On Russia Bounty Intel And COVID-19 Trump Takes No Responsibility | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

On Russia Bounty Intel And COVID-19 Trump Takes No Responsibility | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


When it comes to COVID-19 and intelligence showing Russia put bounties on U.S. troops in Afghanistan, Trump is taking no responsibility. Philip Rucker, Julia Ioffe, and Ron Klain all react. Aired on 7/01/2020.
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On Russia Bounty Intel And COVID-19 Trump Takes No Responsibility | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. This president is capable of anything treasonous. He always says I don’t know anything about it. Vote blue. Hopefully then he can go to jail with the rest of his corrupt Republicans a d family.

    1. @J China is responsible for the virus and the CIA never told President Trump about the bounty so it must be your fault since you know so much about things even our President don’t know !

    2. The only thing important for Trump (based on my investigation): Creating propaganda & conspiracy theories to scare Americans, and highlighting himself as the only savior. PERIOD. Read my report on how he is running the biggest propaganda machinery under the umbrella of Falun Gong’s media channels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-wNdNH9VaQ&t=101s


  2. I didn’t realize trump had a choice in claiming responsibility. I guess that means he definitely isn’t a leader. Of any kind.

    1. R Cote EXACTLY! Every single leadership training I’ve ever had from the Boy Scouts over 30 years ago through the US Navy to my Psychology courses just a few years ago emphasized that the individual who was in the position of authority had the ultimate responsibility regardless of who conducted the actions.

    2. @Ash Roskell The only remark you will ever hear from trump is that he does not take responsibility.. for ANYTHING. That’s his administration’s motto.

  3. I wonder. If a president neglect his job, is that a thing to be impeached & go to jail for in United States ? Because that happened in south korea. President neglected her job and she got impeached and went to jail.

    1. Trump was already impeached but the Republican Senate refuses to vote him out of office or throw him in jail because they are his personal asskissers.

  4. The way info gets to the hands of the president isn’t the failure…the system has been used without problem till now that tells us the system isnt at fault its the Bunker Boy who failed

    1. @Vivian Perino – However, he did lose the syphilis fight in the first round. He also got infected with foot in mouth disease when he joined Noonass at his cow barn.

  5. No responsibility for Russian election interference, no responsibility for abusing dozens of women, no responsibility for paying off Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, no responsibility for Ukraine fiasco, no responsibility at all for the pandemic and his anemic, uninformed, and corrupt response, no responsibility for responding to Putin for this terrorist threat to US troops, and no responsibility for making sure Russia and Putin do not interfere with the 2020 elections. Where does the buck stop with this guy?

    1. @nistel SE You lost me outside the Wuhan lab and Trump s Democrat hoax that’s killed thousands.

    2. He actually said “The buck stops with everybody” we have to get this guy outta office.

    1. Putin must be so Proud of his obedient Asset – I guess Obama’s ‘tan’ suit doesn’t look so bad!!

  6. Donald is like a young child or teenager who wants to take no responsibility but wants to have his cake before he eats his kfc & hamberders only to ask you for the keys to the family car & then recklessly crash it yet not wanting any responsibility for the crash & people he killed!

    1. Trump NEVER had any business being in the White House or having the great honor of being the US president. Trump is a TRAITOR! Not only is Trump not protecting our country from real threats, he’s also not protecting our military and men and women overseas. Trump is a danger to all of us!

    2. Vote blue all the way down ticket. Getting Trump out is only a start. Moscow Mitch is sitting on approx. 400 bills passed by the house to benefit the American people. He will not bring them to a vote in the senate. Nancy Pelosi has done her job while Mitch is just sitting there collecting a paycheck while doing nothing. Get every GOP out of office this election and the US might possibly recover from this disease racked, financially stressed mess.

  7. To much talk and trump and his currupted administration still in office what’s next now

    1. Efrain Avelar ….it’s a Scandal of the Week reality show in the WH! It’s like Absolutely Fabulous 24/7 but the main character is not drunk he’s just plain stupid!

    2. They’re trying to see if it will just blow over and people will forget. Maybe not this time. It’s time for him to be held accountable for his actions. They act like they’re scared. I guess when Russia starts dropping bombs on us they’ll do something. This is ridiculous.

    3. Thank you no matter what he do there is no consequences for his action. His azz needs to be gone.

  8. Proof that Trump purposely chose NOT to act on the intel. Trump STILL plans to do NOTHING about our assassinated U.S. soldiers.

    T R E 4 5 O N

    1. His main interest in our military is what kind of dictator’s wet dream of a parade they can give him. Trump’s nothing but a Malignant Narcissist.

    2. He used them against us during the protests. He thinks that’s all they’re good for. Now he’s okaying them getting killed. Where’s JW Boothe when you need him.

  9. Somehow , he can’t even say, he isn’t furious that he wasn’t told! People should be getting fired already!

    1. Trump was told back in March of 2019, and has received daily briefings since February, 2020.

    2. David Osmond …it’s outrageous what Trump is getting away with! He should be held accountable especially for not protecting the American soldiers! And then to call that debacle in Afghanistan a hoax…..shameful and treasonous! He knows what he did in every shady situation!

  10. trump is killing American troops for the money he owes putin and the help he received in 2016. He takes no responsibility for anything

    1. @Vivian Perino Make sure they claim it from Trump before end of the year. He published his new trademark: “Trump 1946-2020”

    2. That is a delusional statement. Do you care About the peace that might be lost for the Afghan people because of the Democrats stepping into the dog poop and tracking it back to the House of Reprehensibles .?

  11. He’s literally hiding. Biden needs to start a “Where’s Donald” campaign. Guy is nowhere to be found right now.

    1. It’s rear end is too humongous to hide especially when it’s trying to hit that golf ball for whatever reason – it thinks it’s playing golf.

    2. Fart Master…Trump should not wear white while doing sports! Did you see the photo of him playing tennis ? Those white shorts were brutal….I gagged when I saw the pic!

    3. Vicki D …yes …playing tennis in white shorts! Terribly unflattering! This was the first or second year of his term…I saw it on my IPad….so it’s on the internet if he hasn’t censored it! Hope you see it!

  12. He could be drinking and driving, hit a kid and he’d still say he’s not at fault. Sad part is his cultists would believe him.

  13. “Nobody told me, it’s a hoax anyway…” Well, Spanky, here’s something that’s not a hoax. TREASON GETS THE DEATH PENALTY, ALL ASSETS GONE!!!


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