Omicron Variant in Jamaica - MOH | No Electricity | TVJ Midday News - Dec 22 2021 1

Omicron Variant in Jamaica – MOH | No Electricity | TVJ Midday News – Dec 22 2021


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  1. It was a UK resident who first brought covid19 to Jamaica and now a UK person has brought Omicron. UK, let’s do better, mon!

    1. Really? Must be Beenie Man then an him gf..cus he also travelled to the UK..and now he’s in Ghana..still travelling. If it be British or another Nationality..this varient is spreading like fire..Stay safe. Good News Jamaica had no more Deaths. Our Government in the UK are fabricating the infection rate

    2. It wasn’t a Jamaican from Uk that case was the second case. Who feel it know it my family was all on the news… it was a man name Mr Kinglock from Cornpeice Hayes Clarendon it’s all a Netflix

  2. Why can’t Jamaica stop accepting tourist for now.
    Jamaicans suffer when the virus is left for them to deal with especially with the health care system that they have.

    Money is important to run the country but lives are more important

    1. @Apple Jean They have to do a Covid test before International Travel and I think it’s 3days after arriving..same on return. As for those Double Vaxed & had the Booster shot, some Countries require proof as well as a Negative Covid test. Pharmaceutical companies are making Billions on LFT and PCR tests as well as the Vaccines. You also have to pay a private company or Travel Agent for the tests..the Free ones are not accepted

    2. @Dee G this foolishness is never going to end until we all say enough is enough and stay home and let dem alone travel and enjoy their crazy world that they are creating

    3. @Apple Jean But watch how the Elite & Rich people carry on..the World has becoming the Rich Mans playground. Getting away with not having to be vaccinated..just do a Covid Test. All through Lockdown i seen Celebrities and Elite still on vacation. Yet curfews & Lockdowns were imposed

  3. The person test positive after leaving Jamaica 🇯🇲 and you saying it’s here. Slow down bro. We are still not daunted. We fraid gunman more than covid. Deal wid di crime ting. Wi stop worry bout covid..

  4. The level of noise 💀 🤣 😳. First of all Jamaica needs to do better with these infrastructures. Yall shouldn’t be using that little court house anymore 😒 🙄. It should be state of the art and fully functional. Just saying

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