1. It shows better judgment than, let’s say, an individual who might post debilitatingly cringe inducing local stand up routines to an audience of two and then leave them up.

    2. @Andre Tabarnak personal insults? Also very mature. Your parents must be proud of an upstanding bully like yourself.

    3. @Preston Fontana Did you just insult someone because they were being insulting? Did you just call someone a bully right after posting a bully comment? Ouch.

    1. How about the actual medical reason for his death?

      If you don’t know what killed him…how can you establish responsibility?

    2. @lxquid

      Do you “know” that…or do you “think” that?

      When you go to court…what evidence will you use to justify that opinion?

      Lab work….
      Tissue samples…

      Because if all you’ve got is “I saw it on UTube”

      Why show up to court at all?

    1. Except protesting is not looting and destroying private businesses that had nothing to with George Floyd’s murder. That’s called being a sadistic animal.

    2. Having a crowd divided in groups and acting in rage will only lead to more division and rage. The ends do no justify the means … if you want others to act respectfully in the end, you must act respectfully now.

  1. I think the laws should apply to the police as well. Do no harm! The other three should be classified as accomplices! They were present and could have stopped the psychopath who killed George Floyd.

    1. I agree 100 percent. That’s what’s done with civilians.
      If I drove the getaway car in a bank robbery and my buddy went in and killed somebody we’d both be charged with murder.

    2. I don’t understand how they arrested him without a charge though. To arrest someone you have to have a warrant and the warrant has a charge on it. IDK I’m not an attorney. At least he’s behind bars where he belongs.

  2. Arrest the other officer who stood by and protected him from interference too he enabled that.

    1. He needs to be arrested and charged as an accessory to a crime. When someone robs a bank, the getaway driver is also charged accordingly.

    2. Not all of the Officers are culpable. Officer Tau didn’t see what was happening. He has very poor peripheral vision.

    1. Unfortunately I feel like the autopsy is a cover up. It shows that there was no strangulation that caused the death.

    2. Not all proof is on the camera they must check the body cams and they also have to make sure before they charge him


  4. ✊🏻✊🏼=✊🏾✊🏿 this is the correct thing! Took time but the result is what matters the most in the end 💛

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