1. @John Smith yeah he died ramming and stabbing officers and they’ll still say it was a COVID death 👏

    2. @Cat96 agreed, it can happen anywhere. Canada has had its share of murders and attempted in the last year or so

    1. @J Nagarya, would you be referring to the burning down of courthouses, police stations? The destruction of monuments and statues? The smashing of thousands of businesses? Occupying several city blocks of Seattle with drug using armed civilians? All to the tune of billions of dollars in damage and several dozen lives.

    1. I also remember Kamala saying defund popo too. Let’s do it and take away national guard too. They created the mess, let them have the consequences of the mess that they concocted.

    1. And you delude yourself that you wouldn’t be adversely impacted by that for which you wish.

      I’d say your stupid, but that would impute to you a degree of smarts you don’t have.

      The founder of the Oath Keepers is going to prison, and for a long, long time. Along with a bunch more of equivalent smart-asses who are so untethered from fact, LAW, and reality as to not be at all anywhere near the neighborhood of “smart”.

      Their entire foundation of belief is CRIMINALITY.

    1. Why not? I did built wall around on my front house since Covid-19 I don’t trust all Dumb young anti-mask idiots called kkkchristians go away and science will win

    1. He was trying to park his car and got lost. The police mistook him for a terririst and started to attack him. Hopefully we’ll see some BLM protests over this innocent guys death.

    2. No, “we” don’t “know what that means. Obviously, though, you are incapable of communicating what YOU mean.

    1. @Lynn Parnell correct, because he would act in an orderly fashion and not operate his motor vehicle with murderous rage👌

    2. @Andre Tabarnak it’s your story homie. A work of fiction is only limited by imagination, that being the nature of fantasy.

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