Officials hold news conference after shooting at FedEx facility in Indianapolis | USA Today 1

Officials hold news conference after shooting at FedEx facility in Indianapolis | USA Today


At least eight people were killed in a shooting late Thursday at a FedEx facility near Indianapolis International Airport, authorities said.

Police responded to the FedEx Ground facility on the city's southwest side just after 11 p.m. Thursday for a report of shots fired at a business. There was an "active shooter" situation when officers arrived, said Genae Cook, spokesman for the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Eight people were killed in and around the facility, she said. An unknown number of others went to hospitals with injuries. The suspected shooter is also dead. Cook said police believe the shooter took his own life.

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    1. @Love Always that’s because they only use their guns to kill or terrorize others but the second a cop shows up they throw the gun and play innocent

    2. You are right they always blame the white and now tell me isn’t that racist? Murderer are in all race and nationality.

    3. @Bipolar Paparazzi well you tell me what color they are then, because they look white to me. I don’t care where they’re from if their skin is white then they are white.

  1. I have never seen a news conference where there was so much talk and so little said. They would have been better off waiting until there was more they can disclose because this was a complete waste of time.

    1. @ThePresentation010 Yes, I have kept up with other incidents, which is the reason I have others to compare this to.

    2. @CASPER 12345 I get that. But this was the worst news conference I have ever witnessed in that most air time was spent congratulating each of the agencies on what a fabulous job they had done. There was literally no information on the actual incident that we didn’t already know from news stations. In fact there was much less.

    3. @Alvaro aka Tico Where in anything that I said in my comment did I suggest LE was complicit? And what does a crime in the state of Indiana have to do with our national administration? You are either very ignorant, paranoid, a nut job or a combination of all 3.

    4. @LisaS yup I know what you mean , I myself would rather wait until they have the facts . A lot of people want the news now (especially when it comes to new stories like this) and not knowing all the facts it leaves room for the public to make up rumors .

    1. I can tell you the why. Because too many weapons in the hands of those that are border line lunatics. Plain and simple. Let’s open yet another manufacturing plant to make more weapons to fight this insane love for guns that Americans crave. Fact!

    2. @Alvaro aka Tico blah blah blah.
      With hate in hearts , anything could have been used as a deadly weapon.

  2. Could these officials stop patting each other on the back and give the public some substantial information. This police chief is going on and on about how great his dept, the companies and state is but takes a few seconds to say they may never know why this happened before the investigation even really began.

  3. God!! I hope there was not any arms broken patting each others back for showing up after it had happened!! No suspect name yet while searching the house????

    1. Whatever your beliefs in conspiracies. Just dont shoot anyone if it turns out you have been misled. Get help if you need it. Know the warning signs (If you think the television is talking to you or targeting you) etc.

      Good luck with your battle.


  4. How about some universal background checks and some limits to what kinds of guns these wing nuts can have? How about that.

  5. How could anyone be shocked?
    This is America 2021’
    Psychos are us!
    Live by the sword die by the sword

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