Omar Mcleod | TVJ Sports Commentary - July 13 2021 1

Omar Mcleod | TVJ Sports Commentary – July 13 2021

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  1. You need to talk about Messi winning the copa America. I don’t know why you hiding typical ronaldo fans. Doubt the man and when u get proven wrong you hide…

  2. He’s talking foolishness – everyone had the very same schedule. He’s complaining because he hit hurdles and did not make the team. I love Omar he’s one of our champions who made us proud – but rules are rules baby. Rock and come back pops. WC next year.

  3. Yes I understand omar but everybody who entered got the equal opportunity. You and everybody else in the race!

  4. The man gone pon international media to bash his country’s athletics governing body. Bro, you lost fair and square. Go run for another country then.

    1. @Michael Evans so did the other 7 athletes. How comes a him alone a complain? All 8 atheletes had to work with the same schedule.

    2. @Islander so him come last in a race he knew for years he had to finish in the top 3 and some how a everybody else fault? Like some how the other athlete ran in a different race, at a different time, in a different stadium, in a different country. They all had to endure what ever he did so it was a fair race and he lost it.

    3. @Suzikay Again… I really hope he chooses compete for America. He lives in America and might very well be a citizen. A few documents and be will be wearing that blue, red and white next olympics. I’m just waiting to see this race at olympics though. It seems like Jamaica will get 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Idk where that puts Grant… and btw, Levy can’t beat a healthy Omar and that’s facts. He is the 2nd fastest in the world this year!

  5. He should not have had to face the issue of being eliminated in the first place. Yes rules are rules but they have the power to make changes. The man just ran the second fastest time just weeks ago. He has the right to be upset. Like it or not the schedule was terrible. The top 3 did work hard to get their spots I agree but it’s a sad situation and to see so many happy about it saddens me.

    1. @Kenroy Andre Smith never said anything about dropping the 3 thats worked for their places. My comment was in reference to pre trials times and ensuring the best runs for the country . Nothing more I have nothing against any of the top 3 that made it . I did agree they earned there place

    2. @life with success if that was the case then we wouldn’t get to see shelly at Beijing 2008 when she beat veronica at trials fair and square and left her at 4th……you work hard on the day and you either make it or break it no excuse

  6. Maybe the whole system should be done over so that the athletes & fans should have an exciting opportunity to see great races. If the schedules are skewed, fix them so all will be satisfied. But if this lopsided schedule was done in the past, no one should complain RIGHT AFTER the race especially if you lost.

  7. Omar Mcloud i love you but you need to stop man it’s the hurdles where any mishap can happen remember when KENDRA Harrison of usa she failed to make the team but went on to break the record i know its hard but you will have more opportunities

  8. Some ahheltes may not adapt to this type of schedule like others, i know what he is saying, maybe he needs to adapt to these circumstances to avoid the same pitfall in the future

  9. To be honest I think the person who run the top 5 times in the world should qualify automatically….my opinion anyways

  10. When Bolt fowl started at the world Championships he was disqualified from the race it’s just the rules bro which he knew before he entered the race , you have to be on your A game all the time. He should complain I agree but I also agree with oral, he should also be respectful of what he represents.
    Don’t try style Jamaica!

  11. “We learn more from losing than winning”.
    If Mr McLeod had qualified for the team we would not be hearing all these complaints. All the other athletes had to compete in the same conditions so there was nothing unfair meted out to Mr McLeod…He made a mistake, own it and stop the bellyaching

  12. is you youth everything to be perfect for you to win kmt fool a true champion dont complain they just perform to best of their ability

    1. @Trackguy World Champ is next year (2022). Remember Olympics should have been last year. He has about a year before he can prove himself again. Not bad at all.

    2. ​@Trackguy Really. I don’t think we said the same thing but that’s ok. Next 2 yrs and next yr are not the same thing.

    3. @Loves Yehushua Ok so I’ll help you out. 2022 is Eugene World Champs and 2023 is Budapest World Champs (next 2 yrs) then 2024 is Paris (Olympics) There’s 2025 World Champs also (bonus info)

  13. Is he asking for special treatment? How about the athletes who finish 1, 2, 3, I guess they don’t count.

  14. I get where he’s coming from as this kind of schedule will not ever happen at Tyoko. He’s hurt and venting. If he’s not happy then he can simply do what other athletes have done in the past and compete for another country. Or just put it behind you and make your money at the track meets.

  15. Jah know this one corny.The as represented the country well and you treating him like wash cloth . NOT FUNNY THIS TIME GIVING THE MAN A REMOTE.

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