Official: President Trump ‘very upset’ with Tulsa rally turnout

Just fewer than 6,200 people attended President Donald Trump's rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Tulsa Fire Department said Sunday — a figure Trump's reelection campaign is disputing as it also seeks to blame "radical" protesters and the media for it's smaller-than-expected crowd size.

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  1. He felt defeated due to the lack of attendance yet no sense of empathy for the 100K+ dead due to COVID? 😶

    1. classical7 How many times a day do you want him to say how he mourns the lose of those who were affected by the virus?

    2. @Maria Lindly Empathy is a given when you can lead your country in the right direction as President of the great U.S. of A…especially during a global pandemic that wiped more than 100K+ of its own citizens. That failed leadership is still insisting that the number of cases would be lower if they slowed down the testings. That’s like saying you’re not pregnant because you didn’t take a pregnancy test that has a positive result. I guess ignorance is bliss…as the numbers are increasing in both cases & deaths. What’s the point of keeping the numbers low when people are still dying daily due to this pandemic? Plus, the US has the highest number of deaths compared to the rest of the world? Let me stop entertaining…smh 😶

    3. @camrjamer “and ignored everything he did and said during the outbreak.”
      you mean like when he said h wanted to keep healthy ppl penned up on a boat with sick ones just so he could keep the numbers down?

      or when he said he told his staff to slow testing down so it wouldn’t look as bad for him?

      or maybe when he said testing wasn’t important for normal ppl but he has his staff tested multiple times a day?

    1. I don’t believe this was part of his “reality show,” but the real reality that slapped him in the face when he saw half the stadium empty 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. @Pr1me 5u5p3ct watched what, ❓ Trump crying all the way from the helicopter to the White House. 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

    3. @Pr1me 5u5p3ct um yeah. Who doesn’t want to watch a trainwreck live? You think those were supporters??🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. What makes you think this isn’t a “calculated image”?
    You don’t let your guard down with a psychopath, you suspect everything.

    1. Seriously i was just thinking reading all these comments….hes a narcissist…i am sure he will retaliate in some vicious way…..

    1. Tik Tok is litterally selling your info to the CPP that is an actual fact ! Lol don’t brag about election meddling

    1. Trump is gonna get fired by coronavirus and Biden gonna swoop in and act like covid was a fly under a flyswatter

    1. @Frank Smith We wont be effective by COVID19 – Trump
      We’ll have 15 and it will quickly go down to zero – Trump.
      COVID19 will go away real soon. -Trump
      And on and on
      What truth have u listen to?
      I’ll be waiting.

  3. And let’s not forget about his waiver he wanted everyone to sign… maybe they realized that if he’s covering himself then they’ll cover themselves too and stay their asses at home 🏡

    1. @Truth in full the whole world disagrees and if your so sure I’ll give you proof give me a list of the people that went and signed the death waiver and I’ll sue them and trump yep third party can sue both the dummy that signed the death waiver cant sue but the whole world a 190 yes one hundred and ninety other countries disagree

  4. Lol. He looks like a fat Elvis at the end of his career. All sweaty, defeated, drunk, on downer meds, getting off a plane from eating a peanut BITTER and Jealous sandwich with bananas. 😆

    1. fifty years – Only on the weekends, I’m too much of a weakling so I need two whole days to digest the chicken, sir.


  6. Someone pointed this out on a different post, giving credit to that person, I’ll say it here…
    “I love how all the empty seats are blue”.

    1. Yeah that you all had to reserve seats and scare off for… wanna see a funny empty venue check out ole Joey’s 20 seat venue that was mostly empty… who gives a $#!+ what color the seats were. Enjoy 4 more years…

    2. @Matt Sampers ahh… ol’Joey people are smart enough to know….. stay home and mail in votes.

  7. Oh wow, new tactic. Instead of pretending he’s winning when he’s not he wants to be pitied.

  8. Oh, you poor baby. Let’s get your security blankie, a gallon of Coco-Cola, a bag of Big Macs, we’ll turn on Faux News for you, turn off the lights, and we’ll see you in the morning!

  9. This what happens when you try to lie to the public and pretend like everything is doing great! 3 years of bad karma ending in a pandemic.
    It all comes back to him in one shot.

  10. Making America Great really means never ever, in our lifetimes allowing such an angry unqualified person access to the worlds most important job.

  11. Trump supporters,
    ” We love how Trump says what he means ! ”
    Trump spoke person to Press ,
    ” The President did not mean what he said ! “

  12. What is so offensive is he’s is saluted as he comes off the plane like he’s legitimate.

    1. In the words of Major Winters, “You salute the rank, not the man.” The Marine who saluted was doing his duty with honor.

    2. @bellesogne yes sir. Hopefully that’s something that will never get lost on our Military. It’s always about the office not the man. I would be deeply disappointed if they didn’t salute

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