Officials On Texas Homecoming Party Shooter: 'We Need Him Off The Street' | MSNBC 1

Officials On Texas Homecoming Party Shooter: ‘We Need Him Off The Street’ | MSNBC


An urgent manhunt continues for the person responsible for mass shooting close to a college campus near Greenville, Texas. At least two people were killed and more than a dozen others injured. Local officials are urging anyone to come forward with details and said, “We need to get him off the street as soon as possible.”» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Officials On Texas Homecoming Party Shooter: 'We Need Him Off The Street' | MSNBC


    1. guarddog 22
      Is that what happened. They were having a gangsta party. There were kids at a party like that? Wow that’s crazy.

    1. @P J laws are already in we create more criminal laws does it lower the number of crimes we have ?

    2. Massialot There was laws in place to keep this guy from owning a gun most likely he’s a career felon and shouldn’t own a gun to begin with. But everyone wants to make a new gun laws to make guns harder to get for law abiding citizens. When a career criminal does not care about laws to begin with you are only affecting people that never break the law.

    3. @guarddog 22 Is that why most mass shooters are 20 year old white males…. Clean up your own culture before condemning others! Racist

    1. @Alex Ocasio-Gomez Boom, another comment gone! It’s not MSNBC, it’s us Russians with administrative rights…

    1. you know its bad when the chief of police is 300 pounds and saying ya we have no idea who it is zero video zero evidence they killed some people and left……its all good tho totally safe.

    2. @Ash Roskell
      Little faggit weasel backstabber, i see you everywhere trying to mindfuck people. You’re gonna get yours you piece of trash. Ash Roskell is democratic and demonic trash, the same kind of trash that targets young children.

    1. Ian Trimbath
      Participating in a gun buy-back program because you think that criminals have too many guns is like having yourself castrated because you think your neighbors have too many kids.

  1. Armed gunman on the loose killed 2 injured 14 (by first reports). Public is not in danger just college kids at parties

    1. The conceal carry argument is nonsensical in most shootings. If shootouts end up in a confrontation with police it is often with officers being wounded and at times a long drawn out standoff yet we expect citizens to intervene with significantly underwhelming firepower? How anyone thinks that having armed citizens would impact how that goes is laughable. Micah Johnson shooting stands out as an example. If the shooter is using a handgun, maybe it makes sense, otherwise it would be a lucky scenario and not worth having everyone carry.

    2. T BZ, So incidents like the Bataclan massacre and recent Halle murders don’t prove gun control doesn’t work but violence trending down world wide does?

    3. T BZ, “Significantly underwhelming firepower?” The most common weapon used in mass shootings are pistols blood dancer. Want to guess what most self defenders are carrying?

    4. @sean gleason

      *There are over 400 million guns and around 325 million people in the United States, if guns were the problem we would all be dead by now.*

  2. Stop using the term ” injured”. It sounds like someone slipped and bruised a knee. These people were wounded!!

    1. Yeah. The media softens somethings with euphemisms, and weaponizes words on subjects they want to give a hard spin to. It should be against the law to use words the way they do.

  3. how on earth could this have been avoided! its almost as if in a state where the worship guns they have a gun problem…..weird ….

    1. @Jeff Woods Funny how all the other nations with similar problems don’t seem to have similar issues with gun violence…hmm what could the difference be?

    2. @T BZ Multiculturalism. Haven’t you guessed. The more diversity, the more murder. The more everything bad. It’s like a marriage, it doesn’t improve the better qualities of the untied, but accentuates the worst in both of them. Iron, and clay will not adhere, and no one can make it.

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