Olympics Destiny Events 2021 - JOA/JAAA 1

Olympics Destiny Events 2021 – JOA/JAAA


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  1. I laughed my head off…commentator hesitated, and then refusing to say “pink top” opted instead for “that bright top” in one of the men’s 400 m races

  2. I have to admit that it’s embarrassing to see a high schooler run faster than all the seniors here

    1. @Noel Bartley him nuh know weh him a talk bout a so nuff a dem tan weh nuh know bout tracks. The youths are basically in top form as they have just finished Champs.

    2. @Preston Matthews he didn’t say anything wrong, it is infact embarrassing to see a junior ran faster than all the seniors in that meet, our male athletes are greatly underperforming this year, non of them has run anything close to sub 10 yet and they are not above critism, he wasn’t talking about what shape Dennis is in that’s irrelevant to his statement, you are going on a different topic

  3. I hate the over hear shouts especially when some top man and women are girls are boys running they are giving u over head shout wen running I hated it them must stop it cute it out…….we nuh like it

  4. If I were his (Sachin’s) coach, I would not push him to Olympics this year, focus on World Juniors.

    1. @manju manju world juniors is where he’s going lol, his handlers didn’t say anything about sending him to Olympics

  5. Veronica Campbell-Brown also made the Sydney Olympics (2000) team while at Vere Technical winning a silver medal with Tanea Lawrence, Beverly McDonald and Merlene Ottey…. HP

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