Official on how many votes one of Arizona’s largest cities still has to count

CNN senior national correspondent Sara Sidner talks to Maricopa County election official Bill Gates, in one of the largest population centers in the state of Arizona, which still has hundreds of thousands of votes that need to be counted. #CNN #News


  1. all the former presidents except 45 should go down to Georgia in solidarity for democracy !!! and stand behind Warnock !!! and we could say the devil didn’t go down to Georgia !!! LOL

  2. How is it that the last Presidential race was called within 24hrs in Arizona? Yet the governors race is taking days?

    1. changes in rules initiated and pushed through by the gop. 100% bad faith actors. instead of actual competent governance they chose to create crisis and then attempt to manipulate their own nonsense. millions of americans simply refuse ask any questions.

    2. The tighter a margin is, the more votes need counted to call the race. If one candidate has 100% of the votes when you’ve counted over half the ballots theres no way for them to lose, but if its close to 50/50 you may have to count basically every single vote to call the election.

    1. Democrats take however long it takes to count votes for their candidates. They know lake is gonna win so their trying to fowl up the count .

    2. @Jock Young They really need to finish up asap! Urgently. Sheesh…we’re beginning to see a real gap here. It’s been a little while since they more or less wrapped up their investigations, audits, statewide scavenger hunt for voter fraud in the 2020 election. If Kari Lake can’t take over soon and finally re-open the investigations, there could be real pressure mounting on these GOP state officials to actually do the work and improve the lives of their constituents… now that – I am sure you’ll agree – really poses an undue burden on Republicans, so there obviously is some urgency here.

    3. @Jock Young this is why we need to get rid of mail in and early voting, don’t care what side your on it shouldn’t take days to find out, it took weeks in 2020

    4. @K powers it’s not the early voting that’s the issue it when they can start counting them. They need to start counting them earlier. It’s also the same day drop off ballots that need to change as well. They need to drop them off a day earlier.

  3. Politico picked up on the claims on 11/07/2022 11:01 PM EST: “GOP activists and candidates set stage to claim elections they lose are stolen
    The advice they’re giving their voters — to vote late on Election Day — would cause the counting delays they say are suspicious.”

    1. @queen samara voting is not a waste of time. Everyone should vote to make sure we have good people in office, look what happened when Donald Trump and his crazy Looney tunes got in there he tried to steal democracy.

    2. @Rhonda Unger Yeah you’re right about that. I apologize for what I said previously. Trump & his MAGA movement pushed my 👋and I away to the left. Especially after J6th & Pelosi’s husband attack. Democracy means more than inflation & a woman’s right to choose.

    3. @queen samara yes it was hard to watch we have to protect our rights as women and as people against that crap

  4. how come we count faster in florida and NY with a lot more people. and other places with less people they are still counting?

    1. Every state has their own laws for the election process. In Florida, mail-in votes are processed and counted upon receipt. Between early voting and mail-in votes Florida already had more than 80% of their votes counted by Election Day in 2020.

      In other states, mail-in ballots cannot be counted and/or processed prior to Election Day. Some states don’t even permit counting to begin until after the polls close on Election Day.

    1. It’s beautiful watching Kari Lake win in slow motion. Media milks it for views = money and Democrats slow the pain as freedom rises.

  5. Imagine the world where your signature when you register to vote . . . 18, 19 yrs old . . . is still used to verify who you are 10, 15, 20, 30 yrs later. How archaic!!! Thank God I vote in person because my signature is different now than it was back then. My vote would be thrown out!!!!!!!

  6. Why didn’t Katie Hobbs resign of SOS before running in this election? Overseeing the election and running in it are concerning.

    1. Why do dozens of Secretaries of State across the country run the election in which they are seeking re-election….seemingly without a conflict of interest problem in all of those elections but you only get woke about it when some dipsh!t like Kari Fake instructs you to have a problem with it? Do you just mimic everything some self interested Trump lunatic tells you to ?

    2. I don’t know, why don’t you ask Brian Kemp in Ga, he ran against Stacy Abrhams as SOS in 2018. He managed to get thousands of voters scrubbed from the polls just prior to the election.

    1. Huh? Numbers are not hard, humans are just dumb. They can’t count mail-in or early ballots until after polls close on election night. Republicans made that rule.

    2. @Will get better eventually give a damn who made the rule. The country shouldn’t have to wait on 3 or 4 incompetent states to learn the results of our elections. 3rd world democracies do a better job tallying votes than these states. It’s about as embarrassing as sending a stroke victim to the senate.

  7. Thank you Bill Gates and Arizona Elections for doing your job diligently. Accuracy is paramount. Democracy is on the ballot. I’m grateful to wait and have confidence in the outcome. Thank you and your team for your integrity in this process. You are appreciated!!! ❤️🤍💙🇺🇸

  8. What is Arizona’s excuse with just over 7 million people for taking so long for this voting process, when CA with 39 mil, TX with 29 mil and FL with almost 22 mil had their governor’s declared on election day.

    Sounds like AZ seriously needs some help from other states, because their process is painfully slow and backwards.

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