Officials doubt Mexican cartel’s apology for kidnapping Americans

The cartel believed responsible for the armed kidnapping last week that killed two American tourists and a Mexican woman in Matamoros, Mexico, issued an apology letter and handed over five of their members to local authorities, according to images circulating online and a version of the letter obtained by CNN from an official familiar with the ongoing investigation.
The source told CNN that investigators believe the letter to be authentic. CNN's Josh Campbell reports that a source tells him that US and Mexican law enforcement doubt the sincerity of the apology. #CNN #News #joshcampbell


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    1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤪, the victims had lengthy drug charges.🤪🤫, let CNN do all the thinking for you

  2. It is the responsibility of the Mexican authorities and law enforcement to go after those responsible for these kidnappings, those who killed others. If some american gang kidnapped and or killed some Russian citizens it would be the responsibility of U.S. authorities and law enforcement to go after those responsible for the kidnappings and those who killed others.

  3. I must say, with everything that has been going on, THIS tragic situation is something both sides are in union about. Neither side buys into these individuals are responsible. And both sides want the entire cartel held accountable, not just a select few.

    1. Especially when those select few are just random civilians forced to take the fall. (If they’re lucky, they were paid to take the fall, but probably not.)

    1. @Green Bay that’s talking through both sides of your mouth. So which is it? America first or a freedom & democracy world view?

  4. AMLO has a valid point: the US appetite for illicit drugs is incredibly damaging to both countries.

    1. People think that miserable people with hard lives resort to drugs, and while that might be true, it’s even _more_ true that people with comfortable lives do them because they aren’t too busy trying make ends meet and stay alive. It’s not _exclusively_ a “first-world problem”, but it’s _especially_ a first-world problem.

  5. They handed over some dudes that they probably said they would kill their families. No cartel is sending an apology letter or giving up their associates

    1. They would not give up their people. They probably forced some innocent people to take the fall. And probably threatened their families if they didn’t.

    2. @L Jones they would not use innocent people. Cartel dont operate like that. There is honor in them

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  7. Wow! They was getting smoke, you can’t mess up Money for your city/state. Tourism is a big bag for Mexico.

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  10. their apology is real , i have no doubt , these cartels live in the shadows and any light scares them ,

    1. ♪ _La cucaracha, la cucaracha_ ♪
      ♪ _They like to sell drugs in the park_ ♪
      ♪ _La cucaracha, la cucaracha_ ♪
      ♪ _They scurry right back into the dark_ ♪

    1. Jeez, what a world where a cartel apologizes for unintentionally killing someone but dirty cops intentionally target people and the department covers it up for them. 🤦 _I feel like I’m taking CRAZY PILLS!_

  11. Neighbor was a friend we talked about criminals. He said he did 10 years for murder and some need to stay locked up.

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  13. Most thugs aren’t exactly the smartest people you’ll find so the idea that they killed the wrong people isn’t totally unbelievable.

  14. The friend that they left in America said in her interview that they were supposed to be back like in 15 minutes. Who gets a tummy tuck in 15 minutes? The guys that were killed had criminal records specifically for drug dealing. The one guy who survived, his wife didn’t even know that he had gone to Mexico With another woman😂

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