Omicron cases in all four Atlantic Canada provinces prompt new measures for 1

Omicron cases in all four Atlantic Canada provinces prompt new measures for


N.L. Premier Andrew Furey and N.S. Premier Tim Houston discuss new restrictions being put in place as Omicron cases are confirmed in all four Atlantic provinces.

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    1. Why don’t Canadians listen to the African doctors and stop being cowards and go out and live their lives

  1. I heard that someone in Fort MacMurray caught a cold. Better close the damned borders and shut all business down.

    1. you obviously have no idea what you are talking about. The question is not how many cycles they are running, but rather what cycle threshold they are using to determine a positive result, a negative result, and indeterminate results. C’mon

    1. You might be interested in the snake oil being peddled on Facebook. Magic dirt from BOO is $110 a bag. If you get COVID-19, just bathe in it or bake it into your brownies. What a versatile “medical treatment”. (sarcasm)

      Another option is the “silver solution” from Jim Bakker. Jim Bakker and his southwestern Missouri church paid restitution of $156,000 to settle a lawsuit that accused the TV pastor of falsely claiming that a health supplement could cure COVID-19.

  2. So much importance is being given to news stories about a benign cold variant, imagine what stories they aren’t reporting on.

    1. They certainly made the trial unknown and very quick for Ghislaine Maxwell, didn’t want to draw too much attention to that case makes you wonder why?

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