1. It kills me when people still complain about inflated gas prices. Yes they are inflated but these are the same people who pay for their gas on an almost daily basis and can see the prices coming down little by little. They look at the sign for the prices before they decide which pump to use and how much to get. They KNOW the prices have been coming down for eleven weeks straight, but still want to act like no one is doing anything about it. smh

  1. Women should remember that once a right is taken away, other rights will be taken away as well – the right to vote, the right to own property, the right to work, etc. Think.

  2. This guy thinks it’s more important to have money in your pocket than it is to control your own body and make decisions for yourself about your health

  3. All parents have access to their state’s curriculum. No parents get to dictate that curriculum in public school. Your “school choice” is home school, private school, or public school, not curriculum design.

    1. @Eduardo Rodriguez

      And yet your the Only one who brought up religion🤦

      And No. As we have 7 children in our pod school with each of us having different beliefs we simply teach the essentials.
      And I repeat,
      My daughter is flourishing:)

  4. “Let’s be honest” he says. Can anyone in the GOP be honest, anymore? I don’t think it’s part of their platform.

  5. The fact that these people even need to think about it is scary. If abortion is your deciding issue, then the fact that this candidate ahs publicly stated that are for banning abortions in ALL situations, should be an automatic disqualifying answer.

    1. Don’t give up on them yet. You can clearly tell they want to stay true to their party but their conscience is telling them that this is the wrong time to do that. That is a good thing. At least they are giving it some serious thought and not just blindly following the party lines and talking heads. Unlike a certain Kult in this country… They too are holding out hope that Tudor will give an official answer on her stance on abortion because the last time she spoke of it was years ago. It is possible that in the wake of overturning Roe she may have changed her mind on it. It is not uncommon after all. However, my suspicion is that the reason why she won’t answer that question now is because she already knows the consequences she will face.

    1. @Edu16 It’s 2022…..why are you STILL talking about slavery? It’s like some of you miss it. Move on for pete’s sake!!

    2. @Bruce Lee No… Your just trying extra hard to villanize one side while completely ignoring the other. If you actually cared, you’d care no matter who was doing what.

    3. @Killed The Cat I know I do have a problem of doing that, it’s just I’m tiered of them constantly dragging us through the mud, while they are getting more richer than anyone could dream of

  6. I wish they would just cut to the chase. The “abortion” issue is actually a family planning issue and that absolutely impacts ” money in your pocket”. You cannot separate these out. That’s why this is a number one issue for men as well as women. Dad’s, except for the deadbeat ones, need to be able to decide how many kids they can afford to raise, especially if the mom isn’t working and bringing in a second income. If she is working, then family planning also makes it possible for her to keep her job. Just a thought.

    1. 🚫👶 Yes, if you care about your family’s economics and “money in your pocket”, DON’T have kids!!! Depending on age, it costs $11,400- $26,800 to raise 1 child in 2022. Add 5.3% childcare inflation rate to that in 2023 and every year after. That’s higher than the normal 1.2% inflation rate for everything else. So if you already whined about affording less than $4/gallon ⛽ gas as of this writing, preventing UNWANTED pregnancies and childcare should be tops of our list.

  7. Sir, let me help you become decided on Whitmer. Women are tired of being second-class citizens. We won the rights and autonomy over our own bodies and choices long ago. And this year the radical right Supreme court took them away. You should protect your wife and granddaughter from losing any more rights. Vote for Whitmer.

    1. honestly, what is with these “undecided” voters who need to know about where the candidates stand on abortion? The GOP has spent decades telling people exactly where they stand on abortion, what else do people need to hear?

    1. @B Norberg Dull brandon is eating up my money too and will be eating everyones lunch here soon with high energy cost and inflation

  8. Voters afraid of books, like Tudor’s base, are what scare me. Being afraid of ideas is bad, very bad. Being confronted by other ideas makes you stronger.

    1. You’re right… it is bad- BUT it’s also a HUGE weakness. They’re unable to adapt, they are unable to formulate new strategy, they’re easily broken.
      Rigidity is great if you’re an oak tree but flexibility and adaptability is more important for animals.

    2. Instead of telling schools what books they can have in the library, these ‘concerned parents’ should just tell
      their own children what books they don’t want them to read (and then watch those kids specifically read the books they were told not to because, “Screw you Dad, don’t tell me what to do!!”)

    3. @joels5150 It’s not about the books, it’s about control. They’re sending a message. I’ve seen their kids many times. I’m not sure most of them even know HOW to read.

  9. We love our Governor…and our Grandmas, Mothers, Sisters, Daughters and Wives right to control their bodies and lives

    💙From Michigan

    1. ​@Space Beth We’re still trying to recover from putting an inexperienced b grade actor in a position of power.

  10. When the Supreme Court said the choice would now be up to the states, they didn’t specify “the people of that state!” Only “the politicians of that state!” Some politicians are not allowing the abortion issue on the ballot for fear of failure like Kansas!! #VOTEBLUE22

    1. @Ed Emmick Well Ed, you wanna bet that hat?? You will have to eat it. Believe me, you will ingest it if you bet and lose.

    2. @Carin Somers that’s funny. And your name is Carin. Omg, you are in for a shocker. Like rooting for the Detroit Lions. A losing bet, but fans still make the bet.

  11. Inflation is WORLD-WIDE in point of fact, the inflation in the USA is BELOW the world average. State governors have almost no power to effect inflation, and the price at the pump for gas has been going down for over 11 weeks.

    1. I’m actually surprised gas prices are still a rightie talking point. I thought for sure we should be worrying about immigrant caravans again…

    2. @Don Newton: It is also caused by excessive corporate greed compounded by congress’s gutting of anti-monopoly laws.

  12. These Republican men saying, “I don’t think it’s about abortion, it’s about your pocket book.” Do u think the state forcing a women to have a child, won’t affect that women’s pocket book!? Like duhhhh.

  13. I think the pro-choice stance is the way to go. It is a society where both sides of the argument can live their lives how they want. In a pro-life society, you do not really have a choice other than to go somewhere else, but if you are in a pro-choice society, you can choose what is best for you and do not have to get one.

  14. 2:04, And a vast majority of the people in our country feel that way. It’s the women’s choice to make any decision she wants as an American citizen. It should be private and it’s nobody’s damn business to tell an American citizen what they can or cannot do with their own body! The Republican party has become too extreme, this is not conservatism, it’s extreme craziness.

  15. A man saying “I don’t think abortion will be a big deal” spoken like a true man who will never know what it’s like to be pregnant and not want to be

    1. What are these automated responses on your comment? I get them every time I write anything and it’s insane. Also totally agree that it’s insane for men (I am one) to tell you or any woman what to do with your body.

    2. @Jabroni Yeah, I am also kind of pissed off by the “Fuk what you saying it here” bot. Can we somehow stop it?

    3. He’s not a true man. A real man knows a woman’s body. I don’t have a uterus so it’s not my choice it’s a woman’s choice.

    4. @West_Park I keep reporting it. But YouTube seems to be powerless to do anything about it. Maybe someone could go to his/her channel and figure out where he/she lives?

  16. Mind boggling how a woman will exercise her choice to vote for someone who doesn’t even believ they have a right to make a choice about their own body. Try to make sense of that.

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