Omicron variant is 'sweeping through' Ontario, warns Dr. Bogoch | COVID-19 in Canada 1

Omicron variant is ‘sweeping through’ Ontario, warns Dr. Bogoch | COVID-19 in Canada


Dr. Isaac Bogoch weighs in on the new policy for LTC visitors in Ontario and says Omicron is sweeping through province.

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    1. Just in populations where almost everyone already got infected by an earlier variant like in South Africa. South Africa has quite a lot of background immunity probably preventing Most severe cases. If the same is true in western countries is yet to see. In a few weeks we will know

  1. “I don’t think that’s going to be the case” I, I, I is all I hear 😏 South Africa is only reporting mild cases… Sky’s John Sparks reports from South Africa where the mood on the ground feels relaxed when it comes to the Omicron variant.

    1. that’s true but it wont stop them from forcing control and gaslighting. Not taking anything away from covid I realize its nasty but the gov has over reached time and time again.

  2. Just verbal diarrhea. He said nothing but move the goal post. I’m just curious when we are getting the subscription based boosters? Can’t wait!

  3. You only have 1 doctor that you use for every opinion, reportage? Is he getting paid for this? Would be nice details to know about.

  4. Joe Rogan did an interesting interview with Dr Peter McCullough. Can be watched on rumble, as youtube already removed it.

  5. Everyone just keep reporting these updates as spam and misleading,,, since they took away our “dislike” counter.

    1. These viruses have been around since before we were here and will continue long after we leave this insane planet.

  6. How’d omicron get here doc if you have to be double Vaxxed and test negative to travel ? It didn’t swim over for South Africa!

  7. We all know how this works bring on the few slimy doctors that are willing to spout this garbage for a nice payday.

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