Oil Company Reaps, Sows Effects Of Climate Crisis | All In | MSNBC 1

Oil Company Reaps, Sows Effects Of Climate Crisis | All In | MSNBC


Chris Hayes gives a “brain-breaking” example of how oil, gas, and coal companies will stop at nothing to continue extraction.
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  1. To the inevitable right wingers who will say something negative… at least the dems are doing SOMETHING….

    1. @Kaiza I believe that christians are banking on the end of times… It certainly would explain why they don’t care about anything

    2. @Kevin Santich A headless chicken is doing SOMETHING. How it helps in its current problems and cures an unenviable future?

    3. @Mariusz Furman If that chicken had the means to escape it’s demise, I’m sure it would do everything possible to get away… See the dems are the chicken BEFORE it gets its head chopped off, repubs are running in circles, headless….

  2. You may not know: Before humans started burning coal, silver did not tarnish. We’re talking 1870’s. This fostered a burgeoning new class of workers – that of SERVANTS – who were needed to polish the silver… to remove the tarnish caused by sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere due to the burning of coal.

    1. Also, it turned out that all of that famous London “fog” was the result of burning coal for heating and lighting homes and businesses.

    1. Look on the bright side: when the polar caps melt, the entire state of Florida will be underwater.

    2. While that’s a poetic justice thought…. life on the planet won’t be the same after the polar ice cap is gone.

  3. Aliens looking at humans ruining their planet and being like, “nah, no intelligent life here.”


  4. GM has ALREADY announced that they are going to stop manufacturing Gasoline and Diesel powered vehicles by 2035.

  5. you don’t get it. we aren’t going to make it. i can’t believe i’ll never have kids, but here we are. i used to laugh at preppers, too. jokes on me.

  6. There is No Way that Oil Tycoons can cry that “It’s Unfair”! These changes have been on the Horizon for some time!! You would think these Tycoons would WANT to to be the ones to Lead the Charge and become Pioneers in Clean Energy!

    1. They want to imply so by using it as marketing material. I’m in Texas and petroleum and fossil fuels dominate and many voters aren’t interested in changing what’s not broke-in their estimations. Climate change is propaganda fake news…

  7. Glad to see some semi progressive MSM programs holding this administration accountable where deserved. Fossil fuel hypocrisy is a real thing.

  8. Biden lifts sanctions on Russian pipeline, says he will drill in Alaska and you have to pay back your student loan.

  9. Critics:
    ” What?? It’s only 2 ° ”
    103 degree fever.. Flu.
    Plus 2 in Critic as child.

  10. 1:08 the only way your going to get rid of oil and stop the drilling is by making houses and roads without using oil witch I haven’t seen a energy powered bulldozer or construction vehicles power but green energy so to move forward we kind of have to get oil right now, wouldn’t you agree…

  11. “Trust me, intentional habitat destruction for one chief’s greed is not a sustainable practice for any society.” – Easter Islander

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