Olivia Troye: Visa System For Afghan Allies 'Was Destroyed' Under Trump 1

Olivia Troye: Visa System For Afghan Allies ‘Was Destroyed’ Under Trump


Olivia Troye, a former homeland security advisor to Vice President Mike Pence, shares with Andrea Mitchell insights as to how the special immigration visa processing system "was destroyed" under former President Trump by his top immigration adviser Stephen Miller. She says that Miller peddled "racist hysteria" to justify limiting the number of visa applicants who were approved, contributing to a back log that's stymieing the Biden administration's ability to process and evacuate Afghan allies at risk of retribution from the Taliban.
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  1. daily reminder: trump incited an armed insurrection on january 6 2021 to overthrow a democratic election

    1. No he didn’t lol to tell u the truth I think after seeing this administration lie about Afghanistan and the riots last year I think it’s warranted now

    2. @Thomas Jackson so what’s ur opinion on bidens lying all week? And he has been even ur media can’t ignore it

    3. @b s CNN OR MSDNC will just say they changed their mind and tell the Dementia Joe sheep that they didn’t hear or see anything!!!!! And they will go with it!!!!

  2. H. R. McMaster said the same thing. We see which decent people Trump hired and which crooks he hired.

    1. @Thomas Jackson IKR. It’s almost like we are supposed to pretend Biden’s administration didn’t botch this bad in order to continue endless wars

    2. @Bay 17 I just checked. It’s been one week and Biden has evacuated one third of all the people that need to be evacuated. Trump had an entire year and failed to evacuate anyone.
      We know who the loser is!
      Trump, the loser. He keeps losing in court too, and ONE DAY we are going to see the loser in his orange loser suit.

    3. @Bay 17 I hope when Trump is being transferred from one jail to another jail to go from one court to another court, that they really make it a family outing.
      He could be paraded past a guantlet in his orange jumpsuit in his shackles and children can throw rotten fruit at him so he smells as bad outside as he is rotten inside

    4. @Bay 17 Donnie Boy appointed lobbyists to destroy the very agency they were supposed to lead. Scott Pruitt, a coal mining lobbyist who wish the EPA to disappear, was named as his head (unbelievable)

    5. @Bay 17 It’s more like we are supposed to pretend that Donnie Boy didn’t surrender Afghanistan to the Talibans. Joe Biden inherited the work of an incompetent Buffon.

    1. Nice try! This one 100% lying Cheating Joes fault for the withdrawal! . Cheating Joe is a disgrace around the world!

    2. “It’s cold down here. The nipples on my saggy man boobs are all hard. Somebody get me a diet soda”

      – BunkerBoy IQ45

    3. Remember kids, don’t inject disinfectants or shove light bulbs up your holes. Listen to the CDC, not the corrupt game show host.

    4. @Bay 17 That’s rich after the famous episode at Trump’s North Carolina rally where his diaper deployed like an air bag. People though trump had his pants on backward or developed a giant double hernia. Old 15 flushes had a bad day apparently.

    1. @Bay 17 the entire congress, but one person, voted for those wars based on Bush-Cheney lies. So what’s your point?

    2. @N Q so you’re disturbed when your right winger’s lie is destroyed by facts? This is not even a secret. The memo from General Mattis that she’s referring to was obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. Donnie Boy had 4 years to evacuate civilians. He rather focused on pleasing Talibans.

    3. @maria schultz Donnie Boy didn’t process nor evacuate civilians. He rather freed 5,000 Taliban fighters who went straight back to enforce their ranks. He reduced our troops number. However, he didn’t do anything when it comes to evacuate civilians.

    4. @Bay 17 Actually Afghanistan was a point of contention between Obama and Biden. Biden urged a pullout. And, yes, you are correct. Trump was very bad. He is rated the third worst president by presidential historians (4th worst in one survey of presidential experts).

    5. @Bay 17 no you’re ignorant, huge difference. It would be nice if everything was so simple as you see it but that’s not reality even if you can’t understand it.

  3. The last administration was so anti immigration they wouldn’t even let people who risked their lives for America in America. Shameful.

    1. @Bay 17 Because the subject is “refugees”?? No one said they didn’t care about US citizens over there. Chill Bay-bee

    2. @Bay 17 By doing what? The an American has one hurdle, to get to the airport. The refugee need to also to get processed then get a visa. We can’t just accept anybody before vetting him/her. Therefore, Donnie Boy is the incompetent that everyone is praising while they should spit on him

    3. @N Q 450,00 dead from covid is a bigger disaster and disgrace, how many Americans died during the evacuation? none so STFU.

  4. This is really an important story. It didn’t have to be this bad. The destruction of the visa program by the former administration is unfortunate. We could have had the interpreters out way before now. President Biden has let the buck stop with him, but there are other factors involved. Thanks for speaking out, Americans need to know the truth.

    1. America doesn’t need to know the truth but you’re never going to get it at this station and that is a fact

    1. @Noor Parkar I think Tucker Carlson is the worst because he’s causing trouble to Americans too with his lies on COVID-19.

    2. @Richard De Fortune True! He is using his position to misinform his audience, which does risk their lives. But he, like his fellow colleagues are also ensuring they get the ratings (and hence the advertisers and millions of dollars). I really don’t understand this mentality! Yes freedom is paramount, but even freedom comes at a cost for everyone!

    1. @Bay 17 If that’s protecting our nation’s security, then you all should shut your mouth up. Starting by Donnie Boy who’s acting stupid by claiming that we should protect civilians. Yet, he had 4 years to do just that, but chose to please KKK ignorant like yourself.

  5. Trump betrayed America multiple times, so betraying the Afghan government and the Afghan people would be easy for him to do.

    The truth about what Trump and Stephen Miller did with Afghanistan is finally coming out. Because what’s done in the dark, will eventually come to the light.

    And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

    1. @Richard De Fortune: Story from NBC titled ‘Even Biden allies question execution of Afghanistan withdrawal’
      “Democratic strategist Chris Kofinis, who visited Afghanistan as a Senate aide in 2011, said Biden should clean house.

      “President Biden’s team failed him across the board,” Kofinis said. “Not only should his national security adviser and his secretary of state be fired immediately, but anyone who let this national disgrace happen should be fired. … Biden either makes immediate changes or he may not have much of a presidency left after this.”

    2. @Richard De Fortune: Story from CBS titled ‘Biden draws criticism from fellow Democrats over deadly Afghanistan withdrawal’
      “Under withering criticism from Republicans and many Democrats in his own party, President Joe Biden clarified Monday what he has been reluctant to articulate about the end of the U.S. war in Afghanistan: He’s much more concerned about the blood and treasure of his own country.”

    3. @Richard De Fortune: YES! Go READ some news for a change instead of relying on partisan tools like David J to inform you.

    1. Nice try! This one 100% lying Cheating Joes fault for the withdrawal! . Cheating Joe is a disgrace around the world!

    2. @BlaQ Bay17 and now the truth is coming out. Donnie Boy just surrendered Afghanistan to Talibans. No evacuations of civilians in 4 years. All he wanted was to please the Talibans by freeing their fighters and reducing our forces.

  6. Everything he touches ends up destroyed. Just look at the GOP. They were only mildly crazy and evil until Trump came along. Now, the world laughs at them and wonders how they’re still running around free after their failed coup.

    1. The GOP has been a lot more than mildly crazy and evil for decades. Trump just made it possible for the very worst to be completely open about their insanity and evilness.

    1. Like the Cubans in Florida. The GOP got their votes in 2020 by telling them the Dems were socialists, and remembering why they left Cuba, the idea of socialism = communism, was enough to make them vote for Tr**.

  7. Everything Dolt45 did was a disaster. Everything he touches, he ruins. Biden didn’t make this situation, he inherited it.

  8. To be expected that Stephen Miller’s finger prints were are all over this!! Homies admin was racist to the core!!

  9. The MAGA cultist is repeating the talking points. “if it were Trump, he would have evacuate civilians first before reducing the number of troops”. When you ask them: “who reduced the number of troops? Why weren’t civilians evacuated in 4 years of Donnie Boy?” Now they start to realize that things are the way they have been told. Unfortunately, right wingers have set the narrative that will be hard to contradict (just like with the “stolen elections”)

    Where was the sympathy when the US were bombing Afghanistan for 20 years?
    Now you blame Joe who put a STOP to it?

  11. Just imagine there’s still so much more about the BTS machinations of the Trump administration we don’t know yet. More and more embarrassing and troubling information will continue to drop. Let’s hope it hurts the GOPs chances in 2022.

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