Oklahoma Supreme Court Denies Request To Enforce Safety Requirements At Trump Rally | MSNBC


  1. They REALLY think that they’ll get away with killing as many of the people they hate as they can manage. America’s domestic enemies.

    1. @Jack Murphy the protesters are for justice.
      Everyone knows the virus isn’t racist.
      a Republican rally that’s racist.
      none of the Black people at the rally are black.

    2. A protest has a good reason,a reason that seek to achieve the justice,rights and goods although it is risky to do so.
      A freedom demands sacrifices throughout the human history not only in America but in other nations too.
      But trump rally do have a sacrificial reason?

  2. she is proud and she even say it there she is tested everyday she doesnt need to wear a mask while others suffer and barely get tested

    1. @Ray r she’s wasting her life now working for Trump. After November she’ll be jobless. Trump already has Hope Hicks to iron his pants, so that job is taken. There are no positions specifically for liars. So after Trump maybe Fox will take her😊😊😊they usually hire Trump’s rejects. I believe Sarah Huckabee works in the mail room😊😊

    2. True. I know someone who could not get tested bc they had no symptoms but was around a person who tested positive.

    3. @Ray r She is just another paid liar , after November she will be looking for a job and her CV will not look good … Of course if any of those droplets being circulated in the Okie air on Saturday night should contain a C19 spore and settle in her lungs , one assumes her work covered health insurance will sort out any issues … After all , one also assumes she has signed the waiver the great unwashed had to make their mark upon to gain entry .

    1. @Jack Murphy ~ trump is 17 points behind IN ALL 7 BATTLEGROUND STATES!
      That’s what you call “dwindling” support? lol

    2. keep paying attention to them fake polls , remember your polls last time LOL HAHAHA

  3. Stupidity never looked so clueless, sounded so daft, and presented so self-assured. Can’t wait for karma to come around.

    1. ”I’m tested regularly”, like that means she can’t catch the virus on that trip or expose others if she’s already gotten the virus.

    2. @GreenIdLady 1 I am sure you idiots are the same ones who saw nothing wrong with thousands of protests on the streets last week.

    1. Ya like the tens of thousands of protestors who were side by side looting and destroying our cities

    2. @yhwhzson The American Patriots attending Trump’s Rally won’t be burning buildings down and looting… Democracts support LGBTQ.
      tinyurl.com/yc33oxyl 🎶

    3. Republicans are taking Hydroxychloroquine + Zinc Sulfate as a prevention. 🙏🙏🙏
      DemocRATS need to stop Looting and learn 🤪🤪🤪

  4. “I get tested regularly”? That is a form of protection to prevent. That’s like saying, I tested negative for HIV so lets throw away the condoms and go to a seedy brothel.

    1. Great analogy! Sadly you can treat HIV (still no cure ) but live and COVID is a roll of the dice with no cure or effective treatment as it affects people definitely some survive with minor symptoms and other deteriorate quickly and possibly lose their lives .

  5. Everyone that’s not a Trump cultist in Oklahoma, please buy enough essentials so you can quarantine yourself and your loved ones. If they want to keep drinking from Trump’s Kool Aid that’s their choice. Please take care of yourself and loved ones.

    1. @arubaga Ever think that your body might want macronutrients? Or little things like Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B7, B9, E, or K? Or those little minerals like Potassium, Magnesium, Iron, Manganese, Copper, Iodine, Chromium, Molybdenum, Selenium, or Cobalt? You ever wonder if you have bought a load of bs from someone who had something to sell?

    2. @Dem Eter great book, someone similar to Donald J Trump is mentioned in it. Then he was crucified for using lies to become famous.

    3. @Malindi Sultuska just like the dumbasses for over 3 weeks protesting and rioting every day and night by the thousands may have a reason for the numbers going up and haven’t had a rally yet

  6. How many Republicans does it take to change a light bulb?

    None, Trump just says it’s fixed and the rest of them sit in the dark and applaud.

    1. it takes 5! One stands on the table, holds the bulb and the other four are lifting and turning the table around.

    2. Maybe it’s actually a GOOD idea to gather up all of Trump’s supporters and mash them together into a crowded building in the middle of a pandemic. Darwin Awards are given out every year plus, you know, less of his voters on election day has its benefits too. 😉

  7. Even the supreme court wants them dead. They know the world will be better off with less stupid people.

    1. SparrowGryphon:
      The problem is that people who chose not to go to the rally are going to put in jeopardy. They’ll have no way of knowing that the man in line next to them at the grocery store, who just sneezed, went to the rally. Multiply those kinds of encounters by the thousands and you could very well have people who become very sick or die just because they were, unbeknownst to them, in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    2. @Mimsy Borogove This is ture, just make sure you keep your mask on extra tight when the Karen in front of you starts asking for the manager.

  8. Serious question…is Trump guilty of a crime by encouraging people to act in a manner which may cause death

    1. As a leader it is very reckless of him to do this and shows the lack of concern for his supporters. It’s all about Trump

    2. The Demecratic states that are still closed could refuse a rally in their state.
      Illinois state fair is closed this year.
      Democrat Govenor wont open untill a vaccine.

    3. You do know more people will die from second hand smoke then covid 19 a year right? Cancer makes covid 19 look like the sniffles. You sheep keep on being sheep.

    4. @Chicago1 ah, no. Firstly covid hasn’t been around for a year. Secondly covid is currently the leading cause of death.

  9. *Welp, don’t be crying wolf when you end up in an ICU & you’re screaming at the nurses and doctors “FAKE NEWS”, while you’re on the the verge of flatlining* 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    1. Luckily, at that point they won’t be able to scream because it will be too hard for them to even breathe.

  10. No wonder Jim Jones was able to make a lot of his followers to drink the koolaid that’s amazing.

  11. kayleigh…pretending to be a good christian with that little cross on her neck…yet working for the devil…shame on you kayleigh…

    1. @C T Unfortunately, they’ll end up sickening and eventually killing other people, helping overwhelm hospitals, and endanger our healthcare workers.

    2. @GreenIdLady 1 Most of the people that they end up killing will be their like-minded counterparts. I hate to sound cruel, but that is what will end up happening

  12. You’d think they would think, they don’t. They whole thing is about defiant acts… rip all y’all.

  13. The most desperate, irrational, and murderous attempt to win a re-election in the history of the United States. Get ready for shutdown number 2 and more economic misery.

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