Old Stony Hill Road Residents Concerned about Development | TVJ News - Dec 9 2021 1

Old Stony Hill Road Residents Concerned about Development | TVJ News – Dec 9 2021


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  1. This will be the future Jamaica is an island you will see more up scale building people want place fi live no matter what the environment

    1. Land is NOT scarce in Jamaica.. The country needs comprehensive zoning laws and Realty construction requires a corruption free watchdog. There are no laws to protect local homeowners.

  2. That means business as usual. Persons need to STOP PURCHASING THESE PROPERTIES. Do not use you4 hard earned money or borrow to purchase these Apartments. If persons stop purchasing who are they going to sell to?

  3. Building in a water shed area in Jamaica is not safe for the environment and people or wildlife this is not sustainable and should be stop with immediate effect. It would be wiser to rethink the building site for safety reasons.

  4. Lady because of corruption, everybody is in bed all wrapped up. I saw the PM speaking about it and he looked so befuddled and baffled for words. Jamaica is in a pathetic condition!

  5. Building in a watershed area…? That’s funny cause when the poor communities got flooded out PM said poor people cannot be allowed to just build anywhere…

  6. People need a place to live, I don’t see what’s the big issue is, Jamaica full of land and water the upper class is just afraid that some local is going to be in the same community

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