1. @Jason Greene Biden followed trump’s braindead plan. . Also bidens def sec is Floyd Austin. The very same defense secretary that told Obama not to pull out of Iraq!! :))))) Look how that ended!….
      Heh! And wouldn’t ya know! They are from the same party! Biden and Obama . .
      I thought Biden was gonna be better then trump…
      Yet when he was asked point blank if he was asked to leave troops in Afghanistan to help the ANA fight the Taliban .. he simply said
      “I can’t recall anyone bringing that up.”
      💀 And Floyd Austin in a different interview was asked if he wanted to keep a few troops if Afghanistan to make sure the Taliban wouldn’t ya know.. take kabul??
      He simply wouldn’t answer the question. .
      Which tells me he definitely told Biden to keep troops in Afghanistan..
      Yet his advice was ignored.. and here we are
      Did I mention Obama was one of the few people who told Obama not to go after Osama bin laden?…
      :)))) Biden is a career politician . He’s been doing this bs longer then I’ve been alive.. it’s ashame I actually supported him up until last week..
      How can you support Biden after all this?
      He literally left Afghanistan to the Taliban after following trump’s deal 💀💀💀
      America is back huh?.. tell that to the Taliban. I don’t think they got the message

    2. @G s soooooo you are going to just ignore the fact that Trump authorized the release of 5000 Taliban detainees, most are whom have re-joined the current Taliban takeover , but the fault and embarrassment is with Biden?

      You are going to pop your arm out of your socket if you reach any further , clownshoes….

    3. @G s and all of you ridiculous jargon and crazed rhetoric is infantile and devoid “practical” context. Withdrawal means American lives saved and I DARE you to create a scenario in where a MASS withdrawal from an occupation that was held for 21 years ,would go off smoothly and w/o consequences? DO you ACTUALLY think such an intricate operation would go off with no problems at all, and that the ACTUAL fault is with the MONSTERS who are the catalysts behind this ENTIRE situation: the fukn TALIBAN!

      At the end of the day, THEY are the ones responsible for ALL of this, make no mistake in that! So you can cry about Bidens handling of the operation all day like a baby, but its the enemy that is at fault, but you are siding with them over you OWN PRESIDENT!! TRAITOR!!!!!

    1. @Josh Pease TRUMP and his followers should be in jail for Jan 6/2021 and a whole lot more, BIDEN’s team is doing what they can under the terms of the agreement TRUMP had with the TALIBAN…

  1. Just when you thought they couldn’t be any dumber. They go and do something like this……and totally display why they should be removed from congress immediately.

    1. They are not dumb ! They do things like this because they are self serving. Probably going to use the occasion to say they wanted to help or maybe help because they want to help Afigannistani people.get their US citizenship. Or maybe they had a suitcase full of paper towels to throw around!

    2. Just when the media has fooled you and brainwashed you into thinking 2 US Congressmen boarded a plane to Afghanistan unauthorized. The most regulated flights are, to and from Afghanistan.

    3. @Josh Pease two types of t=rumpers: too stupid to breathe and racists. The two are not mutually exclusive .

    4. @Lance Davidson two types of t=rumpers: too stupid to breathe and racists. The two are not mutually exclusive .

    1. @Ruthia Hughes So what.. they chose to go there, arrogantly thinking their lives are worth more and therefore they deserve a seat on a flight out.

      No one deserves those seats more than the people who were actually there, especially not grandstanding politicians.

      They can make their own arrangements to leave without taking a seat from a refugee

  2. WION was complaining to the entire world that we were giving airlift priority to our K9 soldiers (they called them dogs). I can only imagine what they will do with this. But they’ll be right on this story. 😒

    1. @Anon Nympho Dude exactly. Those dogs are groomed and trained from pups AND they don’t work independently, they are part of a TEAM with their handlers. India is pretty critical of what we’ve done but I think they’re a good reflection of how the rest of the world views us so I like to hear what they have to say. I was just upset about their “dog” comment cause I’m a big dog lover. 🥰🐶

  3. This reminds me of the time when Churchill went to Dunkirk for a photo op during the evacuation… Oh wait, he didn’t.

    1. Unfortunately Afghanistan has no beaches! Otherwise I’m sure all the superrich would send their mega-yachts cross the world to evacuate people!

      Oh… They have jets too!? What are they waiting for?!

    1. One id a democrat and the other a Republican. They made their choice to go there if they get stuck that’s on them.

  4. Hey they are civil servants, keep them there to help and only let them on the last jet to leave, if they really want the exact picture, surely that’s what they would want.

  5. How about we just leave them there? Sure, there are plenty of empty seats going into Kabul. Just don’t give them a seat on a plane out. Sorry, overbooked. Try again next week.

    1. @Fe her What truth ? That Trump and Pompeo capitulated to the Taliban ? Releasing the now leader of the Taliban from a Pakistani prison , and co-ordinating the release of close to 6,000 Taliban fighters as the withdrawal was beginning? That truth ? Or how they both knew that pulling out the majority of troops months ago and leaving a skeleton crew to deal with the final pullout would lead to the chaos we saw?

    2. They must think we’re all deaf and blind, and as stupid as trump not to see the obviousness of the situation.
      Trump sold country down the river for his own pathetic ego.

    3. @Domenic Galata Trump took troop count from 25k to 2.5k with no issue. Never saw a time right to take out remaining troops and kept pushing it back. Did Trump tell Biden to leave 74k military vehicles, hundreds of thousands of weapons, 12 black hawk helicopters, 7 military bases and 20k Americans behind ? Was that in the deal? How many prisoners did Biden just release?

    4. @C S proof of what exactly? Are there media videos showing the Taliban visiting with CIA director? Link video please

  6. Leave them behind let them advise the Taliban….and make their own arrangements to get back home..

  7. maybe, a last trip for their special “diplomatic” stash or to fulfill existing customer orders before it gets shut down?! 😏

  8. Look at the bright side – at least it is BIPARTISANLY “moronic”, “selfish” and “irresponsible”!

  9. Welcome to New Jack politics. It will be the party that will constantly do things and say things that relate to
    Look At Me, Look At Me.😖😱🤡

  10. This was unbelievably self aggrandizing and selfish for both Congressmen. They put every one at risk just because they wanted a good sound bite.

    1. I cant believe of all news pundits RACHEL MADDOW is the one you put youre trust into. Everything shes peddles has ended up being false, wrong, fake news. EVERYTHING. No. Wait. Let me say that again. EVERYTHING.

      Ok one more time.


      They needed to be there. We need our politicians THERE. To see whats going on. We cant take the administration at their word about whats happening there. They are in the middle of saving face.

    2. @Nick B meh, your opinion, everyone has one & everyone thinks theirs is special. If you don’t like the show don’t watch. Seems you might be feeding your outrage addiction.

  11. And everyone will act all put upon if these guys get themselves in a mess and require rescue…makes me just want to barf…leave them there

  12. I agree their trips were unnecessary. Now for the finale, they want to run for president so they figured their presence represents their caring for the Americans but didn’t think of the amount of people that travels with them. The space they took up could have evacuated more people to safety.

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