S. Capitol Police Officers offered emotional testimony of what they experienced at the U.S. Capitol during the January 6 insurrection. The Morning Joe panel discusses.

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Officers Deliver Emotional Testimony At First Committee Hearing


  1. The comment section here just reinforces how badly Facebook and other social media has ruined American brains.

    1. @Fitawrari Fitness You’re right that there’s nothing in the Constitution about removing the President even if he didn’t actually win, but imagine the societal upheaval if it’s proven that the Democrats cheated….

    2. @Abel Leba someone that goes by their middle name but also uses their first name for other things

    3. @Lucky There was already a societal upheaval based on a lie. People who are unfamiliar with the election process, still believe a candidate that approval rating never crossed 50% could win. MAGAts do not require proof of anything, they are driven by hate, so any claim will suffice as evidence. These are the same people who say Barack Obama was a socialist Muslim born in Kenya.

    1. @Kim Watson
      PLEASE , just pull up a map of the Capitol and surrounding areas.

      The area they were “ushered in” was the area OPEN to the public!

      EVERYWHERE else, where the BATTLE (50:1) to ‘hold the line’ occurred (such as the Western Tunnel where these guys were).

    2. @Pa-dee bro, that wasn’t half of it. he was a retired cop. He put on the cop uniform just as a gesture that he was there to enforce the law and protect the business. Ordinarily you get in trouble for impersonation, but he was just going out to help his friend and died on a sidewalk as a result. They need to make a movie about his life, to show what BLM rioters, and CNN did to this country

  2. If this is what friendly tourists are like, I may need to re-think my “packing” for next vacation.

  3. Anyone who believes a bunker secured building like the capitol can be broken into with a baseball bat / chairs. I have a bridge to sell you.

    1. @jackdeath clearly doesn’t matter how many, sniffs got more votes in his basement, shuuurreeee,. We believe you joey.

    2. @JayRo When people like @Jim F tell you to get vaccinated because they care for your safety, remember how they really feel about you. They hate you & want you dead. He said it himself.

  4. Why don’t they say true that Danle did it that it was he felt and still don’t want to admit it waooo I can believe it.where is the American true and justice what does America believe now ,if was those police officers I would have said that.

  5. If they are active they aren’t getting paid enough! Cause my God they are getting trashed! Geech that’s what the alt right says about kids in school shootings too! They want to pretend that bad stuff isn’t happening so they can hoard their guns and not get covid shots and live in lala land

  6. Contrast the courage of the Officers with the cowardice of the GOP Members whose lives they saved. They and Americans deserve to know who organised, coordinated and funded the attack.

    1. yep yep, this commission should have started months ago and if the republicans had ANY SPINE they would have been calling for the commission just as loudly as the rest of us, their silence has answered the peoples questions we just have to get people to admit in court

    2. @Eric Horrell There have been 14 other investigations and committees and commissions that have been looking into this!!! Quit watching CNN and MSNBC and learn something!!!

    3. @45 In 2024 then y did they drag their feet and refuse to let this commission commence. stop watching fox news the do not tell truth there

    4. @Eric Horrell It is happening, is it not? Why do we have to have another investigation?? The reason is that Nazi Nan and the fascist democrats want to keep this in the public eye so that they can win in 2022!! If they don’t the democrats are going to get DESTROYED!!!

    5. Yes, Americans DO deserve to find out who is really behind all of this… I think you would be surprised. Start by answering the question of why a BLM person was there? (He was in videos with Ashley Babbitt at the time, so no debate about it. I know for sure that he was not a white supremacist.) How could he be at the forefront of it all? How did he know about it? Hmmm… And why is he free on the street while little old grandmas are locked up for being there walking around? If they went to prison, then why didn’t he? Just asking….

  7. Oh Dear Lord JESUS! I’m, deeply sorry for them…
    GOD please punish all those who hurt them.!
    Punish all those terrorist!!
    Starring with that Russian Orange Muppet! The FAULT IS ALL HIS! Not DOUBT ABOUT It

  8. These officers obviously trumps supporters! Well paid trump supporter other wise they wer well equipped to protect them selfs! How they think they are fooling!

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