1. ever since tucker was punked out of wearing bow ties by John Stewart his face has remained with a dumb look on it lmao

    1. @II nosferatu II tucker is full of crap. He’s not a journalist. His show isn’t news. It’s just him making his viewers happy. He’s a joke at best. Even Fox News says he’s entertainment. But he is dangerous because idiots listen to him.

    2. @II nosferatu II they make videos of him because they know he can’t debate or even knows what that word means lol

  2. Please call the cops and CPS about kids wearing masks in a pandemic. They will arrest you on charges of false reporting and fine you for such.

    1. @CharlyDeamen lol..nah that’s a silly thing to say dude… maybe jealous wasn’t the word you were looking for cuz that makes no sense..why would I be.
      CNN is a joke… that’s all.

    2. @Libby Tarded I would consider myself a moderate and as a holder of two masters degrees in engineering and working on a JDA; I would say I have a substantial IQ. Also, most of my family is conservative but most never made it past high school and most of my friends are liberal and are predominantly college educated. So, where did you get your opinion from?
      Looking at your sentence structure and choise of handle you don’t look to be more than a paperweight in the education area. Satirically speaking!

    3. @Adam Voegtli he young blood that term came way before Obama. I’ve also meet klan members here in Texas that say the exact same thing. So come back when you actually have experience with anything besides high school.

  3. Yeah, call the police after seeing a child wearing a mask and then listen to the cops laughing in your face.

    1. @Luke Rabin I have to admit I actually come to the comment section to be entertained by guys like him.


  4. It’s all just part of the Fox Entertainment act and Tuckers just the creepy circus clown

    1. Carlson said those who have been vaccinated or have had the China virus. Do not need to wear a face mask!
      The whole world knows that!
      And those who do not wear face masks are attacked for it.
      Just saying…
      How’s your fake propaganda going?
      CNN Please stop lying !!
      You divide the people!

    2. Nope, way more sinister. As he knows he’s lying. Fooling the weak minded and laughing at the flames.

    1. @Clevis Bernier Naa. I’ve talked to your type before. You’re scared of everything, but the internet is no place for somebody like that. So of course you get talked into hate.

      You’re not sophisticated or savvy enough to use the internet without being manipulated. It’s not like it use to be anymore. There’s so many liars, frauds and scammers, and if you’re not up on their tricks they WILL get ya. Admit it, you’re a boomer that lives in a rural area, are you not? How do I know that Clevis?

      edit: well you’re either that, part of that or a Russian or corporate paid troll

  5. Rooney is smart he’s a real Republican that lives in Collier County but when he saw the rise of the retrumplican party. he left because it was no longer the Republican Party

  6. Next thing you know Carlson will say that liberals created gravity to make conservatives trip and fall.

    1. no liberals invented gravity to keep me from my CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to own an anti tank rocket. SHALL NO BE INFRINGED!!! If we all had rockets we would all be safer . the founding fathers intended for me to have an at4 or a tow missile ,because MERICA!(BACK GROUND MUSIC “HELL YEAH!!!!!!!)

    1. I have no interest in his reproductive organs
      I would make ch rather see him grow a brain and some integrity

    2. @Liam Gross … The Murdoch’s pay him and the giant thumb, Hannity, millions to keep lying to their braindead viewers…

  7. Every name in Tucker Swansen McNear Carlson is a last name. He’s literally the antithesis of John William Oliver.

    1. Yes Samkelo …we’ve heard this one already.
      The names in Bill Smith are one of each, a last name AND a first name !!!!

  8. My dad was a Republican member in the ’50s and ’60s and it was a well respected party. He believed in the principles of a “Lincoln” party. He would not recognize the present day Republicans.

    1. @Viktor Rodriguez Sorry I have to disappoint you.
      But you’re wrong.
      I’m here because I hate Propaganda and lies wherever it comes from.
      And as you should know, China, Russia and the United States are full of it.
      You should not fall for it so easily.
      Wake up!

      Sad that you think it’s BS.
      But it is difficult to explain that Santa or the Easter Bunny do not exist for people who are lost in propaganda and hatred.

    2. @John Allen civilization is mostly defined by the level of technology and control said society has upon itself and its surroundings.

      We are indeed civilized, but uncivil to each other. I’m only 33, but it’s always been my understanding since I’ve been voting at 18 that republicans represent family, supporting our troops and country, and helping America before helping another.

      There rhetoric was never not help anyone just ourselves. Or that our troops mean only as much as there social media. And family wouldn’t be supporting someone who openly grabs women then brags about it while in his third marriage.

      The insanity of the trump supporters have completely defiled the original meaning of republicans and conservatives.

      We would of never accepted such levels of government interference that trump has signed and suggested. I understood the rejection of masks, regardless of how smart it is.

      But I’ve never understood how trump thought he could dictate which companies could work where and still believe he had Republican values.

    3. I truly believe Trump has something over all of the Republicans! I still can’t believe they not doing anything for our country but letting lies go unchallenged & Trump got the world laughing at us & I voted for him in 2016, the truth is really killing me because I believed in Trump & The Republican Party

  9. Robespierre-“The secret of freedom is educating the people, whereas the secret of tyranny is keeping them ignorant.”

  10. This goes beyond disgusting Im a retired Child Protective Services Worker..people will call CPS..and use precious time and resources that steal from the children who are actually abused.

  11. These elected officials who are in denial of Jan 6… Should be named and remembered on the next election

    1. What about those that denied there was “Mostly Peaceful” Rioting and Looting that took place during the “Summer of Love”. Should we make a list of them too???

    2. They should be named and shamed NOW and then Voted out in the mid-terms. …Anything less than that is not enough afaic.

  12. Tucker: Little boy, you shouldn’t be wearing that mask.
    Little boy: Well, my great grandfather lived to be 102 years old.
    Tucker: Why, did he always wear a mask?
    Little boy: No, he minded his own business.

    1. @John DiGiacomo
      People vaccinated with corporate beast system nanotech injection spread everything, genius

  13. If you report child abuse, and the police arrive and find that the abuse is wearing a mask, YOU are going to jail for a false report of abuse.

  14. Matt Gaetz, Tucker Carlson and Kenneth Copeland, as they get older, more and more, they look like triplets separated at birth.

  15. No congressmen or women should be talking as if the inserection was some people jaywalking! Are they insane or what? Traitors! That’s what they are!

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