On Evening Of Impeachment, Trump In The Safe Space Of A Rally | Morning Joe | MSNBC

On Evening Of Impeachment, Trump In The Safe Space Of A Rally | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. @88Gibson LesPaul If you’ve voted blue for decades, you are no “independent”..

      You are a dem hack…

      And you fool no one..

    1. @Here comes the sun Right now, the greatest punishment we have is denial of acquittal. Please, wait patiently for impeachment 2.0.

    2. @ruth depew more “gasms”, in place of actual work ?…

      It is actually not surpising, that you would suggest such suicide…..

      But there are faster, easier ways….πŸ˜‰

    1. @Npc 2000 This isnt about Dem or Repub. Yes I’m a Dem but this is about a disgusting man with no morals. If Obama acted like this I would say hes gotta go. Trump is repulsive. Pence would be fine…any Republican would be fine.

  1. My thoughts and prayers to you Donald….i think you are a c*nt, and i pray you get what is coming to you ….bigly.

    1. I am really feeling sorry for you thinking how you will meltdown when TRUMP win in a landslide in 2020….. lol

    2. @Laura Starling I think you have something to work on. How do you know if @David Campbell has demons in himself? as you said, and I’m only repeating your words, “you don’t see it all”. Don’t be judging people and trying to preach God’s word at the same time, hypocrite is what that is and what you sound like.

  2. Impeached, now remove! Why is he blocking witnesses from coming forward to testify! Innocent people don’t act this way! What is tRump hiding!

    1. Want to know what some other people are hiding in office? Child trafficking.. money laundering… sacrifices to maintain their high place. Do your research.

  3. Trump attacked a dead man… in the state he represented. Still waiting for that first republican to say ‘Have you NO decency?’ Still waiting…. How about you Mitt Romney? Anyone?

  4. Nancy’s threat has had me in stitches.
    “Mitch McConnell needs to recuse himself or else I’m not sending over the articles!”

  5. The frequency of these ego fluffing rallies are increasing. It’s because it takes less and less time for TinyD to realize he impotent and limp. Reality has a habit of crushing delusions… even shared ones.

    1. He did say, I need you to do “Us” a favor tho..I just didn’t know it was that many people listening in on that perfect phone call.lol

    2. @Pipe Down Right?! Evidently we’re too stupid to know that there’s actual evidence for this whole episode. Donald Trump knows everything he doesn’t know!

      ….wait wut? xD

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