Ohio truck driver narrowly avoids hitting school bus | USA TODAY

The incident happened during a school run to an elementary school in Medina, Ohio. Montville Police blurred faces of minors in this video.

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  2. Omg how scary!
    His brakes just quit working out of nowhere!!!!
    How did the driver eventually stop?

  3. the article makes is sound like he was speeding…..when a heavy truck loses its brakes on a hill, THATS what happens!

  4. What a legend! Staying calm and controlling it. We need more info on what happened when he got it to stop

  5. Happened 5 days ago. The truck in the opposite lane actually backed up, hitting the suv behind him, giving the tractor-trailer enough room to barely clear him & the bus. The rig eventually came to a stop a quarter mile down the road.

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