One Don Gang Trial | Fly Invasion in St Mary | Covid Breaches 1

One Don Gang Trial | Fly Invasion in St Mary | Covid Breaches


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  1. And a him them want to run the country if him can’t run his fowl coop how the hell him going to run this country we would stink and dead

  2. take note for those watching around the world , NOT ALL Jamaicans speak this irritating dialect , we do speak the proper standard English that is REALLY the OFFICIAL language of Jamaica , that is taught in schools and which those in the public and private eye speak . There are many for some unknown reason in Jamaica want to make the dialect and it is a dialect NOT patois there are no French elements in it , at the national language , which is typical nonsense . Even the current Prime Minister of Jamaica HE Andrew Holness had to put a stop to that ridiculous nonsense . It is because of this they stereotype every Jamaican as speaking that way , and it is grossly unfair and full of garbage . Even us were told it is because we lived in England , we speak the proper English , or we have lost our identity , what total bs . All my family speak the proper and standard English , including my grandparents , that is why when they interview the average Jamaican it is is very painful to hear them speak because they portray to the world , that is how we are . On the fly situation , they have always been complete pests , would not even describe what they do before they eat anything . They are horrid , get one of those lights that would do it and some outside the house

    1. @ j Martin Yes bracka son. But many Jamaicans like myself are quite proud of our fore parents dialect.

  3. Come on Damion Crawford you need to do better !!!! You must Address this,not because you aren’t the one who is being affected by this…. Am Very Disappointed, and there is no doubt that the situation is unbearable… The people have given you enough time to Address this matter and now they have spoken. You need to fix this.

  4. When you pack so many people in a truck to lock them, so close to each other, is not that also a breach of the :risk management act?”

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