Oklahoma Republican Wants 'Election Audit' Even Though Trump Won State 1

Oklahoma Republican Wants ‘Election Audit’ Even Though Trump Won State


Rachel Maddow reports on Oklahoma State Rep. Sean Roberts' desire to join other state Republicans in attacking elections with a spurious investigation, even though Donald Trump won Oklahoma by a wide margin, an indication that such efforts are more about delegitimizing democracy than overturning the 2020 election.
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  1. Let’s start with stripping all the Republicans of their “WINS” in the 2020 election if it was all “FRAUDULENT.”

    1. Yup. Remove every Republican from office. Clearly there was massive fraud that let them win. After all, almost every single Republican won their races… but only the orange traitor lost? Well, that seems suspicious. If he lost, the rest of them should too. So let’s kick them all out to be safe. 🙂

    2. @Hankakah You suspect fraud in McConnell’s election? You think somehow McConnell, who’s highest approval rating is 13%, but won the state with 96% of the vote… somehow cheated? But that’s unpossible!

    3. @Adam Taylor Yup, lowest rating, but won by a landslide? Wasn’t there something about there were more votes cast than there were eligible voters?

    4. @Hankakah Except that he DID NOT win by a landslide. Biden did.

      And there were countless lies about the election. And yes, one was that there were more votes cast than eligible voters, which was instantly proven to be a complete lie. And a pretty idiotic one at that.

      There were 239 million eligible voters for the 2020 election. Of which about 159 million voted.

      Most of those pushing the lie ignore the fact that you can literally register yourself when you show up to vote. Which many people who had never voted before did in order to vote against the orange traitor.

      Others purposefully flipped numbers. Claiming a county only has X population but Y number of people voted. And when their claims were looked into, it was shown they were mixing and matching voting info. Taking the max number of eligible voters from a tiny county and claiming the number of actual voters was much higher, but using the turnout from a different, much larger county.

      It’s stupid and pathetic, but what’s worse is the right wing sheep were stupid enough to fall for it. They didn’t bother to think that those claims are obviously a lie, or to even verify the numbers. They just started repeating the lies, as they always do. Because they’ve long stopped being able to actually think for themselves.


    2. Circular reasoning. You’re justifying that the country voted “no” because the reported outcome is the votes tallied to “no”… when the question is about the integrity of the tally to begin with, thus you can’t trust the report as accurate until confirmed that it was.

      “Bob claimed that Tom said No”
      Bob might be lying, we need to talk to Tom.
      “NO, Tom said NO to that!!!!”
      How can you be sure?
      “Because Bob said so!”
      But we suspect Bob might be lying.
      “But Bob said Tom Said No”
      Ahh. I understand, you completely lack a brain.
      “But Bob said Tom said NO, so I do have a brain”

  2. They ignore basic mathematical computations. The brilliance they are presenting to people all over the world, this is just completely ridiculous.

    1. @Eric Rowley it’s funny because Dems on average are far more educated than republicans. But have fun trying to “eliminate” us. We aren’t budging.

    2. @BeansPlaysItAll 92 If conspiracy theories are a category of intelligence then republicans are light years ahead. I’ll give you that one. But only that one. These trump supporting Nazis arent smart, they are delusional at best. That’s why the entire world is trying to decide if they are laughing at them or being disgusted by them.

    3. @Leslie Miller it’s hard not to interacting with libtrds here. They are so stupid. It’s entertaining though. Fun fact – The best ones are the ones just realizing there’s enough data to prove trump won the election. They are losing their minds. Very fun! Enjoy

    1. @Ash Roskell
      All Republicans conservatives black or white get their talking points from trump daddy Putin

    2. @Ash Roskell their revisionist history is only outdone by North Korea. They definitely took a lot from Stalin’s tactic of discrediting any branch of science, religion, media, or political group that opposed him. I’d say they’d make their comrade proud if he saw all his tactics they’ve employed.

    3. @Ash Roskell Yes, this has more to do with undermining some people’s perception of whether the 2020 election was safe and fair, indeed whether out entire election system is safe and fair.

      It’s part of a set-up for accepting a dictator.

  3. Republicans- spend this time you’re wasting & do some policies that will help the people & you’re State…My God………..This Election is over, move on

    1. My old Mom would have said “they’ve taken leave of their senses”. Wise lady, sorely missed.

    2. @TheHugeDwarf yeah and every time they say 2 weeks for an update. Its been over half a year, take your pills ya schizo

    3. Republicans really don’t run in policies anymore. They run on hatred, lies and stirring up their base. As ling as they have their base’s adoration and loyalty, no policies are needed.

  4. With twice the votes cast for Trump over Biden, they’re statistically more likely to find Republican voter fraud. 

    Be careful what you ask for.

    1. @Ed They found some much they are starting another audit on Tuesdays.
      I looked it up. The public hearing are looking into Cyber Ninja itself to see what went down.

    2. @Ed Got better things to do then waste my time on a Qanon style news. Gateway pundit is a joke. If that’s your only source, good luck.

    3. @Me Off How’s a hearing “qanon?” – LOL. You’re being willfully ignorant. It’s not a good look. PS. And it’s not the only source. You can find clips or the full hearing everywhere if you choose to look.

  5. Well, every election in a dictatorship ends up in a 97 percent win for the dictator or his party. Oklahoma wants that same percentage for Dear Orange Leader.

    1. We now know Trump won the 2020 election. What are you lbtrds going to do now? About to get real fun

    2. @barnes john agreed. It was clear Trump won. Common sense. Now we have the data to prove it. Things gonna get interesting.

    3. @Eric Rowley : when it can be proven no fairy tales, or silly common sense. Even common sense needs to be based in some reality. A good example is the military they don’t like draft doggers, even Clinton got out of the draft legitimate. Bone Spurs, really I’ve gone to work with them, painful but only a Wimp would use them as a medical condition. Yet, silly Russian propaganda, thank you Fox News, is more believable than every intelligence, military, those in the state department findings in the USA. Just like the republican cult trying to find something wrong with Hillary Clinton, if the republican cult could really find any dishonesty in 2020 they would declare a national holiday month. The Russian propaganda outlet Fox News would stop all commercial breaks for a week & non-stop hate if the Democratic Party, especially of President Obama & Hillary Clinton.

    1. @keyoke69 sure there is. Why isn’t fox news, Anon, and all those others right wing news agencies airing that video? Couldn’t be because it was debunked. Oh no you saw a blurry video.

    2. @Me Off YouTube is not a free speech platform. You wont find anything that isnt approved here. Get on telegram.

    3. @Deepak D’Souza the big lie is that Biden won. No chance Biden won and now the facts are pretty clear trump won. Libtrds are melting again.

  6. Or it could be that this particular Republican is trying to expose in an off-hand manner, that it was Trump’s win that was fraudulent and he wants it exposed.

  7. If no one trusts Democracy, that makes a Dictatorship easier to swallow. Especially if he claims to be, “saving that democracy,” right? Just like the Caesars of Rome, or the Putin’s of now . . . That’s their plan

    1. We now know Trump won the 2020 election. America knew it already but now it’s a fact. Liberals are about to get something real serious

    2. @SpaceManTyler To those who are unaware, OBVIOUSLY THIS GUY, due to only watching CNN or MSDNC, there will be AZ audit info coming out soon. There are audits starting all over the nation. Democrats did in fact rig the 2020 election & soon the whole world will know that they are frauds. God bless.

    3. @Dave Foss LOL! You’re so cute. Poor little whiner. DEMOCRATS. DEMAND AUDITS NOW. Right now! We need to uncover the GOP fraud that the party is obviously covering up. There’s no other reasonable explanation for this sickness besides the obvious one (grifting). Audits now! Find out the extent of the GOP’s criminal behavior in this election. Expose EVERYTHING. Once and for all.

  8. Actually, it is not even worth conducting elections in Solid Red and Solid Blue states. It is merely a waste of time, money and resources

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