Officials Use Intelligence To Argue For Prolonging Military Mission In Afghanistan | Morning Joe

Officials Use Intelligence To Argue For Prolonging Military Mission In Afghanistan | Morning Joe 1


    1. Remember when Obama pulled out troops in the Middle East and ISIS returned, and everyone went REEEEEE!!!!

    2. I think you mean TRILLIONS of dollars… Tax dollars, mainly used to slaughter millions of innocent children, women, and men throughout the middle East… Hurry for democracy!?!?!?

    3. @Bat Boy Remember when failure trump unilaterally abandoned US allies and removed US forces, leading to those allies being attacked and captured Isis members being freed?

  1. One day during my lifetime I hope the media will critically analyze the MIC reasons for continued military force and expenditures instead of parroting their B.S talking points. Bring our troops home, end this crap and leave this region to regional actors who don’t want us there.

    1. @Kor Kalba what’s more profitable is investing in national infrastructure, a true universal healthcare system that’s not tried to employment, and free public higher education and trade schools, not war. There has never been a ROI on war, except for war profiteers. I’m also sick of humanitarian claims. We can’t fix their culture. Plus there are ample humanitarian claims here as well.

  2. I wonder why every president pretends to be trying to pull out troops at the end of their term then they leave office before completing the pull-out🤔.

    1. @President Joe’s Hidin’ so what do you think should happen? Invite taliban to set foot on American soil and host them at camp David like Trump wanted to do ? Funny thing is this plan came days after a attack happened on American troop…surprising republicans actually condemned this yet the only one who stood with Trump was Mike Pompeo

    2. You know one reason why we have troops all over the country is because of National Security we have to know what’s going on in the world and we have to protect our interests so war is inevitable get it if we do not protect our interests are National Security will go down the pooper shoot for just like what Trump did

    3. @President Joe’s Hidin’ exactly what the RNC did with Trump every time you broke the law or said something stupid

    4. @sour kush I bet some of those illegals would have more balls than you and would be more successful in this country than you…

  3. …or cut our losses and leave Afghanistan to the Afghanis. Sure, they have their tribal leaders, their mega-oppression, their Islamic silliness, ….but that’s them. Just like roses have thorns and deadly nightshade has poison, Afghanistan is what it is. It’s not mall-choked USA.

  4. So funny seeing neo-con Blinkin couching his recent comments on China in admonitions of International Law, rules, values. No country has committed more International crimes /atrocities, post WW2, than the US.

    1. As the Republicans always say it’s my money not your money if you’ll notice Republican start wars Democrats and them as a little history lesson for the unintelligent


  6. Connect the Dots 🤷‍♀️

    -Russia Pays bounties to Taliban
    -Trump wanted to give Taliban a
    Sweet Deal and Vacate.

  7. Everyone wants peace, but you have to think in terms of small gains toward lasting peace, not instant perfection. The US must uphold its international agreements. We can’t know all of what happens over there, so we just have to trust that our military leadership and allies know what they’re doing.

  8. As Macnamarra kept saying during viet-nam we just need a few more men and a few more months…..repeat….repeat….repeat….13 yrs….been 20 years this time….repeat….repeat….

  9. The only intelligence needed to predict Taliban powergrab, oppression, exclusion and executions after US et al leave, is normal intelligence, common sense. Taliban (men) happy, Pakistan happy, Al Quaida and Daesh happy, drug barons happy.

  10. The problem with Afghanistan is that we’ve stirred up a hornet’s nest. As such, if left on it’s own, it will inevitably devolve into a hard-line Islamist government and it will become one mass training ground for terrorists. I know that this is controversial, but I’m afraid it’s true. If you need proof, just look at 9/11…

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