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  1. IOnceAteAPinecone | April 9, 2021 at 5:37 PM | Reply

    If you shoot an alcoholic in the face, that person didn’t die of alcoholism, they died because you shot them in the face.

    • Ramona Lewis | April 9, 2021 at 9:22 PM | Reply

      @Dorian Shades of gray These are medical experts, and what they say holds very strong and true. Let someone put their knee on your neck for over 9 minutes, I bet you’ll be humming a different tune. Plus that officer had 17 other charges against him, and he also done it to a 14 year old. And Floyd is not on trial, Chauvin is. So lets talk about what he’s done prior.

    • seohuyllakcuf | April 9, 2021 at 9:27 PM | Reply

      @dale murray people with ” “Trump stupidity syndrome ” are not invited to join this conversation 🤡

    • @Dorian Shades of gray wouldn’t matter even if i wanted 2. 9/10 you’d come back with some bs.

    • Northern Star | April 9, 2021 at 11:07 PM | Reply

      @Dorian Shades of gray lol! Bullshit…

    • One of the Best points I have heard!!!!

  2. Marcus Maximus | April 9, 2021 at 5:40 PM | Reply

    This really should be going one way, no matter how lawyer’s try to water thing’s down.

  3. “I killed a grandma for an inheritance but I am not guilty because she had a heart condition and some potent meds in her system, your honor.” That basically what is happening at the trial now.

    • @Greg Bors “Your “reality” doesn’t jibe with any of the expert testimony given so far”
      but it does with the video and forensic report..
      bootlicking authoritarian

    • @Josh R. would u like to know how many times ive been robbed where geroge floyd died?

    • @Vital Signs never did Floyd https://youtu.be/IEwbQMLQ5x8

    • blessethishe | April 9, 2021 at 9:23 PM | Reply

      They all concluded the knee to the neck is the factor that stopped the air/oxygen and sufficated floyd. Floyd already had a large heart, so him saying he can’t breathe early on and “resisting ” was because he had an inability to do what the cop was demanding due to his disability. Instead Chauvin applied deadly force recklessly with an intent to inflict grevious bodily harm with a disregard to human life although he hadno reason to fear for his life, deadly force would be considered a felony crime. 1st Degree Murder.

      Although some people look big and strong it doesn’t mean they don’t have a disability. Chauvin committed a felony crime using deadly force on a disabled man! Shame.

    • Eddy Dormilus | April 9, 2021 at 9:54 PM | Reply

      @Blackredneck not everyone is as pragmatic and rational as you are.

  4. Good Good Good! Justice for so many victims and their families is overdue. Tamir Rice still breaks my heart regularly.

  5. ‘If this was a different person and there was no other evidence and nobody witnessed or filmed the death, would you name the cause of death as the only thing you did have evidence of?’

    • @Bryan A I’m watching the trial via livestream. I’ll watch everything, but thus far the prosecution has made a very convincing case, and my experience in MMA has taught me that you never, ever, mess with someone’s neck unless you mean to kill them.
      And I’m just some Jane Average; I cannot possibly be better trained than the MPD.

    • @dan dansen medically, you can’t die from compressing 1 carotid artery if the 2nd carotid is open. All the medical people acknowledged that both of Floyd’s carotid arteries were not compressed and some said only 1 was compressed.

      The autopsy evidence does not show any issues happening in the NECK area… no bruising like when a person is strangled, no hemoraging…. the examiners saw the videos or read the transcripts of the arrest which is why they are mentioning the knee to the neck as a stressor and agitator not as literally causing on its own the loss of oxygen… you gotta watch the trail when Chauvins lawyer cross examines them… they speak the truth about the biology and how the heart attack happened and stress from the arrest contributed to the heart attack…. no one got CHOKED OR STRANGLED…YOU WILL NEVER FIND ANY examiner saying Floyd was choked out.

    • @Clover Azar
      I dare you to find ANY clip of ANY medical person actually saying Floyd was choked out or strangled by the knee…you WILL NOT find it.

      The “stress” of the struggle is the most you will find.

    • @Jason M
      I dare you to find ANY clip of ANY medical person actually saying Floyd was choked out or strangled by the knee…you WILL NOT find it.

      The “stress” of the struggle is the most you will find…

    • @dan dansen
      I dare you to find ANY clip of ANY medical person actually saying Floyd was choked out or strangled by the knee…you WILL NOT find it.

      The “stress” of the struggle is the most you will find…

  6. Marcus Aurelius | April 9, 2021 at 5:58 PM | Reply

    Man dies from bullet through the head.
    Defence lawyer argues that the cause of death was the victim’s brain being exposed to fresh air

    • @Clover Azar Except the original medical examiner stated had Floyd not had any interaction with an officer, and had died, the result would’ve been categorized as an overdose. And people don’t ever reconcile that Floyd had severe heart disease. On top of that he had sickle cell anemia. On top of that, he was still suffering from post-covid oxygen retention. All of that together, it’s very easy to understand the conclusion that led to his death. The question is only, was Chauvin’s knee an influence. And if it was, involuntary manslaughter.

    • Basically 😂

    • Chris Dominguez | April 9, 2021 at 10:17 PM | Reply


    • Kieron Johnson | April 9, 2021 at 10:41 PM | Reply

      @Mathu Rex Not true. The point is knee placement restricted breathing and was not in police proceedure. Result was death. Expert witness testimony.

    • @Kieron Johnson Doesn’t that kind of crumble your argument though – that Floyd was constricted of breathing with a knee on the back of his neck. Somehow when the knee was also on his shoulder, should he still not have been able to breath? There hasn’t been any expert testimony in referral to that. Because the defense has not called on ANYONE yet…

  7. At this point it seems the defense is only asking questions to show off their imagination.

    • Exactly & I give him credit though for trying, he is a clever defense attorney but one doesn’t have to be in medicine etc to know he died of murder by chauvin.

    • @Brooke McLymond Come on now, you gotta laugh at the ridiculousness of the “have you ever sat on a baseball in church?” question.

    • jasin butler | April 9, 2021 at 10:45 PM | Reply

      @KKnatural22 You watching the right trail ?

    • @Scuba Gal Yes no need for facts and knowledge. Strong convictions and feelings are all we need to come to the right decision. See Lemon as an example.

    • Anonymous Coward | April 9, 2021 at 11:07 PM | Reply

      The Hennepin County chief medical examiner (Dr. Andrew Baker) twice dismissed the idea that the knee could have blocked Floyd’s airway. First by saying that medical examiners simply never see that; and then also by saying he believes it to be anatomically impossible.

      He also dismissed the idea of some “blood choke” theories, since at best Chauvin might have blocked 1 of 2 carotid arteries, when you’d need to get 2 of 2 for it to matter.

      To sum up, he ended up saying that it was the exertion and excited adrenaline that killed Floyd, along with two types of heart disease and drug use.

  8. The defense: “if reality wasn’t real, could Mr.Floyed have died during his lifetime due to anything ”
    That’s what Mr.Nelson is trying to establish as a “reasonable doubt ” essentially.

    • blessethishe | April 9, 2021 at 9:04 PM | Reply

      Deatils has stated that *Death knee, unauthorized use of deadly force* should be a *felony crime* since he used it *recklessly* and by *Minnesota definition* its *1st Degree murder* if *causes the death of a human being while committing, conspiring to commit, or attempting to commit a felony crime and the death occurs under circumstances manifesting an extreme indifference to human life.* Floyds life
      Also experts opinion / findings matter more so than an Autopsy.
      An Autopsy is not substantial evidence,cross examination must accord. The guy today knows that and makes it clear a professional who specializes in that feild, can and has back up his testimony to the death of George Floyd which he hereby stands by. Also it isn’t that simplr to say he could had died another day, in this case the reckless knee caused the impromptu dead. Question is was it grevious and reckless, disregarded human life. I think all has said yes to it was. And i agree

    • Hans Hulsebos | April 9, 2021 at 9:08 PM | Reply

      @blessethishe that’s felony murder and is 2nd degree, first degree requires premediatation. Work on the copypasta some more.

    • It’s doubt just not reasonable.

    • blessethishe | April 9, 2021 at 10:07 PM | Reply

      @Hans Hulsebos according to Minnesota, that is just one factor and there are others. They don’t have to be a combination, just one factor is enough!!
      1st Degree murder charge against the Defense
      – was in the act of committing a felony crime
      -by doing so, caused an extreme indifference to human life
      -intended to inflict grevious bodily harm
      -had a reckless disregard for human life

      Any objections?

    • The Dwight Mamba | April 9, 2021 at 10:56 PM | Reply

      @Hans Hulsebos, Imagine you’re doing something you feel is fine to do, but then multiple bystanders inform you it’s murder you’re committing.

      If you continue after that, premeditation occurs. You were informed that your current actions were deadly and you continued.

  9. theBellIsTolling | April 9, 2021 at 6:11 PM | Reply

    the day the murderer is found guilty, America will breathe a sigh of relief: Justice is possible. (change is necessary)

  10. LearnToTakeAJoke | April 9, 2021 at 6:16 PM | Reply

    I wanna sit here and think “haha got him” but how many times have jurors let murderers off?!

    • @Tim Ross would you prefer due process perhaps be reduced in cases that don’t agree with your politics? Do you potentially see your lust for pounds of flesh open a much more serious door of problems? Generally, it’s more ethical regardless of the allegations, strength of the case, charges etc that due process is followed it’s in the constitution for a reason. If say due process, right to legal representation for example gets forgotten in these cases say originally super convenient for your politics what happens when suddenly you would like an opportunity to challenge status quo or perhaps as the political climate changes you may disagree but now the police don’t have limitations, due process is a joke as previously it was just so convenient when they targeted your political rivals. Now you are the target, or others, have zero rights and protection… I wouldn’t care if he confessed, holding the days news paper, with his ID, dna in hand, manifesto motorized of intent I’d still want a trial and due process. But, I’m not a dumbass

    • @Caden Carlisle you eluded to comment on the very peaked challenges to burdens of proof in murder cases and beyond reasonable doubt as that’s kind of important in jury trials. This trial is tree weeks, I challenge your oversimplified metric of how simple it is as if that were the case it wouldn’t require this much expert testimony… It does because it’s not that simple, life isn’t a facebook meme and courts of law and cases are more complicated than preparing a cup of joe at work. Please don’t relegate your work with this, not appropriate. Soup kitchen still open

    • @S. Navarro go ahead, all of us in civilized society should not tolerate the childs tantrum in the store of do what I want or else. Unacceptable, your desire for consequence has no bearing on law and order in a court of law. The constitution protects us from your nonsense and power grabbing bs. Due process exists for a reason so mere popular vote isn’t sufficient to deprive anyone of their civil liberties based on public opinion alone it requires evidence and robust mechanisms to ensure validity and justice. If he’s sent to prison or not it’ll be by measure of law and order not bs on youtube

    • @Westy Poprocks as they should’ve been, evidence was very strong and due process was followed

    • Perry McCallum | April 9, 2021 at 11:05 PM | Reply


  11. Alexis Mitchell | April 9, 2021 at 6:17 PM | Reply

    “The manner of death is homicide.” -Dr. Thomas
    That statement caught me off guard.

    • @YUM Liberal Tears The burning was merciful…compared to what could have happened. But hey White Men always take it to the next level…see Jan. 6th…

    • @YUM Liberal Tears You are a moron…the knee was on his neck and back and BOTH killed him. The back made it WORSE…

    • Alexis Mitchell | April 9, 2021 at 10:26 PM | Reply

      @YUM Liberal Tears yes? What exactly is your point? Your comment is either disingenuous or dishonest. Chauvin’s entire body weight compressed Mr. Floyd’s airway. He clearly kneeled on Floyd’s neck and shoulder blades.

    • Alexis Mitchell | April 9, 2021 at 10:33 PM | Reply

      @puzer1 her conclusion didn’t catch me off guard, it was her direct and definitive manner. The prosecutor didn’t ask that.

    • Alexis Mitchell | April 9, 2021 at 10:37 PM | Reply

      @ToPcAt90 I wouldn’t be surprised if true.

  12. PureChaos2000 | April 9, 2021 at 6:31 PM | Reply

    I have diabetes, coronary artery disease and took some drugs earlier in the day.. A person throws a piano over a 3rd floor balcony and it crushes me. What killed me? Basically, this case summed up in a nutshell.

    • @JJ W you’re comparing a cop choking you to death with a knee on your neck to “a police holding you down?”

    • @Josh 2k2 So you haven’t seen anything from the trial. Literally everything you just said is the opposite of everything confirmed in the trial so far 😂.

    • @Oswaldoxs11 you don’t need 63kg of pressure on your neck to kill you from asphyxiation.

    • @3D Gremlin WTF are you talking about? You can chose to believe what you want that doesn’t decide whether it’s true or not. The same logic that you are trying to use to support the drug angle requires you to call the same science and logic a lie when it tells you what happened here. As far as God is concerned he hates murder.

    • PureChaos2000 | April 9, 2021 at 11:06 PM | Reply

      @Josh 2k2 Actually, the ME said you “would have to ask a pulmonologist” because it is outside his expertise. Guess what.. They asked a pulmonologist, Dr. Martin Tobin, yesterday and he went into excruciating detail of how a knee to the back and/or neck can constrict the pathway for air flow. Did you miss that? You do not like my analogies because you seem too biased to see how they apply. The pulmonologist, and 2 other expert witnesses thus far have stated that a healthy person could also die from what Chauvin did. In fact, I will quote it to you – “A healthy person subjected to what Mr. Floyd was subjected to would have died as a result of what he was subjected to,” Dr. Martin Tobin, a pulmonary critical care doctor and national breathing expert from Illinois, said after being asked whether a person with no pre-existing conditions would have survived the May 25 arrest.” So apparently you are sleeping through a lot of this. I understand, trials can be boring to sit through.

  13. John Billings | April 9, 2021 at 7:12 PM | Reply

    No matter what method of murder would have happened they still would try to blame it on the drugs.

  14. I am on high dose prescription Fentanyl , Oxycodone for 10 years , have high blood pressure , abnormal heart rate . Yet, I am still alive …But, I’m sure if someone put their knee on my neck I will suffocate to death ..

    • @G Channel Yes if a person is showing a sign of overdose. But , it’s clear George didn’t show signs of and overdose ..😁

    • @workdiggitz George DID NOT attack the police. We have all seen the footage.

    • blessethishe | April 9, 2021 at 10:15 PM | Reply

      @MasterHodir u mad? Lol.
      message 404: Your free trail of immunity has ended, to continue please drop a knee to the neck without killing him.

      Chauvin: He died
      Message: Happy trails. Good bye

    • @Wendy Faith do your homework. It’s already been covered in court. He kicked a police officer. Its on video and there are several witnesses to it as well.

    • Nope because it doesn’t restrict airflow

  15. “Manner of death is homicide”…..boom. !!! You done Chavin……

    • Cocoanut Smith | April 9, 2021 at 10:53 PM | Reply

      Let’s see if he walks he is white and a cop that killed a black guy that is worthless in most racist people’s eyes.

    • You clearly haven’t watched this testimony let alone paid any attention. Homicide in forensics is NOT the same as homicide in legal circles.

    • @Cocoanut Smith exactly. Don’t wanna get my hopes up…even with all this evidence.

  16. Defense attorney – “the deceased had diabetes, correct?”
    Medical examiner – “yes, bu..”
    Defense attorney – ” and that can lead to death if mismanaged?”
    Medical examiner – ” yes, but the victim was shot in the chest 5 times…”

  17. kawasaki whip two | April 9, 2021 at 8:02 PM | Reply

    Chauvin’s defense team is just trying to see to it that he dosen’t get a 1st degree murder charge. They know he’s screwed and are trying for a 3rd degree manslaughter charge at this point.

    • @Democrats Love Free Handouts Because 99 percent of the time it was murder

    • blessethishe | April 9, 2021 at 10:02 PM | Reply

      @Christian Simpson
      1st Degree murder charge against the Defense
      – was in the act of committing a felony crime
      -by doing so, caused an extreme indifference to human life
      -intended to inflict grevious bodily harm
      -had a reckless disregard for human life

      Any objections?

    • blessethishe | April 9, 2021 at 10:03 PM | Reply

      @Troy Stocker and they never will. They have no answer for that Murderer Chauvin

    • blessethishe | April 9, 2021 at 10:04 PM | Reply

      @G Channel thats one factor its others according to Minnesota! And it doesn’t have to be a combination, just one factor is enough !

    • Troy Stocker | April 9, 2021 at 10:48 PM | Reply

      @blessethishe if they’d have found George dead on the floor with that much fentanyl, they’d have assumed it was an overdose , George shouldn’t have eaten his stash

  18. Banks Monday | April 9, 2021 at 8:06 PM | Reply

    New Headline: Those that cry that wearing face mask prevents them from breathing properly, are the same people that believe that Derek Chauvin’s knee on George Floyd’s neck didn’t prevent him from breathing properly.

    • Wearing face mask does prevent you from breathing properly, as I’m in construction and gotten some serious migraines I’ve never had before and passed out, it’s until I realized it was from the mask and Wearing it constantly without taking breaks from the mask
      And I believe those cops murdered George

    • ​@ConservativeRiot I concur, it’s pretty evident that you need to retain every bit of your intellectual capacity to function at the most basic levels!

    • Peter Irungu | April 9, 2021 at 11:03 PM | Reply

      @Miles Woest from you’re comments I can make the assumption deep down you’re racist.

    • Peter Irungu | April 9, 2021 at 11:08 PM | Reply

      @Miles Woest you’re just a frail human if you can’t even wear a mask to protect you’re self and loved ones. Always gotta be that one default cornball who wants to argue for attention.

  19. Just imagine if your grandpa was dying on the bed because of terminal illnesses. His breathing was very slow and shallow and he could go in any seconds, then you put a pillow on top of his face and you smothered him until he died. Do you think the cause of the death would be his terminal illnesses?

    • @iLoveGuild The more you post, the greater the a-hole reveal! So Thanks for that!
      .But this time at least you’re honest and not making up ‘facts’.
      You don’t think the Constitution Applies to criminals?
      Had you stayed in High School, you might have learned otherwise!

    • Take a second to look up George Floyds criminal history and tell me he was a saint like you guys are playing him out to be. Yall a fking joke forreal

    • @iLoveGuild You sure don’t understand analogies.

    • Makes no sense

    • Lol, Right??? 👍🏾👊🏾✌🏾🇳🇬🇺🇸

  20. I would love seeing Derek Chauvin take the stand, and have the prosecution ask him why he kept his knee on George Floyd’s neck for 9 minutes and 29 seconds knowing he’s killing him.

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