Olivia Troye Says There Should Be A Full Investigation Into Trump Admin. Covid Response | Deadline 1

Olivia Troye Says There Should Be A Full Investigation Into Trump Admin. Covid Response | Deadline


Former White House coronavirus task force member Olivia Troye, former senator Claire McCaskill, and senior Washington correspondent for the Washington Post Philip Rucker react to former Trump officials revealing that the administration’s covid response was worse than previously known. Aired on 03/29/2021.
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Olivia Troye Says There Should Be A Full Investigation Into Trump Admin. Covid Response | Deadline


  1. Full investigation on the Covid response, full investigation on January 6th, full investigation on tRump’s family and administration’s grifting, full investigations. American courts will be busy.

    1. Useless investigations just wasting money cause they know that any investigation that goes through the media mafia have proven everyone guilty except democheaters.

    2. fox and tucker carlson, and all the other opinion hosts. they are just as complicit with their lies. they knew the truth…

    1. He’s not a private. He has NEVER been in the military. It would be more accurate to label him: ‘traitor bonespurs’.

    2. @Phil Groves “Private” or I often hear “Cadet” bonespurs are meant to be belittling titles for a draft dodger, not meant to infer he ever served, quite the opposite. But yes traitor is also appropriate.

    3. @M G Indeed – and I agree about the belittling titles. He just really needs to be put in the right category – nothing but a traitor.

  2. Gee, who would ever thought that putting a psychopath in the White House would have serious consequences.

    1. @Andy Lord I assume you’re referring to the 2016 election in which he lost the popular vote.

    2. @Not Here Nope. He’s not a boomer. Just a paid, no content Russian troll. Don’t respond or they get paid more.

    3. @id gaf im not a Hillary fan,but ive no doubt she had all the goods to be a great president, and compared to dump? There is no comparison dump had to beg russia to interfere in order to rig the election. And its sad that republikkkans in congress covered for him,and his racist base didnt care

    4. @Dale B if not for this crisis ,dump may very well have been reelected, it was his obvious incompetence that caused his loss,that may not have been apparent if not for covid,or apparent enough…lotsa stupid ppl out there. Stay safe,vote blue

    1. @Trap Daddy “Because they’re anti-American baby killing Satanist?” And you know this, how? You do realize that bearing false witness is breaking one of God’s commandments, right? Unless you’re an actual eyewitness to DNC members conducting Satanic rituals in a pizzeria basement and killing babies to extract the adrenochrome to get high. If so, then A) what were YOU doing there, and B) why haven’t you reported this to the police?

  3. gop governors and gop citizens are also to blame. these people should have broken free and told the truth.

  4. Bigger question: Why has such a scoundrel gotten away with non-stop malfeasance his ENTIRE life??

    1. During World War II, Fred Trump built barracks and garden apartments for the U.S. Navy near major shipyards along the East Coast, and more than 27,000 apartments in New York City.  After World War II, in 1954, Trump was investigated by a U.S. Senate committee for profiteering from public contracts, including overstating his Beach Haven building charges by $3.7 million. In testimony before the Senate Banking Committee in 1954, William F. McKenna, appointed to investigate “scandals” within the FHA, cited Fred C. Trump and his partner William Tomasello as examples of how profits were made by builders using the FHA]409 program.  McKenna said the two paid $34,200 for a piece of land which they rented to their corporation for $76,960 per year in a 99-year lease so that if the apartment they built on it ever defaulted, the FHA would owe them $1.924 million. McKenna said that Trump and Tomasello obtained loans for $3.5 million more than the apartments cost.
      After World War II, Fred continued to construct shoddy fashion low-income apartments and row houses in Brooklyn and Queens.  By this time, Fred became a crony capitalist by mastering politics—giving contributions to the right politicians and lobbying to get his share of state-sponsored projects, as well as tax write, offs and lucrative tax breaks.  The young Donald Trump would use his father’s considerable wealth and political connections to advance his own business agenda.  To complete Fred’s largest project — Trump Village on Coney Island —New York State evicted almost 1,000 families, many of the African American who were then excluded from the union-run housing project.
      Folk icon Woody Guthrie was a tenant in one of Trump’s apartment complexes, Beach Haven Apartments in Coney Island, Brooklyn in 1950.  Guthrie criticized him as a landlord in a song: “Old Man Trump,” whom he accused of stirring up racial hatred “in the bloodpot of human hearts”.
      The U.S. Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, upon the urging of the Urban League and the New York City Commission on Human Rights, sued Fred Trump and company 1973 for refusing to rent apartments to black people, thus violating the Fair Housing Act of 1968.  His son Donald was part of the lawsuit because he had been made the president of the company in 1971. In response, Trump attorney Roy Cohn “portrayed the Trumps as the victims and counter-sued” for $100 million by implicating the DOJ for “falsely accusing them of discrimination, a pattern of attack and counter-attack that Donald Trump would use. A settlement was reached in 1975 in which both sides claimed victory.  The Trumps agreed to advertise vacancies in minority newspapers while having the right to reject rentals to welfare recipients.

    2. People have funny ideas of what makes a third world country… In my travels I have learned it isn’t just the lack of civil infrastructure, corrupt judiciaries and police, lack of consumer and environmental protections. It’s mostly the ability of a rich elite to live beyond fear of consequences or accountability.

    3. @S.D. C Massive amounts of Americans cannot see thru a professional “con-man”– just look at thieving T.V. preachers!!!

  5. In a normal situation people would be held accountable for someone breaking a bone never mind losing entire family members.. their too focused on their WEALTH what’s in it for them!

    1. @Sweger Shanna you f stupid Democrat you haven’t seen that money in your f miserable Democrat life

    2. @Joe Martinez you f stupid Republican you haven’t seen that money in your f miserable Republican life

  6. So why isn’t Trump and his associates being tried right now for ” half a million Negligent Manslaughter charges ” or ” 2nd degree Murder charges “? The politicians hope that it will go quietly into the night and be forgotten.

    1. @S.D. C if they dig deep enough on those kids i bet they find trafficking. a lot of trafficking 🙁

    2. I’ve been saying that for 6 months now I looked it up he can be charged with manslaughter and criminal negligence

    3. @Christi Curry I said back in 2016 that by the end of the trump presidency he’d end up a dictator or on trial for treason…

    1. @Julie Gaffney agreed, it does. But if she would have quit, she knew he would replace her with someone dangerous like sydney powell or the pillow guy who would have jumped up and agreed with trumps disinfectant comments.

    2. @biden laptop In the earliest stages of the pandemic? Probably.

      But every time since, since the data first came out and wasn’t immediately suppressed by your fascist demagogue’s administration, he’s advocated for them. It’s common sense, Chud. Cover your spew hole during a plague.

    3. As evil as she is ,those who have allowed the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people need to be brought to justice

    4. It’s fascinating how the Trumpies are now pretending they didn’t downplay the virus the entire time.

    1. he did ruin her her career is shot of course that was alot of her doing when she defended him all the time like with the bleach comment going on Fox news.

  7. I sincerely hope that Trump is held accountable for all of the lies that he forced people to say in his pursuit of power and at the expense of democracy.
    He needs to be investigated and made to pay the price for his criminal behavior.

    1. And these incompetent doctors who lied and did nothing. Pack them all and put them in jail. They are all the same, they cared about one thing only and that’s power and their job. No empathy or compassion that are required for doctors to have. They genuinely thought Trump would win so they’ll have power for another 4 yrs, well they bet on the wrong man. A bunch of buffoons.

    2. @KC Nwokoye not that i’m disagreeing but you have to consider they’d all have been arrested and charged for ignoring a presidential gag order..

  8. Why weren’t all these people going to the press or on air as these things were going on instead of being silent. These people are complicit also. We don’t want to hear from them after the fact. These weak people.

  9. The families of the people who passed away should group together and bring charges against them. The legal power representing the 400k individuals would be pretty powerful.

    1. When the dust clears MANY families will sue. Be aware that class action suits result in very little money for the participants, usually. I would not participate in a group suit myself. I’d go after Trump mano a mano in court.

  10. She took an oath to “do no harm”; yet instead of any repercussions, she’s given a nice, cushy prestigious job. They all need to be held accountable.

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