1. Nanithice You can quarantine for the rest of your life, wear a mask, social distance and vaccinate yourself and always OBEY your government. This is not a mixed message for you.

    2. Mixed message ,u must be special needs ,wear a mask when u can’t social distance, what’s mixed about that

    3. don keyballs I think he means the hypocrisy… as in, it’s ok for blm protest, but not a house gathering. Tent cities, but no parks. Etc.

    4. @Arlene G. I don’t think an avid protester is really “OBEY”ing the government. Its just not the issues you think exist.

  1. I’m deeply concerned about what has been going on. Frontline Doctors Aim to Dispel C-o-v-i zzzzzzzz19 disinformation campaign. July 27/20 press conference held on the steps of the Supreme Court in Wisconsin. WATCH IT.

    1. @Annie M ohhh, I think I just saw something about that on another channel… is that the one the president retweeted, then it was pulled down as being disinformation?

    2. Tore Says on you tube on 27th. Bitchute had it. Was on Twitter. Gets taken down. Listen to whole press conference. Refers to Dr Fauci knowing these facts. Drs from different states talking.

    3. @Annie M wow, that wasn’t what I was expecting when I looked up your suggestion for Tore Says… I thought we were talking about the disinformation tweeted yesterday about false cures for Covid19, so imagine my surprise when yesterday’s clip was about child predators 💔

    4. There was definitely a 45 min session about cov and hydrochl…Sometimes she posts 2 3 times a day. Maybe you grabbed the wrong episode but I’m sure it’s down now. You tube Facebook etc all saying it’s fake. But it’s about saving lives not the political parties.

  2. …how many are hospitalized out of those new cases, how many have passed from it… or are we not supposed to ask those questions? the news isn’t asking or reporting..like any subject, any report on something, what is left off or out is as or; more important than what is left in the report…we should be suspicious when the news is pushing the same POV. they are competing fr our attention sooooo… with no counter POV. … and then there is Ford one huge lunch bag let down

    1. Rustybucket & the Battery Clamps , I know you’re sorry,, a sorry excuse for a human being.

  3. Sounds like they don’t want you to have anymore fun. You notice when there’s blm protests going on they’re not concerned at all about the spread of covid. But if you walk on the beach by yourself you get arrested

    1. I had suggested this at a club meeting when discussing one of community BBQs we use for fundraising for the youth “just call it a protest and we’ll be exempt”

  4. Last time i looked ontario had just over 2000 deaths, over 1500 were over 80 and the majority of the rest were over 60 or had preexisting conditions.
    Can’t find those break downs any more because those numbers prove that covid 9 is not the threat that we thought it was.

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