Officials give update on Miami-area condo collapse (LIVE)| USA TODAY 1

Officials give update on Miami-area condo collapse (LIVE)| USA TODAY


Local officials provide update on the ongoing search and rescue effort after a collapse of a building near Miami.

Rescuers sifting through the debris of a collapsed Florida condo building continued their meticulous work Monday as town officials held onto hope of finding survivors in the rubble.

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  1. I could never do what these rescuers are doing. They are amazing amazing people. I want to hug the mayor. Bless her heart…

  2. Thank God trump isn’t still president. Just imagine that family meeting. “You could tell that wasn’t a trump building. Mine are the nicest anyone’s ever seen”…..Proceeds to throw out paper towel rolls…. 🤣

    1. It takes a mentally sick person to make jokes & laugh in the comments under a video containing a tragic situation like this. Absolutely disgusting!

    2. YOU are right I don’t know why people are even talking it as a joke.
      This is a tragic thing💔

  3. Sad
    Once they get deeper in the rubble the searchers will find many people. Most where in lower parts of the building so it’s going to be nasty.
    Blessings to all involved.

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