Officials Say Americans Should Prepare For Coronavirus Spread | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


  1. they are wearing plain surgical masks?How much does a test for the virus cost?And who pays for it?What if you don’t have medical insurance?Could you please talk about this/

    1. @Don Adams no, but it has been 2 months they have been asking for it and nothing promised to be send in the near future

    1. @Drake Fire
      And flu is less contagious.
      This thing gets through biohazard suits and kills medics. Granted they are in a saturated environment and most likely catch it during disrobing.

    2. @Drake Fire All conjecture. You are chasing your tail. We shall have to wait and see. Vaccine already in testing. Ebola was much scarier.

    3. @Richard L. T. So, it’s conjecture that China is likely downplaying how deadly Conronavirus is? No, given the government, it’s likely.

      PS: Ebola was worked on before our President decided to gut the CDC.

  2. Stay away from events, restaurants, malls, and every place where people crowd up. Go straight home after work and stay there. Shop online, cook at home, exercise at home. Shop American made

    1. Wash your hands before eating and wash your FOOD!!!! Please don’t forget to was your food and stuff!!!!

  3. I guess the Iranian health minister who got sick and contaminated other officials is just having a flu.
    Even 1% of 300 million Americans is 3 million dead.
    80 million in entire world.
    Is he saying we should just embrace the virus and hope for survival?

    1. @Frank Pontone the lives and economic hits from MERS, SARS, Ebola were NOT no big deal, except to sociopaths like you, and the Big Orange, who sees them as personal financial opportunities.

  4. Donnie says “we’ve got this under control.” I order masks, bleach, gloves, TP. and wrack my brains to remember quarantine preps and protocols Mama taught us in the polio era.

    1. @Pablo the currrent Cabinet has neither the education, the preparation, nor the willingness to do what will be required, and the funds needed for this undertaking have been diverted to placate their Don’s irrational melanin paranoia.

    2. sounds like your a member of the lemming …I mean democrat party. be sure to take your inflatable when running off the cliff.

  5. It’s spread to at least 44 countries as I write this. I don’t need a politician or any other official to tell me that the situation is serious.

  6. The US has only tested less than 500 people! Out of 320+ million people. How do you know if it’s under control?

    1. 500 welfare people who pretended to be sick to get free room and board for a month at he hospitals. Nothingburger.

    2. They have no clue, they just know they have to get up in front cameras and BS all of us in hopes that it will go away or hold off panic as long as possible.

    1. @Drake Fire the word doesnt fit in the context you are trying to use it. Sorry. My comment does not reflect any kind of “fault”. Only fact. Your a perfect example of being “programmed”

    2. @Gabe Dudley Aw, still don’t get that while claiming others don’t have common, you yourself have none?

      I know this might be hard for someone like you to grasp.

  7. Any contagion will spread faster and more thoroughly in the US. Many of our population can’t afford to seek medical advice for symptoms.

    1. Ah, but most of those people aren’t investing in the stock market, so, hey. No, this is angry sarcasm; We the People are being endangered and lied to.

  8. 24 Hr Fitness—-The gym I go to is going to be a breeding ground for massive outbreaks for this virus if it ever hits.. Germs galore!! Nasty!!

    1. There is one case in Northern California, the person “had no known exposure to the virus through travel or close contact with a known infected individual”.
      Please continue to stay active, keep the body moving.
      If you have a fever, shortness of breath, cough, seek medical attention.
      No one knows tomorrow. This is life.

    2. Doug Quon You probably have built up an incredible immune system going to that germ gym. LOL Don’t worry bud, you’re gonna be just fine! 😎

    1. @Don Ethos I have been following this for over a month and absolutely do not trust the CCP or Winnie the Pooh and fully understand how they manipulate both their health and economic numbers. However independent doctors have been receiving underground information. The biggest threat is if the hospitals become overwhelmed the fatality rate jumps up to 18-20% as it is in China and Iran currently. Fortunately if you live in a modern Western Nation with a strong rule of law and health system we should be able to avoid that fate. It will be a miserable few months but we will get through this.

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