Oklahoma bill proposes strictest abortion restrictions in US | USA TODAY


  1. How does this sound?

    My mother did not want me but the government did so to keep from being executed my mother gave me to the state. I am sure when it comes to being bullied Into suicide at school this explanation should work just fine.

  2. Murder is murder. We need to go back and put all murderers in prison.

    1. Hope you’re helping all the folks you forced to give birth
      Nope u aren’t I’m sure

  3. Of course they’ll be increasing the budget for child welfare, adoption and State fostering programmes to show what a caring and concerned body of legislators they are. After all, the alternative to abortion is bringing a new person into the world and you do want to give that new person the best chance at life now don’t you ?

  4. Many European country like Poland, estonia, belgium, Finland and sweden have the same law.
    Only expection is risk on mothers life and raaPe

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